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42 thoughts on “RECLAMATION – [Action Comedy] Short Film 🍻

  1. I'm translating (& editing) Turkish subtitles for short movies.
    Turkish subtitle for this short is ready to be uploaded.
    Please turn your "add subtitle" option to "ON" clause in YouTube settings menu.

  2. That was pretty good. Usually the acting sucks in these things but I thought it was pretty well done by everyone.

  3. I fuckin loved it! The singer was my absolute favorite part! He cracked me up big time! Opening and ending were great, yep I'm happy I subscribed! And the thumbnails are all great, too!

  4. this is almost tarentino weird. in a good way. i'd like to see more of this, seeing how it only took 9 minutes to capture and keep my interest.

  5. What did you guys do with the framerate? Youtube isn't playingback at 60, but it definitly looks higher than 29.97. Awesome work, though!

  6. I think that despite having good cameras and all (color and lighting) I think theres a serious lack of great cinematography. The pacing is too cheesy, maybe it was intended that way but I dont think its trying to be cheesy, just comedic

  7. This was actually really good, I'm suprised you're not more famous. I mean seriosuly 2k views do not do this video justice !

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