Laughter is the Best Medicine


(bright upbeat music) – Hey you guys, it’s prank time. So the other day Emily pranked me with making me think that she
put slime into my Gucci shoes, so I’m gonna get her back by
re-creating Tik Tok Pranks. Make sure that you subscribe so you don’t miss any videos what we post. This is the first prank, it’s hilarious. I hope Emily hasn’t seen it on Tik Tok because I really wanna
get her good on this one. So all I need is a water bottle and a penny. So let’s get started. Emily! Okay Emily, so I’m gonna
show you a brand new trick. So I have this penny, I’m going to place the
water bottle over it. And then, abracadabra. – What?
(Evelyn laughing) – Look.
– Why are you laughing so hard? – The penny’s inside the water bottle. (laughing)
(screaming) (laughing loudly)
(dog barking) – You’re so mean! All this pranking! (dog barking) – That was so fun, I got her really good. Okay so now we’re gonna
make Emily a special drink using Hawaiian punch and gelatine. – What are you drinking? – Hawaiian punch. – Mm, is there anymore left? – Check the fridge. – Okay. Ooh, last one, yum! What’s wrong with this? Evelyn, did you do
something to this drink? – I have no idea! – This is so weird, what is this? I know you did something to this drink. Yummy, donuts! Don’t touch? Why? Whatever. What? She’s got me! – Now I’m gonna make a yummy dessert, for myself with cake, and for Emily with sponge. I’m gonna cover the sponge with frosting. Make it look so delicious. Okay, now I’m gonna sprinkle
to make it look more realistic. Have to hide the evidence. – Ooh cake, can I have some? Ooh thank you. What is wrong with this cake? It’s so stale! Is yours stale too? – Not at all. – Evelyn! – Funny, right? – No! – Okay, so since Emily decided
to go to bed early today, I have an idea for a prank, but first we have to make
sure that she is sleeping, so. Oh yeah, she’s out. Okay, Emily is asleep
and she sleeps so deep that maybe if a train passes her, she won’t even wake up. So that means that it’s a good time to go and get my own ingredients
and do this prank. Shaving cream. A brush. And I need the phone. We have to be real quiet. Shh! (shaving cream squirting) I’m gonna play with the mosquito sound. (mosquito buzzing) – What are you doing? Evelyn! – I heard you don’t like mosquitoes Emily. – There’s no mosquitoes in here. Seriously, I was sleeping, get out! It’s all over my hair
and all over my face. Evelyn, I’m gonna get you. – I don’t think Emily
liked this prank much, but it was hilarious. Right guys, ready for more pranks? ‘Cause I am. So how would you like it if
someone sneezed all over you? ‘Cause that’s about to happen to Emily. Emily, what you playing? – Star Stable. (Evelyn sneezing) – Sorry Emily! – Evelyn, that’s disgusting. You got all your snot all over me. That’s so gross! – Relax Emily, it wasn’t my snot. – Stop already with this
pranking, I’m sick of it! – I’m not. – Ugh, that was so gross, like eww! – Emily, you here? – Yeah I’m here. – Can I borrow your computer for a sec? – Yeah it’s right there, you can take it. – Okay, thanks. Okay guys, so I downloaded
a picture of a broken screen and replaced Emily’s background. it looks so real, it looks really broken. Emily’s gonna be so mad. (books crashing) I’m so sorry Emily! – What did you do? (gasping) My computer, it better not be broken. (gasping) Evelyn! The whole thing has broken. It’s shattered! Why would you do that? – I’m so sorry Emily, I just dropped it. I didn’t do it on purpose. – Daddy, Evelyn broke my computer, look. – [Daddy] Ah man! Oh, wait a minute. – [Emily] See! – [Daddy] Emily, take a closer look. It’s a screenshot. – Why would she do this to me? She’s been pranking me like so much! – [Daddy] And she’s
getting you every time. You’re falling for it. (laughing) (Emily groaning) – Evelyn, what you
really do to my computer? – Nothing, just replaced the background with a very interesting picture. (Emily groaning) Looks like somebody’s
about to get a buzz cut. Hey Emily. – Hey. (shaver buzzing) What? What was that? (screaming) Evelyn, all my hair. What did you do? (moaning) Why would you do that? Where have you cut it? – Oh Emily! (shaver buzzing) – What? – Relax Emily, it’s not a really buzzer. You’re an easy target. – Evelyn, I’m gonna get you. (Evelyn screaming) Okay guys, so Evelyn been pranking me for the past few days and
I’m really fed up with it, so now it’s my turn to prank her. And I have her donuts and
I also have some mayo, and it’s time to spice up her donuts with this magical sauce, called mayo. Err! Okay, now we just fill up the donuts. Mm! Okay guys, so here are the donuts. I’ve filled up five of
them with disgusting mayo and I left one plain one for me. Now I have to wait. – Emily, have you seen my phone? – No. – Donuts? – Emily, you know I did this donut prank on you the other day. – It’s not a prank. – Ooh, real donuts. (retching) Ew, what’s in this, it’s disgusting! – Ah, just a little bit of mayo. – (groaning) Emily! (groaning) – (laughing) He pack
us a sweet iced donut. – (moaning) It’s so gross! Okay guys, so I hope you
enjoyed watching me get pranked. And I have to admit, some of these pranks were like really funny,
especially the water bottle one, I think that one was the funniest. But, I don’t know, I think I did good with getting her back with the mayo, and that wasn’t even a prank,
she literally ate the mayo. Which is good. And she really cannot stand mayo, she like hates mayo and so do I. So she’ll probably be
washing her mouth out for the next two hours. But that shows her what
happens when you mess with me. So give this video a thumbs up if you want me to give her some pay back. And thanks for watching,
see you next time. Bye!

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