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Repair a windshield crack or chip: as seen on TV RAINX windshield crack repair DIY

hey there isn’t it frustrating when
you’re driving down the road minding your own business awesome a stone flies
off the truck or car in front of you it puts a crack in your windshield well
it’s frustrating to me today we’re gonna be looking at a windshield repair kit by
rain-x I really hope it works to fix my windshield because wind chills are
expensive this is Jeff with Jeff reviews for you and my channel is dedicated to
reviewing a scene on TV items consumer gadgets other household goods and once a
while I throw a little DIY stuff just because I like to do it if that’s
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this one now let’s unbox this windshield repair kit and see what it’s all about
so I purchased this rain-x windshield repair kit from Walmart it was just
around 11 bucks so pretty cheap it was in the as seen on tv section so I’m
gonna count it as a nasty not TV thing plus I’ve seen it on TV alright so when
I first see is it looks like a mini drone no that’s not what it is it’s it’s
the suction cup apparatus that you hook to your windshield it comes with a
bottle of resin it has this other piece that goes with the resin and how you
hook it up to that little windshield thing it has some directions but inside
this directions there are a few things that they keep secret or they keep
hidden for you there are these plastic keyring pads and I’ve got one two three
four it looks like six or seven so that’s good and then I have what if
probably inside here is like a little razor blade for scraping off on the
resin afterward so the idea behind if I’m using this for a windshield is I’m
going to I’m going to locate this right over top the hole and I’m going to put
this part right in and then this puts pressure against the hole then I’m gonna
drop in some of the resin and then I push this thing in out let it sit for
about 10 minutes so you know what let’s get right outside right now and do this
because I do have a crack in my windshield that I want fixed so there’s
a chip in my windshield right here the other day I was driving me how to truck
a rock flew off and there’s a definite chip right here so what I’ve done is
I’ve washed my windshield can completely off ready for this product so
what I’m going to do here is I’m going to set this up the center of this I’m a son of that rate over the crack
I’m gonna screw in this piece here so now this makes connection with my
windshield I’m gonna take my resin but about six or
seven drops in here all right and now I take this applicator top here screw this
in now I’m gonna let that sit for about ten minutes
let Harden we’re gonna see if it filled it what this does here is it actually
pushes the resin into the crack and then it hardens and it will come back and
there’s a top coat we can also do let’s go back in about ten minutes and so it’s
been about ten minutes actually it’s more like 15 so we’re gonna take this
whole apparatus off and see what it looks like I’m just gonna pop this hard
off and so when I see here there’s some liquid that’s around and I’ll wipe that
up and look it mainly filled in the spot but what I would like to do is just so
it’s got a completely flush application is I’m gonna put some just a little drop
on there and then I’m gonna cover it with one of the plastic curing things it
has so I’m gonna just do a drip and then make sure it’s covered there we go so
now I’m going to leave that for another ten or so minutes come back and scrape
off the residue hey so I would love to get your feedback or your opinion have
you ever used a windshield repair kit like this or another one or has your
windshield been repaired I’m just a little cracked let me know how that
worked out for you in the comment section below
all right so now this has been sitting for about fifteen minutes I’m gonna take
off the plastic piece here and then you take this little razor blade and just
scrape off any of the resin see how that’s just like pulling it up this is
just scraping off and in the resin that’s still on the surface you’re still
gonna have a smooth connection with the windshield but this will just take off
all the extra stuff just keep working it I like to do like a
circular motion like this just go all the way around it when you get to the
part where the actual patch was just go slow here we have it all right so if you
can see it but the patch this is what I was patching right here and it and
although you can still see like a little dot here it’s now completely flushed
that’s kind of cool so I just fixed the crack in my windshield at least sealed
it so and in the winter I don’t have to worry about it freezing and cracking and
getting larger and I did it for about 12 bucks all right let’s go to my final
review so today I repaired a little nick or just a little tiny crack in my
windshield like I told you when I was doing it a stone came off a truck in
front me and just put a little crack in there what I worry about is it’s
beginning to become winter time and if water gets in or the snow sets on it
freezes it could cause that to crack more so right now I have a little bit of
problem but that thing cracked I’d have a really big expense so I worked on I
sent out in the Sun because this resin is powered by the Sun so it’s it’s UV
activated and so I filled the crack what I liked about it is you know what at
first I thought I was going to do it just with the suction cup and this
little doodad here but I noticed that there was a little bit more than I
needed so I was able to use the keyring pad with a little bit more of the
solution and it really did a good job hey this was like 11 dollars not so bad
I really like how this worked out I’m gonna tell you something though I saw on
Facebook that you could use this same stuff for fixing cracks in your cell
phone so I’m gonna try that out next and if you want to see it as soon as that
video post I’m gonna link it right here so you can see me try to fix
cracking my cellphone screen with this rain-x windshield repair kit go click on
this video here I’ll see you there

4 thoughts on “Repair a windshield crack or chip: as seen on TV RAINX windshield crack repair DIY

  1. You make it look so easy and i work at walmart 2 i havent ween this yet on the tv section but u always show things we get them a week later so.. Its all cool enjoy your channel

  2. no, I've never messed with a pitted or cracked windshield. But in reference to your wife's situation with the cell phone breakage and multiple DROPs, I forgot to mention I think you should spank her!!!

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