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welcome to the funny is that a majors in the wrong luck alright I’m pretty sure this lady she’s she’s working at a food court which means that she has a few samples one per person so she has these little chicken chicken samples I guess she needs to start giving it to people is she gonna eat one herself oh hey she’s like hey sir would you like some he’s like ma’am okay wait that’s the competition cherry chicken they’re right next to each other and we have bistro de poulet oh no wait everybody wants to eat chicken but oh the little girls like we want brisee girls on a leash give me one piece of chicken please just one per person Oh No she scared her away oh the bus has arrived Help Wanted I’m looking for you if you don’t do your job I’m gonna fire you [Music] would you like some chicken oh no turns out it’s the other girl no no no sup have one of ours please look at my chicken no she’s dropping everything on the ground but meanwhile the other guy needs juggling yeah it’s all he’s good at his job she’s not really that good at her job you know he’s he’s working hard he’s working hard to get these free samples out there so she say she’s mad she’s gonna come with a plan come up come up with no oh no grabbing new one oh wait that’s a break she’s looking at it she’s that ha ha ha ha my evil plan oh she touches it off the brake nice she’s uh thank you very much bye-bye oh no no no that worry was on the brake and now all that you can fell over well you see that happens why would you do that she sold me and now she can go and sell her chicken to everybody Oh nope just kidding’ all of her chicken also fell on the ground it’s a lot of chicken going to waste I mean the dog is like it the boss is not happy with this you’ve only just been IIT you’re really bad at your job so the Sun shines some more later today there’s a sign that says Help Wanted has she been fired I think she’s been fired no oh no she’s she hasn’t been fired yet but they’re definitely looking to replace her all right so he got his sunscreen his his sunglasses and everything on he’s ready to go but she’s really hot in the Sun over and she’s helping people he’s helping people out too he’s a great salesman he’s like oh here you go did this seeker no did she just pass out I think she just passed out but he’s he’s helping her out he’s so nice is this turning into a love story a love story were they chicken in the him to get together so now she gets a sticker oh he’s so kind you should probably also take her to the hospital after something like this or at least call like a doctor and ask for some advice she’s oh no I need to run inside oh I think she has a crush on him look at look at her face she’s a little bit of a mess no put the sticker back on put it back on you crazy well yeah put a sticker back on also don’t wipe your makeup makeup off like that that’s impressive too by the way you know I usually need some wipes wipe my makeup off all right what’s she gonna do she’s gonna go no makeup but she’s gonna put his sticker on bistro de poulet she’s back she’s back for her job and now she’s not gonna be so mean about it instead she’s gonna be really happy and be super nice to everyone look at this everybody would you like something it still says Help Wanted which is like you know what I don’t care about that I’m just gonna be super nice and super polite nobody shows up oh wait there’s the kid again that takes like a million pieces of chicken every day oh no the kid doesn’t care so free samples all she’s gotta get a table per carat she’s gonna do magic tricks there oh wait she’s doing origami she’s doing some beautiful origami over here guys look at this what oh no no actually that’s not origami that’s kinda origami I guess she building what oh wow look at this thing he’s like whoa look at that girl that’s amazing and then she said wow I need to get one of those from the chicken sample stand you’re just silly chicken to the same girl I don’t know if you know we didn’t even sell you she’s just eating all the free samples they keep taking oh oh now everybody’s coming over and all the samples are gone yeah and the girls still they are even chicken Oh mr. boss happy is the boss happy come on boss please be happy oh he’s disappointed no this is gonna be the happy ending but it’s not but yet but he’s like hey don’t worry about it here’s a smiley face and it still says Help Wanted Oh performance reviews wait so many people have been fired and it’s just Nancy now no Nancy don’t do it it’s the manager the manager is mean wait he puts a smile he’s like wait a second you’re gonna become the manager now no way she just got a promotion no she’s the manager of the place yeah look how happy she is she’s the manager of bistro de poulet but meanwhile oh did they put them out of business no they put them out of business you need to hire her him sorry you need to hire him it could be a her who knows you need to hire him come on man do it you’re the manager now you can do it you can so do it wait wait wait let me offer you a job no no no no no no wait offer him a job what are you doing he’s so sad wait she couldn’t make him manager no come on what’s she gonna do what’s the plan here okay oh there you don’t she just changed to manager outfits wait that was a quick outfit change by the way it’s like hey would you like a piece of this he’s like no I’m okay say come on open it up open it up help wanted oh this is a funny awesome cute story and he can use it that old his old mask yeah he’s like yeah let’s go he has a job again oh this is so cute yeah here’s another funny animation called just add water we have this this girl over here funny unicorn all right just one drop just one drop is all it takes all right just put that down there and add a drop of water and now wait don’t add any more drops of water just wonder don’t add any more drops of water this gets scary okay if you add more it’s gonna get really really big okay is it a unit oh it’s a unicorn now no I told you you should have just added one drop of water do not over what just one drop of water now we got this little guy he’s really cute though he can fly yay maybe add another drop of water don’t overwater but you need you need to you know just love him tinkle my belly exercise put him on a diet yeah that doesn’t doesn’t look healthy for the unicorn either you know so what’s a blend maybe if he sweats a lot the water will come out oh wait what what’s happening here also how is this unicorn just chilling in her bedroom come on oh don’t be so mean to him or her it’s still cute unicorn oh there you go unicorn is it’s losing losing some water Oh cause it’s in the Sun yay wait what the tea unicorn just jump out and fly away wait the Unicorn find unicorn made a rainbow if you did she wasn’t being nice if you enjoyed this funny animation click on the screen right now to check out another amazingly funny animation

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