Laughter is the Best Medicine

21 thoughts on “REACTING To KSI Laughing In MY FACE! *Now I’m Mad*

  1. stfu you pathetic piece of shit, fuck off u fucking pussy, in the future you back out of the fight cuz ur a fucking bitch cunt pussy. U only challenged him for every single piece of revelvency since u dont get a lot of views anymore. just stop acting like ur tough guava juice's shadow.

  2. Bruv, I’m 13 and I’m probably stronger than you. Of course no one takes you seriously. It’s your mentality that is the suckiest thing about you. The MAJORITY of the world would choose JJ because he has training, he has a solid workout schedule, maybe he has to change his mentality a bit, but he’s been in this environment before with Weller and Paul, the guy who had such an amazing jab, and everything else about Paul that just fell into place. If you are planning on beating JJ, you better get to work kid, cause he’s light years ahead of you…

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