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Ren’s Most Classic Insults! 🤨 Ren & Stimpy | NickRewind

You… You! Blithering idiot. [groaning] Imbecile. Lunch is served. Idiot! What are you trying to do?
Poison me? No. Well from now on, all my food
is gonna be hypoallergenic. Dear Mora, I’m having a swell time here at the insane asylum. [screaming] it would be nice if you could
come and visit me sometime. Wish you could read. Ren. [moaning] Stupid raving fool. You’ve been using my
Robert Gullet party wig as a coffee filter again, haven’t you? Ah, sure thing, Ren. [phone ringing] Hello. Ah, it’s for you, stupid. Wham, wham, wham! Numb skull. Oooh. – Aw!
– What a he-dog! Don’t stay out in the sun too long, Ren. You know you have delicate skin. Be quiet, you idiot! Can’t you see I’m operating? Ah… My faithful idiot is preparing
the repast for tonight’s guests. The… soup. [snorting] Okey-dokey. Don’t play stupid with me. Or don’t you remember? I’m the stupid one now! There, there, Ren.
You’re not stupid. Yes I am. For living this lie. Everyone always liked you better. I never understood it.
You of all people. Being stupid and bloated and… Wait a minute. Eh, that’s it! [laughing] Take it easy, Ren. You fool! Don’t you see?
Don’t you get it? Everyone always loves
the stupid fat guy. And that’s me! [laughing] Would you like to share? Well, I have this roommate, see. And uh, he sometimes makes me mad. And, uh… Pray, continue. And… oh, yeah!
I smack him. [burping] He smacks his roommate? So, what qualifications do you have? Open your eyes, nab! We’re connected, you idiot! Two heads, two different species,
we’re freak material! That’s nothing special. Take a load of this! Now that’s freaky. Dear Stimpy, I love you. You are funny. You are the funniest in the whole world. And you’re the nicest too. You are nice to everybody. Even that ugly thing who yells at you. What is he anyway? A mosquito? What? Your biggest fan, Cindy. Oh, you’re asking for it. Dear Cindy,
there’s no such thing as me. I am just a cartoon, you idiot. I bet you even believe
in the tooth beaver. Love, Stimpy.

100 thoughts on “Ren’s Most Classic Insults! 🤨 Ren & Stimpy | NickRewind

  1. They're almost all Billy West Rens! Except for the last one… oh well, can't be perfect I guess.

  2. Still True Forty Fifth Commander In Chief Republican President Elect Mark Patrick Seymour America Strong

  3. Although all of them were awesome Man's Best Friend, Monkey See, Monkey Don't, Stimpy's Invention, Son of Stimpy, Baby Scam, Rubber Nipples, and all the episodes with Commander Hoek, and Cadet Stimpy were my favorites.

  4. So I noticed that there's hardly a single Spumco episode on this list, or at least the only one that MIGHT qualify is Stimpy's Fan Club, which still has Billy West as Ren?
    So, really? Are we not even going to so much as acknowledge John K's voice, anymore?

  5. Billy West has a hard time maintaining Ren's affect. It feels like he keeps sliding into Stimpy… or even Fry.

  6. truth be told these insults are the ones people should use instead of these dirty disgusting as if language that they use instead like primitives.

  7. Yes I'm a boy my mom changed this to her name I found out about this show when I was 11 I was in a hotel in a city far away still in Virginia not Richmond but another city and my mom and dad showed me ren and stimpy they watched it in the 90s in their 20s or 30s idk

  8. Think how great our favorite 90's cartoons would look remastered in Full HD on Blu-ray but these companies are too busy investing in outdated low resolution DVD smh

  9. 00:31 Dear Moron
    Im having a swell time here at the Insane Asylum (Scary and Insane Laughter begins)

    It would be nice if you could visit me some time, Wish you could read – Ren.

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