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Rick and Morty 3x08 "Morty's Mind Blowers" - Every Joke You Missed! (Was the Moon Man Real?)

hi I'm Erik Bosse and this is a breakdown of Rick and Morty season 3 episode 8 Morty's mind blowers this was season threes interdimensional cable episode and while not all the bits may have been as memorable this episode was still full of fun subtle Easter eggs and crazy conspiracy theories and real quick big thanks to our friends that quit for sponsoring this video quid is an app that allows you to drag and drop stickers onto text message threads including brick and mortar themed ones more info on that later ok let's get started by talking about the deeper meaning of this episode so Morty's mind blowers presents this premise that all of Morty's darkest memories are wiped from his mind and stored in a vault and won't win the episode they have this key exchange I mean maybe it stopped making so many if I let myself learn from them don't break your back creating a lesson Morty it's a free-form anthology I'm getting annoyed you're not hearing that so this isn't just Rick's commentary on this kind of episode where we shouldn't dig too deep to find meaning from it it's actually a statement about this series as a whole Rick and Morty do not allow themselves to learn last episode I talked about the illusion of change on the show how each episode seems to end with a major breakthrough but it doesn't stick and they're back to where they started the next episode so this is Dan Harmon and Justin roiland critique of the sitcom genre in order to keep the laughs flowing for as many seasons as possible classic sitcom characters never grow or learn from their mistakes the writers instead trap them in an endless cycle of bad behavior now genre wise Rick and Morty is a great sitcom like the others but it goes a step further it explains the cyclical sitcom structure in the universe this episode defines it as a choice made by the characters they trapped themselves in cycles of bad behavior Rick and Morty don't want to learn from their mistakes because their mistakes are too painful they've caused death and suffering for innocent Millions in fact we see how even a mistake as simple as flipping the wrong light switch leads to the deaths of people and then the other side of the galaxy now this episode's thematic ancestors season ones Rick's T minutes aka the first interdimensional Cable in which Rick and Morty laid out what was to me the first clear thesis statement for this series nobody exists on purpose nobody belongs anywhere everybody's gonna die come watch TV and this episode reinforces that idea by ending the episode the same way watching an interdimensional cable for Rick and Morty TV is meant as an escape from real pain true Rick and Morty style there has to be a logical reason for that escape to be possible and in Morty's mind blowers we learned that core life-changing memories being blown from the mind isn't merely a plot hole trope of the sitcom genre it's the life Rick and Morty choose now before the opening credits rig breaks the fourth wall by calling out what this episode is and we'll be doing this instead of interdimensional cable but later in the episode he says this like a clip show made of clips you never saw this is actually a reference to Dan Harmon's previous sitcom community the season 2 episode paradigms of human memory was a clip show featuring clips two episodes that we had never seen before on the show let's break down all of this episode's cultural references and influences in our segment under the influence so Rick's vault has differently colored memories based on who wanted the memory erased blue for Morty red for Rick and purple for the rest of the family in the background there's also a yellow and green vials that we never got to see you may have caught that these are the same five memory colors for the Pixar film inside out and it might be a stretch but it's kind of like the five associated emotions kind of match up here remember blue were for sad memories in here they show up every time Morty is depressed about something that he did read were four angry memories and here they show memories when Rick was really pissed off about something purple were for the fearful memories and maybe in this case they were for Beth and summers fear that Morty will know Beth loves summer more than him and if that holds true for the rest maybe yellow memories are for ones that were too joyful for Morty like ones associated with Jessica and Green could be the ones that were too disgusting associated maybe with like toxic Morty now actually the opening scene contains a few influences as well the design of this whole temple is based on MC Escher's famous print relativity you might also remember that design from the movie labyrinth and yeah the guy chasing them looks a lot like David Bowie's character for that movie but I would say his design seems more influenced by Neil Gaiman's Sandman from the DC Comics now Morty has stolen the tortoise of truth which could be a reference to the deity figure mature in the turtle from Stephen King's novels The Dark Tower series in it this tortoise gives Morty infinite knowledge just like how mature and gives characters divine insight and notice how the tortoise says something to Morty here now if this sounded like reverse audio to you yeah rude so let's actually see what this says backwards I love this that was Justin roiland voice saying