Laughter is the Best Medicine

Right, Lucia, everything’s okay.
Nothing serious. Just take the medicine
for 20 days. Okay. For your skin, I’ll prescribe
illegible scribbles, okay? And this straight line
with a blot at the end, which seems like a word,
but it might be nothing. You need to fast.
It’s very important. After you shower, apply this scribble
with a dot as if it was an I. But you won’t see the I because
the word doesn’t have an I. Just 20 milligrams. If you can’t find it
or if it’s expensive, buy this generic one
I’m writing down in Morse code. Call me if you need. I’ll write down my number,
but it won’t be of any use, since I changed my number
last week. But you can call me. Right. Is this a 6 or s 9? It’s an F. What you need to be cured
of this dog humor is going to the Backdoor channel
on YouTube, activate
the notification bell and watch the videos
on Mondays and Thursdays. There. If you don’t laugh,
it’s very serious.

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