Laughter is the Best Medicine


(Lame Jokes Battle) (Do not laugh!) He spits. What animal do we often see… in front of office door? Lizard? / No. I don’t know. / Grasshopper. Why grasshopper? “Do not (dilarang) enter, except employee”. Who in Star Wars is the most indifferent (cuek)? ‘Cuek’ Skywalker. Wow. No. Yoda. Why Yoda? You mean “okay, fine” (yaudah)? (*headache) Lame and easy to get, isn’t it? What’s the synonym of builder (tukang bangunan)? Synonym is the similar word, right? Builder, coolie? No. I don’t know. / Stays-up-late person. Wake up (bangun). Wake up and stay up late. (*what the hell) What two mountains that become peanut? Twin mountain. Kerinci. Two Rabbits (kelinci) Peanut. / Yeah. I know. No need to explain. What candy is the biggest? / I don’t know. Borobudur Temple (Candi). A little bit more. What lake is not suitable for children? I don’t know. Toba. Why are you trying (coba) things with your kids? (*holding laughter until almost having headache) Okay. That’s funny. Funny. Okay. What duck (bebek) makes you tired? I don’t know. B-backstreet. His laughter is ****. What duck (bebek) is always fine? I’m just fine (baik-baik). That’s correct? Right? You know the film ‘Rambo’? I know. What’s the opposite of Ram (brake)-bo? Gas (accelerate)-bro. Correct? Gas (accelerate)-bo. That’s correct. Single, but upset. What is it called? I don’t know. You don’t know? / No. Available. Labile. Availabile. No one expects this, right? What bell (bel) is painful when pressed? Butt crack (belahan). It doesn’t hurt when pressed, okay? I don’t know the feeling because I’ve never experienced that. Alright, I don’t know. Caress (belaian) of the past. (*what’s with you Ca?) What band is usually used as Indonesian proverb? I don’t know. The Sigit. Why The Sigit? Bit by bit (sedikit), over time, it will accumulate into a hill. What area in Indonesia where the girls are impatient? I don’t know. Cikarang. Because they don’t want later, they want now (sekarang). (*calm your laughter) What snack often gets smashed by bulls? I don’t know. Matador/Batagor. Man! It’s unexpected. / Yes. Unexpected. This one might be the one… who sells the batagor. Who is the most loyal person in the world? Batagor seller who’s the most loyal in the world? Let’s leave out the batagor. (*logic?) What? / I don’t know. Endah. Endah will always love you? Like that. / Old joke, isn’t it? Mosquito actually has a name, Ca. Mosquito has a name? Do you know the name of mosquito? I don’t know. You don’t know? / No. Apparently, the name of mosquito is Tatang. Why Tatang? / There’s the song. There come (datang) a mosquito. (*you egg crust) We move away from the mosquito. What vehicle is very trendy? And is liked by children? ‘Odong odong’? No idea. It’s becak (trishaw). What do you mean with children and becak? (*what the heck Ca) No need to dance. (*yeah sorry it’s not funny) (*having headache because having a friend like you) But, the becak (trishaw) man, let’s call him Jajang. Before Jajang becomes a trishaw man, he worked in fabric industry. There’s a proverb about fabric. I don’t know. You don’t know? / No. The spandex of a squirrel jumps, it will fall at last. Spandex? If we’re talking about spandex, that won’t… get far from… milk. (*holding fart) (*it’s fine if it’s unrelated but funny) What’s the opposite of powder milk? Liquid coffee. / No. I don’t know. The opposite of powder (bubuk) milk. Milk wakes up. Sleeps (bobok). It’s not sleeping (bobok) anymore. / Bobok. Wow. We know powder. This powder (bubuk) also has chicken, peanut. Porridge (bubur). That’s porridge (bubur). (Tao Ming Tse falls) You see this? Why is it Tao Ming Tse? If Tao Ming Tse looked like this, Shan Cai would kill herself. Okay. / Come on. If we talk about powder, / Yeah. what animal… that flew to America… (The audiences still laugh) What’s wrong? The hand of the person. (*go away) Enough! (The audiences are still laughing) This is the last one. / Last ones for both of us. Let’s shake hands, so we won’t be on bad terms. / Okay. Talking about powder, what animal… that flew to America in 2002, and just got back… / Oh, there’s the year? In 2002 and just got back…? 14 years later. What animal is that? / I don’t know. You don’t know? / I don’t know. Insect (Serangga). Rangga. “What you did…” / Oh, Rangga. If we talk about Rangga, he must be… wearing a jacket. If we talk about jacket, what jacket you can’t buy in retail? I don’t know. Jacket that you can’t buy in retail… JKT (jeketi) 48. 48. Thank you, Sir. What’s the score? (Who’s the winner?) / Steve. I get this Tao Ming Tse.

100 thoughts on “RECEH BATTLE : CAMEO LUCU BANGET! – Reza VS Steve

  1. Menghibur di saat galau.. Gue ampe sakit perut gila πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  2. Yang makin bikin gw ketawa tuh yg di belakang kamera nyaksiin mreka battle, dn denger ketawa mereka makin ikut ketawaa:v hahah siyap:v

  3. Ngomongin spandek ga jauh dri susu.. Gila lucu bnget, ngakak gueh.. Di balik kain spandek ada susu dong.. Nyambung kok.. Hahahaa πŸ˜‚

  4. Pliss terus lanjut ya receh battle. Karena ini yg buat gw subscribe dn ga skip iklan!! Ini serius

  5. Receh bat anjer tapi ngakak πŸ˜‚
    Yg bikin ketawa yg lagi ngerekam wakaka tomingse jatohπŸ˜‚

  6. Kok sekarang org suka yg receh sih ? Dikit dikit receh, dikit dikit buat yg ada receh nya. Kalau menurutku samsek gak lucu yg namanya receh itu, tp org2 kok bisa ngakak ya dengerin kerecehan org lain ???

  7. Wah mantap Mas Mas yang di Cameo Project..
    Kontenku teka teki receh juga, cuma setiap liat video yang ini, selalu ketawa terus..
    Mantap brur.. Keep Creative..! Terus budayakan Recehnya.. Keren

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