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Reacting To EVAH DESTRUCTION | The Laughing Track and Call Me Mother | Hanco and Kaytie

hi hey everyone thank you for being here welcome back to our channel where we do blogs and fun videos and reaction videos and whatever we want this is our show you know yo is nice how could you know what we already acting to today I just know it’s something with destruction anyone instruction okay an empty box so we’re going to be reacting to a few videos from every last three because everyone suggested we watch that locking track so the performance yes good so we told you know why Nigeria few videos to make more fire yeah and then we make a mashup video we don’t know reggae and I don’t think she’s a root girl so she haven’t been I propose bad guys but maybe she will be alright and if we can bring some you know attention to her why not not that you need it but you know the mole promotion the better but first up we reacting to any destruction call me mother alright so this is a music I’m nice a minute and 45 seconds locks I don’t know what it is [Music] [Music] [Music] music they’re like this it’s a cool [Music] dresses [Music] Oh [Music] oh yeah yeah that something that’s not like even difficult to make you know all those outfits and makeup but I mean the editing part the other part that’s not special to difficult wow she’s impressed me a lot I like all her look she’s got like tons of different kinds of books it’s this this song started and then it went like okay some started and it was a normal song and they move slow what’s what’s giving a name I thought it was gonna end up in rinky-dink random can come from China while I know this song so I know what to expect I knew I know it’s in expect the puzzles of song now at the corset were safe courses are done [Music] okay that shit scary that’s so rude that isn’t scary shit scary but I gotta contact my [Applause] a car dealership not it yeah I’m not my skin it’s been three and like all up and personal and close mates ridiculou the people it’s too much [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Iseman something else a big mouth but that overdraw makes it even bigger [Music] [Applause] she used the middle fingers – father Eddie creepy it makes it worse what oh yeah good could get under scariness sighs – enjoy you know how much actually appreciate this performance [Applause] [Music] [Applause] she’s bitten through adults I’m ready good night that’s a total walk mom [Applause] Eva okay so her name’s Eva we know that now Eva – Eva destruction so this guy said Ava destruction on Eva Eva the meddler I’m sorry I have respect for this biological woman I can imagine being at a point like that because we were ultra and how amazing it would have been if performance says like that was on stage like that is luck I would pay to see that shit and we should started laughing and pointing at people looking like exactly trying to sing crazy pointing at people laughing shit that was a party though that was a fun party that moment in the party the party’s been leti the whole time why is it with this little bird I knew I don’t like this new keyword what is awkward to do with it that’s like being in a great party okay I’m in that moment that moment comes where something happens or someone performs and wait why am i why am I here how did it how did it come to this earth yeah this is my life okay so the last video we’re going to be reacting to is eva instruction is maya even a structure is he’s mom don’t you know eating my any member polled your destruction I mean she’s before me to read you wrote you everybody loves pop this okay sigh oh yeah obviously we can enjoy it as much we are not physically they yeah I want you adopted show of the song before a scene yeah I think often after watching that laughing track of watching those know how do you top it oh you know I’m not gonna spoil it for myself I’m just gonna remember in that laughing track and look like I’m gay what she’s doing and eat the show but like the order wasn’t wasn’t working the more than ordered we don’t just watched artists ignore ignore somebody’s got something they anything in this video how to say her name that’s it for today’s video I think I’m happy that we saw another drag queen that wasn’t a true girl necessarily because I know that there are so many talented Queens and not everyone gets on the RuPaul’s Drag Race yeah what do they say how many times do they addition to get in sound condition 5 6 7 8 times you can only do once a year yeah and just a little bit of advice if you do or a queen possibly watching this video and you’re auditioned 1 2 3 time we have met on don’t give up we will see you on Republican we we want to see you sorry go you go again hope you won’t say that one more time do it again yes thank you guys so much for watching this video thank you for having subscribe to our channel if you already have you shit like that no because I’ve got do it now this machine actually break yes I will that’s right if hunger was ever to like jump out of a corner punch inside on the noise I can’t do pranks cares and just like that she would like literally freak out and break shit I would break a nose that is that it would be an accident but I punch it once again wrong for watching this video and we’ll see you in the next one yeah like this video if you enjoyed it and thank you for your own for being here I [Music]

100 thoughts on “Reacting To EVAH DESTRUCTION | The Laughing Track and Call Me Mother | Hanco and Kaytie

  1. Eva is rumored to be an official season 10 queen, everyone is talking about her 😃!! That clown performance, Jesus I almost wizzed my pants I have clown-phobia I can’t handle that 🤡😭! Hanco’s attempt to “clickity-clack” killed me LITERALLY ( I am a ghost right now…boo👻) 😂! Oh my goodness this was so good ❤️❤️

