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Real Adults Don’t Order Dessert

– So then I said, what? (group laughing) – Oh my! – Oh God, I am so full. If I keep laughing like
this I’m gonna puke again. I’m so sorry, Raph. – No biggie. – May I interest anyone in some dessert? – Ooh!
– No, no, no, no, no. Thank you.
– Get that away. – Couldn’t possibly!
(man in glasses laughing) – No, I don’t need dessert, thank you. – Oh, Rekha. If you want something, you should get it. You deserve a dessert. Sure, we just gorged
ourself on an enormous meal but if you’re feeling like
a little piggy boy, go. – Look, I’m fine.
– Rekha, please. If you want to get
something, you should do it. You can shovel a bunch of butter, claw it into your mouth while all of us just wanna
pay and get outta here, please please please. Please, please.
– Really, I am fine. Please leave.
– Wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait, wait, wait, no, no, no. You’ve gotta get what you want. Now, we did not mean to make you feel bad. – Why are you talking like that? – Okay, let’s get her the sugar sugar sugar bomb for babies, but can we make it the one
specifically for adults? You know, the kind that like
to eat a fully balanced meal but also still somehow wanna pour crap into their bodies, thank you. – This says brownie sundae.
– What did I say? – You said something different. – Did I?
– Yes. – I don’t think I did. – Okay guys, you are not better than me for not wanting dessert. – Rekha, I would never
make you feel like I was. – No, no, we would never
say something like that. – Rekha, plenty of respectable
people eat dessert. It’s sweet and creamy. Buttery. It’s beautifully plated. It transports you, for
the briefest of moments, away from this world
(orchestral music) to some place of joy and indulgence and bliss. – Yes. – I’m assuming, I’d never
actually order it! (laughs) – No way (laughs)!
– No! – I’m not a small baby. – No, no, I would never waste
someone’s time like that. (group laughing)
– What a baby sugar bomb baby. – Quit assigning morality to food! I love dessert and that is fine, you savory-loving nut balls. – Nut balls?
– Nut balls! You love your salt and your
meats and your big beers. And after-dinner espresso, and I don’t say anything about it. So just let me love my thing too. I will take the cake. – Excellent choice. (classical piano music) (diners conversing in background) – Thought that was the waitress. She kinda looks like her. – Is this a real… No. – How was your day, Grant? (Grant sighing) (Ally whistling quietly) – Thank you.
– Here’s your cake. – Thank you! – I guess I can take a
bite of that for myself. I might as well.
– I’ll have one bite. – Who are you? Who are you?

100 thoughts on “Real Adults Don’t Order Dessert

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  2. My family and I went out to eat once and my dad ordered cheese fondue for dessert.
    We had to sit at the table, twiddling our thumbs for an HOUR while they made it.

  3. when raph is like "is this a real…" and touches the plant I laughed so hard because I did that exact thing while trying to break silence at a nice restaurant while we were waiting for dessert that only 2 people of 6 ordered 😂😂

  4. I would be extremely grateful if someone could name the music piece playing when Grant is talking at 1:35. I spent an hour listening to random classical music and I just can’t find it…

  5. The new generation has always raised the bar for college humor but this one is a whole new level, I was constantly laughing through this absolute roller coaster.

  6. The whole point of being an adult is you can order dessert if you want it, cause you pay for it yourself, AND NOBODY CAN STOP YOU . If your friends are in a hurry get it to go, that's the "mature and responsible" part.

  7. Screw being an adult ! I wouldn't mind being a manchild !
    Even if it means having fun instead of being such a boring grown-up !

  8. Wow, amazing! Another good comedy skit! No politics or preachy socialist/feminist nonsense!
    Goof Job, another thumbs up from me 🙂

  9. Last time I had dinner with friends, they guilted me about ordering dessert. Dessert came and waiter brought 3 spoons. I immediately returned 2 of them and made my friends watch me finish the entire thing by myself. Whenever I think of their faces as I sat there enjoying my dessert myself, 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. Like the time I went to The Cheesecake Factory with a friend for dinner. When the waiter returned after the meal and asked if we wanted dessert, my friend emphatically told him no without even looking at me. 
    I began to question why we're friends.

    AND let me just repeat that this was at tHe ChEeSeCaKe FaCtOrY

  11. if only the dessert can come before everyone else had finished their meal, like in Asian dining traditions, this would not be a problem lol

  12. One of those hands reaching into the cake was mine. Unfortunately, I dropped the spoon before it reached my mouth.

  13. I almost spit out my drink when Grant questioned Rekha’s “NUTBALLS!?!!” insult. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    But on a serious note, I’m at my office computer. This coulda been reaaaal bad.

  14. I ordered only dessert at a restaurant once and I got a little shade from the waiter. I work at a breakfast place, and it's totally normal when people order nutella crepes at 7 in the morning! But peanut butter pie at 6:30pm gets sideye?? wtf

  15. Lol real friends order dessert and stay at the restaurant till they kick you out and you realize its fucking 3 in the morning and there no busses home so you sleep at the friend who brought a car's house and then go out for pancakes

  16. This is EXACTLY how I feel when this 1 stupid vegan bitch wants deserts after our team lunch.
    It's only her who ever fucking wants it…

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