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Reacting To The Funniest Drunk Texts!

Yo, what’s going on guys? Welcome to Reaction Time. Ever since I posted funniest text messages, you guys absolutely loved it. You crushed it, guys. Do you know what that means? Today, we’re gonna be looking at the funniest drunk text fails ever. I’m thinking of turning this into a series. Basically we just look at some funny text fails. We’ve all been there, we’ve all done that. I mean hopefully when you weren’t drunk, because then you really regret things. Without further ado lets just jump right into it Can’t wait, it’s gonna make us laugh, so let’s do this. “Help” “M DRINK” “What do you want me to help you with? More drinks?” “Same me.” “I’m too funk” “I’M SO SRUNK” “Nope, you can still type. Not drunk enough!!!!!” “Help me p” please don’t die. “Dude, I wasn’t that drunk” “You walked up to a semi-trunk and whispered ‘I know your secret’… Optimus Prime.” “So you know his secret too…” “Go away.” (LAUGHS) “Dude u were SO drunk last night at the party.” “No I wasn’t” “Oh yeah, u called a taxi to take u home” “So I don’t’ want to get a ticket for being drunk and driving” “The party was at your house” “lol was I that drunk?” “well you dug up my mom’s garden” “because, and I quote, ‘f*ck FarmVille'” (LAUGHS) I’m so glad I don’t hang out with my friends when they’re drunk. Like, I would never… I don’t have time for this. I do not have the time to take care of them like this “I wasn’t that drunk” “Dude you asked your girlfriend if she was single” You asked your girlfriend if she was single? Your girlfriend! “Where did you go” “To the room throw up I’m S” (MUMBLING) (Incomprehensible mumbling, trying to read a dumb text) “Know what I malean” “You’re the sweetest candything in all of the universe. Sprinkles of sugar on my tasters.’ “Jason, are you drunk?” “Would you arrest me if i was?” “No sir.” “U are so polite” “Well thank you. So How much have you had to drink?” “A baby and a half dozen” babies? But I’m not drunk “Julia, I’m drunk. I love you.” “I love you too but I am sober.” “Julia you are amazing” “You know my loyalty, you know my love. What else is there?” “I throw my hands up in the air sometimes” “Hey sorry I’ve been recovering all day. I took 13 shits in 45 minutes last night.” “Shits or shots” “lol damn iPhone, I mean Shots” “I was going to say that’s a lot of shits lmao! What alcohol did you use?” “Rumpleminz” “What the heck is that?” “Peppermint schnapps” Why? This is from mom. The mom was texting Her son I love you so much sweetie Tina says hi We’re at the Olvie garden! 2-4-1 chardinay! Drink some water mom I’m so happy that I decided to keep you Me too What is that suppose to mean? He was planning on aborting this kid. I’m so frunk I’m assuming that was supposed to say ” I am so drunk”? Lol Ing. Haven’t been this drunk I. A long time. Who are you with? It’s only 7 & you work until 5 And it’s a thursday Coworkers my end of work. Blah blah blah Damn you, Terra Terra! Stop drinking at seven in the morning! You work until five Terra! Jesus! Have some mercy. Dude I wasn’t that drunk… Dude… You gave a mushroom to a midget And kept yelling GROW MARIO! GROW! Random Laughter. *Laugh* OH MY GOD! *laugh* This is one of those moments Where you just have to send an apology Letter the next day… … Poor Midget! Excuse my drunk friend… You’ve got to be kidding me! No… we did it in a hurry You got my last text, I stand by it. If you ditch me were through! (Random mumbling) You Please send me you last text… In English! I live triumph… What?! What?! That made no… That’s not even English! What is that… Its gibberish! you were sooooooo drunk last night What? No, I wasn’t! Dude, you ran up to this huge biker guy with a beard and shouted “HAGRID!!!! you’re real!!!” Oh shit what did he do? Hugged you ah that explains the faint scent of smoke on my jacket This is the reason I dont get drunk Good luck to all of you out there getting drunk right now. E u b inG Gopod? “Haha yes but you aren’t” (Mumbling) “I’m goods I’m a lil drinmkl” “Hahaha! A little? I think a lot!” “OneOneOneOne Male akish” I’m having fun oh good you’re having fun to 2000 just just skipping that one. that one was awful. i wasn’t that drunk did you put my hamster in this hamster ball do it at the wall saying “Pikachu I choose you!” “You’re lucky he’s still alive.” “Seriously!?” “No” “Oh, thank God” “He’s dead” AAHHHHHHHH!! “I wasn’t that wasted.” “You kidding me? you open up a bunch of tampons and said they looked like little ghosts and you tried to haunt me for a while they do kind of look like ghosts.” Tampons look like ghosts! Ghosts that suck-up period blood and… “Dude, I got a DUI I was arrested last night!” “I know, buddy, I was there” “What the f*ck happened?” “Well you kept on insisting you weren’t drunk, then you asked the cop if you can use this in car computer to update your Facebook. No way you’re getting out of the DUI.” Daniel… you messed up Daniel… “I’m in jail right now because of you Daniel” What are these texts? Well, that was “the funniest drunk texts”. I hope you guys enjoyed…that was… I thought that was hilarious compilation I mean it made me laugh my ass off with that being said guys thank you so much for watching please let me know if you’d like to see more of this i want to continue this series and yeah i’ll see you guys next episode until that have a good and peace out