I'm a Beatle Paul is dead which is a reference to the famous Beatles Paul is dead conspiracy theory based on John Lennon mumbling some gibberish throughout the White Album at the end of the song I'm so tired you can hear some things being said when you play the audio backwards to some people it sounded like all this dead man missa missa missa me king of conspiracy theories if you look closely at the background of this temple you can see statues and carvings of The Tortoise and it looks like he's holding an all-seeing eye within a triangle which is a symbol that some people associate with the Illuminati now some people are also saying this could be a reference to bill cipher from gravity falls since it appears to have eyelashes gravity falls creator Alex Hirsch tweeted that this wasn't the case because he's not wearing a top hat come on guys let's get real but bill cipher from gravity falls does show up somewhere else this episode one of the memory vials is labeled bill C and another one right next to it is labeled Stanford which is a nod to the full name of Ford Pines and gravity falls now the memory called mortise menagerie is a reference to a classic episode of Star Trek called the caves where an advanced race of aliens called the two oceans trap other species in these cages and force them to mate actually they're round bulbous heads might have been an influence on this light bulb headed dude here he might have actually been inspired by the collector from the Marvel Universe and then this memory turned into an homage to the Jodie Foster movie contact which was actually referenced back in the were lead early episode just like in contact Rick contacts this scientist through a signal to the VLA in New Mexico with instructions to transport herself through a wormhole and then he pretends to be an advanced alien race taking human form forms your mind can accept we thought this might make things easier for you and then this shot of the two scientists holding hands as they look out the window at their doom this is the exact same framing of David Fincher's closing shot of the movie Fight Club next up this Floop Floop Ian's memory ends with him getting hit by a car and his soul being dragged down to his version of Hell which is a reference to the movie ghost [Applause] whoo that is terrifying in a later memory Rick cuts open Bebo so that he and Morty can warm themselves in his guts which is a pretty clear nod to the Empire Strikes Back when Han cuts open the tonton to use its guts to warm Luke now my favorite of these memories is morty walking on the perfectly level surface and then freaking out when he realizes that the rest of the universe is crooked now that phrase lamps to the slaughter is an old biblical and literary term meaning helpless innocence unaware of the horror of their reality roald dahl actually wrote a horror novel with that as a title now in the squirrels memory which I also really loved there's a few influences here now that is a reference to dr. Dolittle a movie about a scientist who can understand animals Morty also briefly whistles the theme of the movie the bridge on the river kwai and the way the hordes of squirrels line up menacingly around the garage visually recalls the iconic image of Alfred Hitchcock's the birds like Morty with the squirrels the birds gradually assemble around the target and prepare to attack now one of the quick montage memories shows Morty as a ghost while Rick searches for him he's wearing a proton pack here which is a reference to Ghostbusters and the interdimensional cable show they watched is a parody of the HG TV show house hunters but in this version houses our actual creatures that are literally being hunted and of course the post-credits scene with Morty and his friends on bikes trying to send Cobo to his own planet is a reference to ET the extra-terrestrial now of course there's one big memory that I'm skipping over and it's because I found it to be really weird moon spirit see now there are two things that I found interesting about this one I think it could be a reference to the classic Twilight Zone episode nightmare at 20,000 feet we're like Morty a character spots this creepy figure that no one else believes exists but I also think there's a lot more to this guy but before I get to that theory we got to pay the bills real quick and thank our friends from kwid for sponsoring this video long as we probably couldn't even do this stuff for you guys quid is an app where you can collect cool stickers cards and Funko figures for free all on your phone if you use emojis and stickers when you text your friends quit as thousands of free stickers that you can't find anywhere else from shows like the just release Game of Thrones Rick Morty's Steven universe Bob's Burgers Powerpuff Girls and Family Guy cult hits like Breaking Bad and Star Trek and for games like five nights at Freddy's and fallout it's easy you can drag and drop these stickers on iMessage look Rick's yelling my texts and if you collect Funko pop figures quit has those too now some of these stickers cards and toys are super rare and hard to get so good luck but good news is you can meet cool people on QuIDD look at their collections and trade with them just as easily and as quickly as chatting with each other there's also a new feature you can showcase suit collection by adding stickers to images you already have in a camera roll just look over at your profile to have an iOS new stickers cards and