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Red Dead Redemption 2 Funny Moments

“Aim weapon” or “Take map”​Just give me the map, I don’t have a gun​I only have a knife​This is a crocodile​You guys think I can ta-​I’m gonna take it on​Oh​Good luck, I hope you can beat the crocodile​Aaaaah!​
​​​Good luck, I hope you can beat the crocodile​
​​​Good luck, I hope you can beat the crocodile​
​​​Good luck, I hope you can beat the crocodile​
I never-​Ahhhhhhh!​Ahhhhhhh!​Are… Are you winning against the crocodile?​Man, I’m so lost​Oh! Oh!​What?!​I didn’t know you could jump, horsey​Now I’m stuck in a bush​Man, this is horrible​I think I failed​AAAAAH!​
​​​Ah, press B to open your satchel​
Ah, press B to open your satchel​Ahhhhhh​Louis!​Could you help me get to that place?​I need to try and get to…​Did you fall in a river?​
​​​Let me get-​
I’m sorry​No, I’ve been following the river​I’m really sorry​
​​​No, I’ve been following the river​
Aw f*ck​lol​Was there a river?​Aw, now I’m in trouble​I think it’s randomized​
​​​Aw, now I’m in trouble​
Oh, OK​I was probably not supposed to do that​Oh no​A lawman?​What?! What did I do?​What did I do?​I didn’t do anything!​I just looked at them​I just looked at-​“Disturbing the peace”?​I didn’t do anything​Why…​OK, I’m going to skin this wolf​I’m sorry, mister​I’m gonna-​OK, OK​I got some stuff​lol​No, why did you put it on my horse?​
Oh god, Subtitles​
lol​Aww, that’s gross​
lol​I fell off my horse​I have to pick up the corpse​lol​Subtitles​
lol​lol​Yeah​lol​How did you do that?​
lol​I’m so sorry​
I’m so sorry ×2​
I’m so sorry ×2​I didn’t see you, it’s dark​lol​
​​​I didn’t see you, it’s dark​
Oh, Pending, what are you doing?​Oh​
​​​Oh, Pending, what are you doing?​
I thought we needed to get that wagon​No…​lol​Pending​
​​​See, I knew that would happen​
That’s why I stopped​Can we- Wait, who’s this?​That’s Pending. I don’t know what he’s still doing​Well, come in Pending​
​​​That’s Pending. I don’t know what he’s still doing​
Well, come in Pending​
​​​We only have 9 minutes, come on​
Pending, hurry, press E​Pending, get on the… in the wagon​E?​
​​​Pending, get on the… in the wagon​
​​​Pending, get on the… in the wagon​
Hello​It’s OK, Jay King​
​​​Can I… Can I please sleep here?​
Ahhh!​I ended up choking him, I’m so sorry​I’m ​​so ​sorry, ​I’m ​so ​sorry, ​I’m ​so ​sorry​I didn’t mean to​I am so sorry​I am so sorry ×2​I didn’t mean to ×2​I just meant to talk to him​You are the worst outlaw​lol​
​​​I’m so sorry ×3​
I lost honor for attacking him?​I didn’t mean to ×3​Maybe if you didn’t grab at his throat​I just meant to talk to him, not grab and choke him​It was an accident​Can I just, like, dip myself in here and cry​Get on your horses​This isn’t gonna work​Oh, I ended up picking up a dead body​No, this is fine​
​​​Oh, I ended up picking up a dead body​
Wait! You forgot me​The mac and cheese is more important​No, I was- I was picking up a dead body​I didn’t mean to​Get to the…​lol​
​​​Nah, we keep going​
Moe cry​Wait up please​I want to be with you guys​lol​OK​
​​​I’m ready​
All right​Oh no​
lol​lol​There we go​
Everything’s fine now​
Ah, ah f*ck​Please wait for me, friends​I’m getting better at this game​You’re not, um… colored. Hold on​Owwww!​
​​​You’re not, um… colored. Hold on​
lol​Did I hit you?​Pending, Pending​Let’s go take his body and bring it to the butcher​Let’s see what happens​Ah, OK​Why are you making Pending carry the corpse?​Why not?​Hello Mr. Butcher​I think you’re…​
​​​Hello Mr. Butcher​
All right​Will it take him?​
​​​I don’t have-​
I don’t have the option to interact with the butcher right now​Is he- oh​
​​​I don’t have the option to interact with the butcher right now​
Is he- oh​Well, you can put it on your horse​lol​lol​lol​
lol​Am I going the right way or the wrong way?​
​​​I don’t know, look at- look at the map​
Press M​lol​Oh, is that you?​Yes. Don’t- Don’t-​
​​​Oh, wait, wait I see you​
Don’t run over me​I said, don’t run over me!​lol​
​​​Stop moving​
Time to look for the button for-​lol​
lol​What the f*ck is this?​
lol​lol​lol​lol​Come on man​
lol​The wailing screeches of the damned​lol​
​​​The wailing screeches of the damned​
