Laughter is the Best Medicine


hey what up YouTube is no real I can see all y'all know yeah so yeah we reacting to the over prank right rather we picking up is I rather say what's the name ace a jungle I thought I took a picture with this do before yeah it is a glute area are you ice make it get in the car I can't believe it what army hey yo mami you took the picture yeah and boost the bands man if I was you man I wouldn't flew here my real toe I need to be sunny to eat and here we go to the studio you go put me on the track man spits up all right hello oh and here this damn that's how you going are you doing hey oh you got him trained huh okay okay I'm pimpin pimpin boy I got you I was a rapper grub but can I freestyle but you work you give me an assumed song which how much for a feature now back at me this isn't me come up with this paper I rule with my gonna be if I came this in my beat hey bruh I made beats I don't know Real Talk I make beats for me to beatbox and can you Dookie do it was awful know that what song I'm already hot I'm hot – I'm a hot boy a hot boy bling bling bling bling yeah so you do not really well you're with me booze the bed 2019 my man thirst me I can't drink coffee but I don't like drinking on TV huh why users trying to give me something yeah it's you know AZ yeah I got AC on what you need I need oh I thought she was talking about something knows all the gas station you ain't said nothing but I had a rich man ain't got machines and all material what you man fuck this month was wind got my motherfucking change see you ain't train them right see her she I would've drawers in this bitch that's what that's what I'm gonna drawers in here I'm taking you what you brought what you try to go let me show you some of those things get my crazy oh I got you mr. Hayes I'm gonna get you where you need to go man hey bro hey you hey you think I can get a featured oh that's will you I mean I need you I can get you like grandmommy Carl okay so Carl the ho okay so she I never heard in mistakes okay so I'll make a face no gotcha say what type of earphones man I'll go buy you something bro betta Appleby I ain't got that type of money Apple got beat I thought it was dre beats counting it Applebees Applebees maybe that's a fool of it yeah I'm gonna go grab some tea fool Ray occasion Sifu y'all you see bolt down you see fool you listen was it I was gonna answer the question but I see like that's Texas all right all right yo pam pam strong the way I did it I did it I did I don't want to see that's how you gonna turn Hey let's go you let him take the car like that I would get mad but you did some playing though I'm here to run around so you know what that mean I'm going through all that pain don't here to say you fuck me right quick hello and I real tout hello hello I let you know that says how he told you gotta respect me really nigga let me practice right hello if I stop calling my man let stop calling me mate I run a real rap niggas yeah hey how does sound sound I did my duty the gas station SHINee you need gas you know maybe I'm driving for a rebel shell do you like the show oh yeah man ain't crashing I got you brah I'm at I take I'd ride it to my mama house if you want me to what you want to go to the another ah I see but thanks for picking me man I realize I send the pizza no doubt no doubt damn it's cold Oh dolly scoot over and shit both meanings I've been right it's traffic I'll choose five o'clock traffic man well you know how Kelly traffic be man let my tape about your tape you'll take tip would say damn that's it down that's your goddamn language huh what you hear man yeah I really doubt your flaw Dubois huh I'm what Hey okay gonna fraud nigger they banned me from fraud least you in the car you know how y'all relationship man you your girl you've been quiet the whole time abhi oh I see you're a big boy though right thing right really I'll come up really driving but his big oh but you gotta take this picture puppy to say get take away I'm not him I just want to show how I'm driving show my people I'm driving for you I can't do saw a Honda would you charge it god damn it well you had to storm this days i'ma wait on you me you can't get nice and get hold of Miss Daisy me going to snow for you Winnifred you won't win a French winter prison you know no baby you know you're going that your goddamn self people that choose back inside it was well made you gotta be bring a friend you gotta go win a French faster than the first one stone so what you want again before going there which one I want to make sure I'm grabbing the right stuff win the free wait there's 150 are you exactly 48 something just wash I got dimes in my mouth I keep he's over there naked woman unfitness in what fittest and just gave it to you as a support no qualifier no you ain't true in those days yo gun oh you good you good Hey yes sir mistakes anything for you do some gangbang have to spit the rap nigga money straight you straight you straight hey guys cross street mistake yes Wednesdays I am on the job right like this ready this been a dream for me man like a drive one of my favorite rappers man really nigga we here you know you said in these days you know you can sign it I got you but what you wanting me bro would you want for you alright what you want hello I want a large this gonna be on me mistakes but he who you want to challenge I mean to nerd all right to nerds because I need to drink with my favorite rapper drinks three for your wife anything for your wife all right that's it three nerds yeah that's what we need with flavor clue yes that's it normal purple purple no Green Green Green Green yes ma'am yes ma'am hey can i freestyle for you right quick I'm a freestyle anyway this what you go through my face can I come to the story can I go get up can I come to the studio which I actually do one good job get my foot hit it's a daily routine know what I gotta send this one back the glim oh you know what I'm talking about a few moments later take off his days hang on your blu-ray as beer he go babe that's yours [Applause] till you're not high cool [Applause] these daughters wait we I think [Applause] I asked whiskeys [Applause] he's not free man [Applause] [Applause] I'm sorry guys please man claim a gajillion man appreciate y'all man what life is a fucking general it is man like comment subscribe and comment or what else y'all want us to do in these videos don't forget to sign your post notifications on so you can be notified every time we post a youtube video right now I think like down be bit anyways wait


  1. I thought they was gonna say on gang at the end😂 im tryna get a feature wit ace he my favorite rapper and i fw him and his girls youtube who can get me in touch with him💯

  2. Mister A's you suck you do not want nothing for me and you do not know where I live and you live in Florida you big head ugly b**

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