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Okay… Flashback Mary… Flashback Mary… Flashback Mary… Hi, sisters! James Charles here, and welcome back to my YouTube channel. So, if you guys have logged into Twitter at all within the past, like, probably, like, three months or so you’ve probably at some point seeing me getting exposed! Honestly, you have, like, no idea how fun it is to wake up in the morning and then wanting to cry yourself right back to sleep! I’ve been seeing so many CRAZY pictures of me going around lately, like, not only of meet-and-greets, meeting all of my favorite sisters out there, but also, I’ve seen pictures of me doing things that I don’t even remember doing. Like staring in anime films, urban legends, and apparently I’m like the lead role in a horror movie that hasn’t even come out yet! Ugh, the internet is SO crazy! In honor of all these wacko stories going around lately, I thought I would just sit down and recreate some of these iconic photos. So, if you want to see me recreate these memes, make sure you just keep on watching! I’m going to start off by priming my face today using my Benefit Porefessional primer as always. I want to make sure that no matter how ghostly I am, my face still looks flawless AF! For foundation today, I’m going to be using one of my all-time favorites, and I’m going to using this one from LA Girl. This is in the shade… Whiteout. When picking your foundation, it is super-duper important that you pick a shade that is exactly close to your skin tone. It’s going to be SO bad if you take any photos and your face does not match the neck or the rest of your body… Trust me, take it from me sisters: the last thing we want is for our face not to match our neck! It’s going to be REALLY embarrassing later on. Now that we have the perfect shade match as you can tell, we still need to go in and highlight the rest of the face. Just make sure everything is very very even and super-duper sculpted. So, to do this, I’m going to grab the Kat Von D concealer, also in the shade whiteout. Really make sure you get it in there, we want to be SUPER snatched today. And then once again taking that same beauty sponge, I’m just going to to blend it out! Now that the base is looking super flawless, I really wanna make sure to set it so we don’t get any creases throughout the day. We need this to be super-duper long-lasting. I’m going to go ahead and set my face using the Make Up Forever Microfinish HD powder. Remember you can use code James for 10% off your purchase at, that is, code James. It is commission FTC disclaimer. Don’t anybody think I am a scammer up in here! Since my career is ending, I need all the help I can get, so please, sisters, make sure to use my code. I need the money, thanks! With the contour, I couldn’t really find an exact shade match, so I’m gonna use the MAC single shadow in the shade Coquette, and my Morphe R14 brush to snatch these cheekbones. Also, we gotta contour our forehead. I mean, I was planning on getting hairline lower-ing surgery, but, since my career is ending, I need to save my money wisely, and that is not exactly the top of my list right now. So…we got to make do with what we’ve got. That jawline as well… I mean, we all know we’re gonna FaceTune it later on, but might as well at least, like, try, ya know? Now that we have all the contours set in place, I’m going to go ahead and bake my face. This is an absolutely vital step. I mean, you really want to make sure you’re using a super good powder that doesn’t have ANY flashback. Like I said before, it is super important than our face looks like the exact same color as our body. We don’t want any embarrassing photos, and I don’t know why that would even happen in the first place, but, better to be safe than sorry. So today I’m gonna be using the Coty Airspun powder. It is SO great, super super light coverage, it’s, like, barely even there to be honest. But it really does such a really good job. And, there’s definitely no flashback as well. *sarcastic cough* Like I said guys, only a super duper tiny bit. And then next step is going to be to fill in these brows to get them nice and on fleek. I’m first going to start off by just drawing really really light strokes, kind of, like, extending the tail a little bit. And then I’m just going to really lightly start to fill in and shape them. Next I’m gonna grab a little bit more of that Whiteout concealer from Kat Von D, and just a flat top brush, and just conceal under that brow to really, like, clean it up and make sure it is super-duper you know, like sharp and pointy like ready to cut somebody, you know? Alright, and that is what I call an eyebrow that is SO on fleek! I’m going to go ahead and do the other one off camera quickly and then I’ll be right back. Then we can finish off the rest of the face. Now that the brows are both done I just went ahead and wiped off the bake. Now for this look, I was not wearing any eyeshadow because I’m a lazy and untalented makeup artist, so we’re just going to go right ahead and move on with the winged liner. Doesn’t need to be perfect anyway. Like I said before, we’ll just Facetune it and fix it later. Now that the liners are both done and pretty even, I’m going to go ahead and apply my favorite pair of lashes. Today I’m going to use the House of Lashes Iconics. Honestly, they’re, like, pretty