I see- I see the camp​First…​Why are you…​Pending, why are you standing in the middle of the open?​Not crouched​
​​​Did I not?​
Are one of you Subtitles? No, neither of you are Subtitles​You could probably steal one​
​​​Are one of you Subtitles? No, neither of you are Subtitles​
You wanna steal one with me?​Ah, OK​lol​Ah, this horse hit me​
And then I’m trying to remember what the other was​lol​
​​​And then I’m trying to remember what the other was​
I’m gonna go from the front​Oh, we’re supposed to shoot?​I died​lol​Panting Moe noises​Gotta go here, gotta go here​What’s this white thing over here?​That’s called cum​What?​lol​Panting Moe noises​It’s so fast​Louis, can you get here?​Go to a fast travel station​Ohhh​
​​​It says “fast travel” on there​
I- I never knew that​
​​​Let’s assume-​
Let’s assume that I don’t have a horse and I’m nowhere near a fast travel​lol​
​​​Where is Subtitles?​
Louis, you’re out in the rain​Come here boy​Let’s go find you…​Wait, why is there a dead body here?​Hey​Dead hooker​Oh wait, is the chat private?​I don’t think it is​Oh, it’s quiet​They won’t accuse me of killing her, right?​
​​​Oh, it’s quiet​
Um​No, I didn’t do anything!​I didn’t do it​I didn’t do it ×2​It was just a dead body here​I just wanted to carry a dead body around me​What?​What happened?​I dunno​
​​​Did, did no one else hear that?​
Did, did no one else hear that?​No​
He just kicked him​
​​​Did someone…​
lol​Someone just​
​​​It’s not my horse​
lol​Oh wait, these aren’t you guys, these are random people​OK​lol​Wow, good job​
​​​You mistake them for randos​
Yeah​I just picked up the dead body and put it on their horse and left​lol​Oh, it’s my deer​Kiiiiill!​Get off my deer​
Get off my deer​
Noooo​lol​Stooop!​lol​You’re such a jerk​lol​Oh​
Oh​lol​Grrr​lol​That’s why​Wait, who are you?​Are you the blonde b*tch?​I’m…​No, I’m the one circling around​Over here​Wait, I don’t see you​
​​​Over here​
Oh​lol​Goddammit, Pending​
lol​I’m going to kill your horse​Don’t kill Subtitles​Oh, that wasn’t even me​That was the blonde girl​Someone shot your horse?​
​​​That was the blonde girl​
Yeah​Someone killed Subtitles​lol​All right, help me​Oh, what do I do?​Oh, shoot? OK​Shoot!​
​​​Oh, shoot? OK​
Hold up, I’m eating berries​Goddammit​I’m sorry​OK, there’s a red thing over here​Jogging Moe noises​At least this time I actually have my horse​Running Moe noises​If someone wasn’t eating berries​Panicking Moe noises​Wait, who’s with me?​Oh, they’re gone​
​​​Wait, who’s with me?​
I am​When did you get on me?​*gasp* Train!​Yep​Running Moe noises​Jumping Moe noise​*gasp*​Yeah!​Oh…​This was-​lol​lol​
I…​I was so proud too​lol​Yeah, no it looks very cool​Yeah​
​​​You look kinda psycho, Kill​
​​​Are we all on this train?​
Let me look at you, Pending​Oh yeah, yeah​
​​​Let me look at you, Pending​
You look like a clean boy​That’s the douche​
​​​You look like a clean boy​
​​​Thank you​
Let’s go​
​​​But I’ve seen some things​
​​​Mainly my own death many times​
Mainly my own death many times​Why…​Are you guys shooting at me? I can’t tell​We’re shooting at the horse​Is that-​
​​​That’s me​
Oh, that’s you?​Wait​
​​​Oh, that’s you?​
He’s on the train​
​​​He is on the train​
He’s right next to you​
​​​I thought that was you​
He’s right next to you​
He’s standing ​​right beside you​
​​​I thought that was you​
​​​You dumbf*ck​
You didn’t say​I did!​
​​​You didn’t say​
I did!​
​​​I can’t see your user-​
Oh, yeah, I can’t see your username​lol​
​​​Oh, yeah, I can’t see your username​
Oh, yeah, I can’t see your username​lol​Yeah, I, I killed him​
I got 5 experience for murder​Nice​Everyone was shooting at me,​including my own gang who can’t hit me​lol​
​​​including my own gang who can’t hit me​
Oh, that’s why you weren’t getting hurt​I-​
​​​Oh, that’s why you weren’t getting hurt​
Oh, that’s why you weren’t getting hurt​Yeah, I was, like, wow,​either I must be a really bad shot​Get on​Don’t run him over​I’m sorry​
​​​Don’t run him over​
That was his-​I’m sorry, that was his fault​That was​​not ​his fault​lol​
​​​That was​not ​his fault​
​​​Do not try to blame that on the NPC​
lol​I watched that happen​lol​Imma go play​lol​That didn’t work out in my favor​lol​
​​​That didn’t work out in my favor​

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