Laughter is the Best Medicine

Rescuties VR Walk through: Laughing Babies!

Rescuties is a single player game Totally the same difficulty to catch as the others… 2 different modes: Arcade and Free Play Adult drinking game: Every time Danni says “basically” you drink. Danni “basically” count: 2 Danni “basically” count: 3 there are lots of different levels Danni “basically” count: 4 Danni “basically” count: 5 You catch the Babies being thrown out of the building and you have to toss them into an ambulance Danni “basically” count: 6 If they are crying, kiss them to make them happy cookies give you super magnet hands MONSTER BABY! Danni “basically” count: 7 Danni “basically” count: 8 Don’t worry..dropped Babies just bounce…like a ball No she didn’t just eat the Baby. It was a cookie See! They bounce just like a possessed rubber ball Danni “basically” count: 9 Danni “basically” count: 10 Danni “basically” count: 11 Danni “basically” count: 12 Danni “basically” count: 13 wouldn’t recommend the other end Danni “basically” count: 14 Danni “basically” count: 15 Hope you guys enjoyed the video!Subscribe for more

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