100 thoughts on “Reacting To The Funniest Drunk Texts!

  1. ok people this is my poam (i hope i spelled that right)

    we have all been there we have all done that ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. my favorite was "Hagrid! You're real!" (Hagrid is from Harry Potter and he drives a flying motorcycle) Actually my favorite was "GROW, MARIO, GROW!"

  3. once me and my crush were both drunk and we were texting each other idk what on earth we were on about but it was hilarious ;D

  4. Just so you know…you change many people’s lives and I am excited to get my timeless hoodie and my new hedgehog Alfredo’s cousin Marina

  5. 3:56 that is what I’d do! Also try this one:

    Dude you were so drunk last night, you ran up to a guy with a long beard and yelled “Dumbledore I thought you were dead! 😂”


    You ran into a pet shop and opened all the owl cages and yelled… “Hogwarts needs you!!!”


  6. 0:44 Ik ur secret Optimus prime
    Optimus: oh shi* iv been found bumblebee come kill this human
    Me: … aren't autobots nice
    Optimus: make that 2 ppl u have 2 kill
    Me: I dont know what ur talking about Optimus wait who is talking to me

  7. Dog You Dog
    Dog Are Dog
    Dog Beautiful Dog
    Dog Just Dog
    Dog The Dog
    Dog Way Dog
    Dog You Dog
    Dog Are Dog

    Read the second words

  8. Dude, I wasn’t that drunk…
    Dude, you gave a mushroom to a midget and kept yelling “GROW MARIO GROW”
    I feel bad for the midget.

  9. Dude I wasn’t that drunk. Yes you were you were driving around around in a semi truck saying” auto bots roll out”

  10. Dude you were soooooo drunk last night you were putting crosses on a grill singing”holy grail it’s a holy grill”

  11. Omg my friend is short and there are mushrooms near our school now I gotta get one give it to her and yell "GROW MARIO GROW"

  12. Not to long ago I was texting my friends and I wanted to type
    “Ok gimme a sec.”
    But it autocorrected too
    “Ok gimme a s3x”
    I died two seconds later after I sent it when I read what it typed…
    Me and my friend just laughed so freaking hard

  13. 1:28 – And I bet she answered, "Not yet."
    3:08 – Wait… "It's only 7 and you work until 5."??? That would give her two hours to be finished with work, get cleaned up a little and go join her friends at the bar or wherever. Why is the texter so surprised?
    3:23 – Oh, God, the Little Person must have loved that! (Not!)

  14. Give a mushroom to midget and yelled grow Mario grow😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. Am I the only one who notices how easy it is to get high on soda?

    I got high on coke at an end of the school party ;-;

  16. My friends and I had this theme party years ago for our friendship anniversary. One of my bestie got drunk and she got on the top of a table and screamed “I’M VOLDEMORT U FILTHY MUGGLES AND MUDBLOODS, KNEEL!” We were just laughing so hard 😂 and later we told her, and we are just glad she’s our friend 😂

  17. I regret not watching as much YT as I do now and finding your channel when you first started It…
    Me: Sits in a corner of her room and cries
    Lol😂 you're amazing and I love your video's~!

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