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Repair cracked phone screen: as seen on TV product cellphone screen repair

so do you know what’s more frustrating
than getting a little tiny crack or even a big crack in your car’s windshield
it’s giving a crack in your foam scream that’s really annoying my wife recently
well she dropped her phone we’ve had glass screens for her over the period of
the last six or eight months and she’ll she’s broken that screen about four or
five times so we keep getting replaced well Deering one of the times we were
getting it replaced was they had to send it away to have a new one sent to you
she had dropped that actually cracked her actual screen that’s really really
frustrating because these phones are expensive and a warranty repairs like
250 or more dollars so I saw that you can use the windshield repair kit to fix
the crack in a screen so I’m gonna try that out today this is Jeff with Jeff
reviews for you and my channel is dedicated to reviewing as-seen-on-tv
items consumer gadgets other household goods and once in a while I thrown a
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notified every single time I release the video just like this one now let’s see
if we really can fix a crack in a cell phone using resin from a windshield
repair kit let’s check it out just the windshield repair kit from Walmart for
around $11 and I saw an ad on Facebook that said you could use it to replace or
fix the crack in your cell phone all you’re supposed to do is take this stuff
and zip it across the crack and then put one of these curing pads on it and sit
out in the Sun for a 5 or 10 minutes because the UV actually cures the resin
so that’s what I’m gonna do now is we’re gonna head on outside and we’re gonna
try to fix my wife’s phone that’s cracked and it’s cracked in a lot of
places so hopefully this works out alright so I’m gonna try to fix these
cracks in this phone I don’t have that high of a level of an expectation
this to work I just wanted to test it out because as seen on Facebook told me
it would work so I’ve got my product what I’m gonna do is I’m going to apply
it down the crack line and then applied down another crack line and cover it up
with this plastic that they provided so let’s see you’re just supposed to
squeeze it on the crack alright and now there’s another crack here squeeze it on
the crack let’s see if we can cover this with a piece of plastic and then you’re
just supposed to leave it out in the Sun for about ten or so minutes they say in
the UV let it sit come back and check it out so in about ten minutes we’re gonna
come back and see what we have and then I think it’s gonna leave some sort of
residue so we’re gonna scrape it off with the razor blade spend just over ten
minutes and I wanted to show you something I was gonna just wipe this up
so when I came back from camera this would look a little cleaner but as soon
as I shut the camera off to go I went and I wipe this with a rag and this is
actually already rubberized like I could not wipe it off so it’s important to not
operate this in direct sunlight I was reading that through two directions even
though I did that I did it really quick and then put the arm I put the plastic
over it so important because it hardens really fast and I guess the UV ray make
this bond so let’s let’s peel off this plastic that it came with and it’s gonna leave some residue on the
glass itself so we’re just gonna scrape off that stuff okay
so my goal is to now go over top to get all this residue stuff off I’ll peel it
off as heat as best I can and for this that’s what the included blade is for
because it’s the glass it’s not supposed to oh it’s not supposed to scratch the
grass glass I’m sorry because these phones are resistant up to certain
sharpness and so this blade included shouldn’t have any issues with that it’s
definitely not as easy as it looks like on the commercial or they just real
quick move some stuff around it’s good to go this is a little effort and gonna
be a little creative to is getting some of this stuff off and the angle you go so I’m gonna do is I want to continue
scraping this off off-camera and I’ll bring it back and we’ll see what it
looks like as far as the scratches it still feels to me like they’re scratches
there but we’ll see what happened if it filled it or not and then if so I’m
gonna come down here to this part what’s a little more scratch but let me scrape
off some of this more off camera I would love to hear from you have you ever
tried to fix your phone the crack on your phone are cracking the screen with
a resin repair for a windshield I would love to know in the comment section
below have you tried that is that something
anyone’s ever sent to you let me know down below it had already filled in two
cracks one here and one here but there’s a really bad one down here in the corner
that I want to get to but I couldn’t figure out how to work with the beveled
corner here so what I do is I have a piece of this plastic taped around the
back I’m gonna put a good healthy bit of this resin on this crack in the corner
and then real quick to see if I can roll this up and around maybe getting a
little more tape on it to hold it and leave it in the Sun or so for the next
15 or 10 or 15 minutes so let’s see don’t work it looks like there’s a bond
right there and that’s what I wanted I wanted that liquid to be right there
holding tight so I think this might work around that edge there at least to fill
the crack so let’s check back in about 15 minutes to see how it does well it’s
been about 15 minutes since I put this resin on here and tape down this patch
let’s peel this off and I mean I definitely can still see a crack my
whole point is will it still feel like a crack or did this fill it up pretty nice
I’m going to take this razor blade and just take off some of this excess resin
and see cuz that’s I think the biggest part will be is if it still feels like a
cracker this stuff sort of like smoothed out even though I could still see a
crack it smoothed out and so therefore it can wait until I replace it and the
next couple months or so alright so I’m going to continue scraping off this and
then I’ll do my final review to see how this resin did fixing the crack on a
cell phone so I was kind of disappointed in the repairing of a crack on your your
phone screen or the glass of your phone with the resin from a windshield repair
kit did it fix the crack like they show on the advertisement absolutely not I
can still see the crack the difference I will tell you is I don’t feel the crack
anymore so I do think the resin may be got in there and bonded to it now there
was that spot in the bottom of her phone that was like a spiderweb crack that is
a lot smoother than it was before before you can almost cut yourself on the
screen so yes it’ll get you through to the next stone upgrade but no this is
definitely not a replacement for replacing the glass or getting a new
phone this this is only gonna bide you some time I was kind of bummed out about
it because I put about three different applications on because it said in the
directions if you don’t first succeed keep trying and so I put it on about
three applications most of which were off camera the hardest part of this
whole thing was scraping off on the accessory
so if you let it sit too long it really builds up and it hardens so you just got
to know that too but also don’t do too quick because it’s still liquidy anyway
this was Jeff with Jeff reviews for you as always I appreciate you stopping by
you know what did you see my windshield repair kit video that’s the video that I
actually bought this stuff for if you haven’t seen it I would love it if you
clicked on this link right up here I’m gonna post it here I would love to see
you over there at my windshield repair kit video see you there

11 thoughts on “Repair cracked phone screen: as seen on TV product cellphone screen repair

  1. I have an idea now , how to fix the cracked screen of my cellphone , by following these simple instructions , I'm quite certain that I would be able to do the job, thanks…

  2. Ok, this cracks me up. AND I don't think your wife should be allowed to have a phone!!! they're too freaking expensive!! Headed for windshield repair kit vid now……… 😀

  3. I have dropped A WHOLE BUNCH of Android phones, thereinby cracking the screens, until 2017, when my cellphone doctor, tired of my strikingly handsome face, recommended a two-piece surround shock case. I've dropped the phones many times since without serious consequence . . .

  4. Jeff another fantastic review brother . Great job showing us this screen repair. Enjoyed the entire video and commercials for instant cash for phones! 😊

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