  2. If you want to see a beautifully artistic Evah Destruction performance please watch her Dog Days are Over, if you can’t make a video please watch it you’ll only appreciate her more! Love y’all btw!!! 💕💕💕

  3. Whaaat?!? I'm plotzing that you guys articulated perfectly the feeling of being at a great party… Also, I'm plotzing that you're fans of EDM (and have been to Ultra!) — Ultra here in Miami is *E.P.I.C.*… Out of this world! You guys are 1,000% spot-on that being there (and perhaps enjoying a libation [cough, cough]) would've made a huge difference. Cheers! ~ThatDocFromMiami

  4. I HATE CLOWNS TOO! And way before it was popular. But Evah is amazing and she should've been on season 9, she is so talented 🤗

  5. If you're looking for non-Ru girls, I really think you should check out amazing queens like Vander Von Odd, Melissa Befierce, Alyssa Hunter, Monet X Change, April Showers, Asia T. O'Hara, etc. They're ALL insanely talented queens with their own different aesthetics. Vander is spooky, Melissa is glamour with a spooky twist, Alyssa and Asia are pageant, April and Monet are just twisted and different.

  6. if hanco look into my eyes that way, i wouldn't say no to anything that he ask me to do. also loving the face of my girl kayla being scared

  7. Well, Laissez les bon temps rouler and call me Chi Chi Devayne, but I'm gagged seeing Hanco and Kayla dance to "Call Me Mother".

  8. I feel you Kayla! Clowns freak me out in general. Love her though. Her dance moves are a great throw back to the queens from my time…moves from the Voguing houses of New York back in the day. Just incredible, powerful and fast. Glad you both enjoyed it. Such a great reaction video. You two are just beyond adorable! 🙂

  9. I think you should react to Dragula Season 2 Episode 1, you can even find it on youtube on the WOW Presents channel. And I'd also love it if you reacted to Abhora lipsyncing to Venus (Zika) by Lady Gaga.
    I love Abhora <3

  10. I love Call me mother, it's a crazy house beat funk track by mama Ru but it missed the best part of the song which is the first 10 seconds. It's a great vibe song i paint my face to it helps me feel my oats

  11. – this link is to Alaska's and Bob the drag queen's new song yet another dig and u guys need to react to this

  12. I'm so happy y'all finally reacted to Evah! Kayla, your reaction to her performance was my reaction the first time I saw it. Then I began to love it just as much as Hanco. Love you both, and can't wait for more videos! 💙

  13. Evah is my favourite queen of all time and she's just the most amazing human being on earth I'm so glad you know of her haha!!

  14. Great video as always. For drag related reactions I still suggest My address is hollywood by Adore. And for K-Pop reactions, I'd really want you to react to Girls Generation, with You think or All Night ! It's a K-Pop group with 10 years of experience which is a lot and it gave us a lot ! Bye guys, love you <3.

  15. That was crazy 😜 I loved it! And when you said Yzma I was literally dying of laughter 😂 Ahhh I loved her and Kronk! I'm with Hanco and Kayla, if you're a queen that's tried out for RPDR and you haven't made it on yet, keep on trying because we all support you and we want to see you soar! 💜😃

  16. you guys should react to Wendi Supertar's "Las Muevo Así" 😂😂😂 she's from Spain I think but omg she's awesome!!

  17. PLEASE react to Dragula!!!!! Season 2 is amazing so far even though it’s only one episode. I feel like you would really love it!

  18. "That shit is scary but i cant take my eyes off it" – Kaytie

    Gosh i love you Kaytie and you are serving face momma, yes gawd! You are stunning

  19. This is the first time I'm introduced to Evah Destruction. I must say, I wasn't expecting that. The 'Call Me Mother' video served looks for daysssss. Very polished and very well put together and edited.
    while the laughing track… I can't even begin to speak. that was creepy but you couldn't take your eyes off of her. She looked borderline psychotic at certain parts because of the eyes lol my god, that was definitely something.

    Thank you guys for an awesome introduction to this performer, lets hope we see more of her in the future… maybe season 10….

  20. Thanks again for introducing me to this fantastic performer! I had never heard of Evah before this video but now I am loving her!

  21. pleas react to 1 of alaskathunderfucks music videos and i love you guyyysss and thank you so much for anwsering all of my coments

  22. YEAH! my initial reaction! SO scary but NOW I can't get ENOUGH of EVAH DESTRUCTION! YOU should go watch some of her other shows, amazing!

  23. Evah Destruction is the Best! So much talent in one Queen.😻 Her name is a play on the Barry McGuire song “Eve Of Destruction”. ( A very timely song for now)

  24. I’m ok with platinum blonde but if u bleach ur ur eyebrows,too.
    Hair look so fake with those dark eyebrows. Match it.

  25. yea the laughing track my mom showed me before i went to bed i had to have my brother sleep in my room and im 11 and i dislike my brother alot

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