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Retirement Home Comedy Show | HERE TO HEAR TOUR #25

– I’m sick of college students, man! With their youth and innocence. Let’s kick it with the OGs today. We’re at a retirement home. (slow techno music) Day 25. We’re here at
a TV station in Dayton doing a morning interview on Fox 45. I woke up late, I kept you guys waiting. My alarm was still set for Central Time, I’m sorry. But we made it. – DJ Demers is an award-winning comedian who’s been featured on
America’s Got Talent and Conan. Now he’s teaming up with
Phonak, a hearing aid provider for the Here To Hear Comedy Tour. All month long, DJ’s been traveling to spread hearing loss awareness to college students through laughter. He is here with us this morning. DJ, thank you so much for being here, we really appreciate it.
– Thank you very much for having me. What’s been really surprising is, at the beginning of my show I’ll say, “Who here wears hearing aids?” And let’s say like five people clap. I’ll be like “Okay, cool, five people.” But then after the
show, another ten people will come up to me and be like, “I actually wear a hearing aid too.” – [Interviewer] Really?
– Yeah, there’s a sense of I know I was a lot more embarrassed about it when I was younger. As I’ve gotten older,
and dare I say, wiser? (interviewer laughs) I’ve become comfortable with them, but I know even when I was
in high school, college, it was a little bit, I
might try to hide them. I think it’s important to
just let everybody know. I think the stat is
maybe one in five people have some sort of hearing
loss, so nobody’s alone in it. I think it’s important
for people to know that, and if I can make people know
that with some silly jokes– – Some laughter and some jokes, all the better, right?
– Yeah. – [Interviewer] DJ, thank you so much for being here this morning.
– [DJ] Thanks for having me. We just got to Akron, Ohio, and I’m sick of college students, man, with their youth and innocence. Let’s kick it with the OGs today. We’re at a retirement home. I’m gonna do a little bit of a comedy show for our senior citizen friends,
and maybe talk to them, learn from them, and I’m excited. By the way, I love college students. I’ve had a good time, but
this is a nice change of pace. So let’s see who we meet! I’m excited to meet some new
friends today. Let’s do it. Hello everybody! – [Senior Citizens] Hello. – How are you? – [Senior Citizens] Fine. – Thank you very much for having me today. What’s a piece of advice you have for me that you maybe wished you had
known when you were my age? – [Beatrice] Always do good
at whatever you do good at. – [DJ] What’s that? – [Beatrice] Whatever you do, do it well. – Whatever you do, do it
well. That’s great advice! Thank you, Bea? That’s your name? – (muffled) – Beatrice. Thank you very much, Beatrice. Whatever you do, do it well.
That’s very nice. Great advice. – [Betty] …one arm, and she’s blonde. Do you know how to get her out of a tree? – How do you get a one-armed
blonde out of a tree? – Wave to her. – Wave to her! (laughs) What’s your name? – Betty. – Betty, thank you very much, Betty. I’m going to end on that. How do you get a one-armed
blonde out of a tree? – I’m happy all my life. – Yeah? Amazing. How old are you, if I may ask? – 81. – 81 years old? Wow. – You’re just a kid. (chuckles) – Yeah, but you know I remember
I was twenty yesterday, and now I’m 31, so I know
how quickly time flies. – You’re 31? – 31. I know time flies quickly, so trying to make the
most out of this life. – Oh yeah. I think you’re great. – You’ll go places.
– Thank you. Thanks for that, I really appreciate it. Very nice to meet you, one more hug? – Okay – Just performed in a retirement home. I can check that off the Bucket List. All sorts of feelings when
I talk to elderly people. I think about my parents, my grandparents, life in general. Feeling
all these emotions. So many sweet people in there. That was a really… I’m getting sappy, but really, that’s gonna be a memory. I’m happy that we did that. I’m very thankful that
everyone was so nice in there. The staff and all of the
lovely people living here. And Betty, with the killer joke! How do you get a blonde
girl out of a tree? Oh, sorry, a one-armed
blonde girl out of a tree? You wave to her. That’s good. That’s better than any of the
crap I was saying. (laughs) Thank you so much to the
Arbors here in Akron, Ohio for taking us in on short notice. It was a really fun, memorable experience. Take care of yourselves and each other. I believe that’s Jerry
Springer’s catchphrase, but it’s mine now. See you later! See you
tomorrow, everybody. Hey, did you like what you just saw? You should subscribe, then. Or you can watch the previous
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