iconic! Just like me. Alright, and that is the eyes all complete. Normally next I’d move on to highlighter, but, like I said, I’m a lazy and untalented makeup artist, and let’s be real, I’m just going to Facetune it on later anyway, so we’re going to move right along with the lips. For lips today, I’m gonna be using the Morphe liquid lipstick in the shade of Sasha once again, code JAMES. To finish off this super easy look I’m going to go in and set my face using my LA girl Pro Setting spray. It is so good, and it’s super mattifying as well the last thing you want to look like an oil slick we really want to look to matte as a Sahara Desert and only like a little bit is fine like a little goes a really really long way. Alright sisters, and this is the completed makeup look for today. It’s just like a super easy light beautiful glam, now let’s take some photos and show you guys how it turned out. Oh my God, I can’t even get over how much those photos slay totally instagram ready That’s like 200,000 likes right then and there. So since I love you sisters, so freaking much I thought I’d give you guys a little bit about bonus twist on this makeup tutorial. Like I said before there’s been so many pictures of me going around and one of them that’s gone pretty viral is a picture of me and the new movie that I’m starring in. There’s a new movie coming out called It, it’s written by Stephen King and it is a horror movie. You guys know I love horror and I’m so excited to announce that I am officially starring in the lead role of the movie. Hi sisters, James Charles here! As soon as the trailer released, literally Everybody was tweeting me pictures of me in the trailer asking how I got the look, saying that they loved it, so it does we already have this basic glam on, I thought in honor of the new movie coming out, I would show you guys how to transform from this into the look that I wore in the movie, so if you want to see it that look, just keep on watching, again. First thing I did while I was on set was take my Makeup Forever Flash Palette and my Morphe M224 and I’m going to draw on my clown nose. Next I’m going to grab this Morphe brush and a little bit of this dark purple shade from the 35B palette I’m just gonna start to add a little bit of shadows to the nose. They wouldn’t actually let me keep the real clown nose that I used on set, of course, they did not do it with makeup, but today we had to make do with what we had ’cause I couldn’t find one. Like I said guys, career is ending here, so we are definitely on a budget and we have to make do with what we got. To finish off this clown look today, we obviously have to change the lip color. I mean most clowns don’t wear nude lips, but you know I’m not judging, but for today’s look I’m going to using the Morphe liquid lipstick in the shade… Morphe! Once again guys don’t forget to use code JAMES. Alright sisters, I really hope you guys enjoyed me doing these crazy ass meme looks, if you did, please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below and subscribe if you have not already I post videos every single Tuesday and Friday, and I’d love to have you join the sisterhood I didn’t have an idea of what I wanted to film this weekend after everything that’s gone on Twitter recently I thought this would be A perfect video to sit down and do for you guys. At this point, there’s been thousands of very very funny and also very very nasty tweets about me and honestly I’m just trying to move past it and and have a good laugh out of everything. Take it from me, who’s currently the laughingstock of the internet it is so important to just laugh stuff off and never let stuff get to you especially people that you’ve never met that are just online to spread negativity, it’s so important to just stay positive and it’s never ever ever that deep. That being said if you’d like to follow me on my makeup journey You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter, they are both James Charles. If you’d like to follow me on Snapchat for more behind-the-scenes type stuff You can follow me at James Charle with an extra s after Charles. Like I said, I really hope you guys enjoyed this video, thank you so freakin much for watching and I will see you in the next one. Bye!

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  1. HOPE YOU SISTERS ENJOY THE VIDEO! This is clearly a parody of all the stuff that's been going around about me lately. If people wanna make fun of me day in and day out, might as well turn it back around on them and make money off of it, right? 😉 It's so important in these type of situations to just laugh this stuff off and try to stay positive. Please remember, haters online are just sad people hiding behind their computer screens. If you're a victim of bullying and it's a situation that you can't just ignore, PLEASE ask for help. Your happiness and well being should always be your number one priority, no matter what ANYONE says. Love you guys so much. xoxo

  2. The amount of setting spray😂😂😂 "and only a little cause it goes a really long way"

    *sprays it like 100 more times*

  3. some wish for fortune & wealth.
    others wish for materialistic goods.
    all i wish for is my teeth to match his foundation considering his teeth are whiter than WHITE FACE PAINT.

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