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Regular Show Funny Moments

Benson’s gonna drop his boss, but he sees how good we set up these chairs. He’s gonna be all like, oh no my gumballs Yeah, we rule it setting up the chairs one Yeah, dude this sucks we are here to pick you up Jesus egging So it’s right You know who likes special entertainment like that my mom the options for this month’s game night are checkers cards double dutch tiddlywinks and My mom isn’t a game muscle man. It doesn’t even make sense Luke’s like I don’t know pops is kind of weird Nice button siege you finally beat your old man. I’m sorry for being so hard on you I was trying to prepare you for the world. The only way I knew how By crushing you at minigolf all right, first we’ll test the Second girl, this is not awkward. Okay Five six seven eight. Jeez. I’m gonna power in your face Sending you back to no place It’s time for you to go away it’s time for you to go to your room Yeah Skip’s it’s time for you to go to the moon 2 tickets for opening night. Oh, I kind of already got two tickets for pajama sisters, too. What why? That’s just some chick flick and not even a good kind. I saw the preview They’re just gonna sit around talking about their feelings fully clothed. Oh How did you get that I have my methods Thanks for saving the day with your specialty you idiot whatever like you could do any better I’m a better liar than you are. Oh really? The only thing you’re better than me at is being a big pieces TV TV store No way we’re literally days away So those ones were practically literally giving away for free too Does anybody know how far that place is from here? Not fun. I got it buddy who works there? The flat screens are full price what but your commercial said you were giving away free TVs. Come on Jimmy You gotta have something these guys made it all the way to the hammer and I wanna see the news. Whoa. Are you serious? Okay, look I might have something but don’t tell anyone What is that? It’s a TV. Does it even turn on? Yeah What it’s not even in color Lane Look you guys wanted a TV for free. This is your free TV How much for your cheapest flat screen? $1,200. Yeah What what’s wrong This is the most uncomfortable chair I’ve ever sat in ah what let me try yes. I’m afraid it’s true I purchased it through the post and it just isn’t as comfortable as it looks This is terrible, maybe we’re just not sitting in a right That comfortable He’s real Dudes take my picture. Oh No You know what? The worst is smell no dude those lame. My mom jokes muscle man always tells Well sounds like someone needs some supervision, you know who else needs supervision my mom Yeah, dude, seriously, though my eyes won’t stay open anymore. And I think we’re almost out of coffee Nonsense, dude, we’ve got plenty of coffee Mordecai what happened need more coffee need more Margaret Koffie koffie. Koffie Greetings fellow fist-pump fans. May we help you? Get some tickets what? Who are you goofy a coffee as you can see? I am a giant coffee bean I can bring you caffeine Do you accept wait what go pick up a coffee cup coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee Cool a contract. Let’s sign it Coffee coffee I have something very Important to do that if I can’t get to because you guys didn’t do my toys the whole world could come to an end Okay. Well do your work fine. Let’s find your stupid chairs It won’t open let’s get out of here you try the actual doorknob. Oh You’re killing me It’s locked let’s do something else Look, we’re not up here to enjoy the view. So will you just come help me clean out these gutters. I’m helping I’m holding the hose. Look I’m taking a giant leak Hey Dude, thanks for bailing on me. What is this? I’m gonna hire it Tim this sounds like a scam hey if hiring a dude to do all my work and paying him a small part of my paycheck while I go and get a Meatball sub as a scam then this is a huge scam Hey, man, how many copies a good cop sad cop? Hello? Sure, man, let me check for you So no then oh, yeah, no, all right just these and whatever my friends getting oh I guess just these What are you watching Planet chasers star light? Excellent. Is it good? I watch planet chasers star light excellent all day every day all day every day Oh How do you watch that like barfing rainbows in my eyes? I watched Planet chasers starlight, excellent all day every day. You already said that I watch it all day every day Biceptennial is reigning champion John Doe no Zeo Oh, my dad told me about this guy done unseal will finish off with the shredder Remind me again. What the shredder is chairs. The shredder has two meanings for one if done correctly It shreds all of the competition, too If you falter in the slightest, it will literally shred all of your muscles leading Of course to an instant agonizing death talk about a double-edged sword. Oh, he’s going behind the head for the hand clasp I think he’s gonna do it. I think he’s Nothing but the one thing you can trust us at is perfecting pointless skills on work time Wow, I really can’t argue with that You know, who else is the best tacos in this city Dude, Benson will blow a fuse if he finds out We were slacking off, you know blow a fuse if she found out we were slacking up. We don’t have time for this Yo pops I found your mustache monthly I got some bad news. The park is being audited Pop’s tried to pay the parks taxes with lollipops But I gave them more than enough we already went over this pops you pay taxes with money not lollipops Okay, we only have till three to stop the audit does anyone know someone who can help us anybody anybody at all I know someone who can tell If you say your mom you’re fired My mom get out it was worth it

100 thoughts on “Regular Show Funny Moments

  1. This is in my opinion one of the best Cartoon Network shows that was ever made and the ending complimented it greatly

  2. Oh god after watching this it made me want to watch the entire series again FUCKING LOVE IT(also I never saw how exactly they went to space) and I can’t wait for close enough

  3. Am I the only one who really wants to know the backstory behind the wizard and the power 😂😂😂 and why he was in the park

  4. me at school when i have been holding it in for so long then the teacher says just go bathroom if u need too 2:34

  5. WHAT?! Why? That’s just some chick flick, and not even the good kind. I saw the “preview”. There’s just gonna sit around talking about their “feelings”. FULLY CLOTHED.

  6. "My mum isn't a game"



    Perv.Mind:'Too late girl'

    Ah, fuck I can't believe you done this ¬_¬

  7. 7:54 // me too rigby ~ I also say the planet chaser starlight excellent line too much because of this show 😂 rip one of the best shows ever

  8. 11:25
    Muscle Man: I’m gonna say the N word!
    Benson: NO! If you say the N word you’re fired!
    Muscle Man: NIGGAAAAAAA
    Benson: GET OUT!
    Muscle Man: It was worth it. 👏🏽

  9. Wait, if the coffee guy could shoot coffee out of his hands then why did he shoot them out of his… You know what questions like these don't need answers.

  10. I'm dying I had my headphones on and wasn't paying attention and the first thing I hear is BENSONS GONNA DROP HIS BALLS WHEN HE SEES THIS.😂😂😂😂

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