figures that you can collect for free are released every day including the surprise big news show that's coming soon ok let's get back to this guy mr. Lumis now the end of the memory makes it seem like Morty's seen him on the moon was really just a smudge on the telescope lens but there are a lot of mysterious clues around the guy that tell a different story so let's activate the theory time okay so first obvious clue notice how his name is mr. Lunas modified form of the word lunar as in related to the moon but then a little less obvious notice when Morty initially sees him mr. Lunas has a shadow on the moon now if he was just a smudge he wouldn't have a shadow here right now you could say this shadow is just Morty's mind playing tricks on I'm sure but look at Lunas his license plate SAT f1 v3 I'm thinking that could be a reference to these Saturn 5 those are the Rockets that took the NASA astronauts to the moon and then finally mr. Luna says house number is 3 7 now 237 is a meaningful number it's a reference to these shining room 237 is the name of the room in the Overlook Hotel that Danny is warned to never go into it's where Jack encounters the ghost of the nude woman room 237 is also the name of a documentary about the shining where a bunch of film theorists share their nutty interpretations of the film including one that claims the shining contains subliminal messages from Stanley Kubrick that he faked the moon landing in 1969 see where I'm going this Oh No ok I think what Morty perceived was real and I think it was evidence of a conspiracy that in the 60s Rick helped NASA faked the moon landing using his friend Lunas who's some kind of being that doesn't breathe oxygen just think about it Rick confessed to editing memories later on in this episode so maybe he killed Lunas and covered it up as a suicide and we know from past episodes that Rick's mind does occasionally drip to NASA astronauts it's probably a bad time to mention it but any astronauts you guys had an orbiter definitely dead okay okay these things are probably not connected but I like to think the writers left us all open-ended enough to make this bullshit possible either way I think we could all agree that it would have been nice to hear goodbye moon man playing during this guy's funeral actually speaking of goodbye moon man let's point out all of this episode series continuity references in our segment callbacks okay so there are a few callbacks to Morty's dog snuffles from the first season the portrait of snuffles in the house shows up the background behind Morty when he looks through the telescope and then later one of the memories shows Morty's head-on snuffles body also the Collector's menagerie cages are filled with miserable callbacks a few of them are these same alien races as Rick's buddies from Rick's II business there's a couple of them including the Trev lorkans also if you look closely there are a few female gazorpazorp osorb and if you look really closely for just a few frames you can barely make out a few weary looking mr. meeseeks in another cage Oh II look at them now summers band NERD friend Nancy makes another cameo in the post-credits scene and earlier there's a quick cameo by mr. poopy butthole who's briefly seen proposing a Morty now that post-credits scene was one of Jerry's wiped memories which instead of the color-coded vials they take the form of these old tapes and notice the other memories in their capital campaign and sleepy Gary those are callbacks to Jerry's failed Apple advertising campaign and season ones and night some aliens and his imaginary affair with sleepy Gary in season two's Total Recall now earlier I pointed out the gravity falls Easter eggs with the memory labels there's actually a lot of other stuff happening here so let's point out all these other subtle animation details and hour segments zoom in enhance okay so all of these labels have dumb names on them including a few hidden Dickey's here like balls and tit one of them just says the word virginity and notice I would say read Rick removed memory which is kind of messed up because why would Rick want morty losing his virginity to be removed Oh God that could be gross now there are also a few little throwaway details like principal vagina doodlee and stick figures in his planner and then a pizza Friday poster in the NASA office and then the grocery store that about to go shopping in called vomits grocery but here notice this Mexican restaurant jong-kook oh this is actually a real-life Mexican restaurant in Burbank it's not too far from the Adult Swim office so it's very possible that roylene and the other riders eat at that place and then decided to animate it into the show and then let's pause on that list of instructions that some are read to restore Rick and Morty's memories notice the last one when Rick and Morty awake leave the room and I like how the end of this episode pays that off with Rick and Morty custody now it's over for no reason it's like Rick knew how much of an asshole they would be when they woke up and if summer left the room is instructed she would have avoided that okay coming out of zooming enhance I want to point out a few more details that I really liked this episode first notice when Rick makes fun a break for saying it as take things for granted it's granted with addy take things for granted did you actually think it was Jesus Christ Rick what are you a boulder a rock person this is actually kind of a callback to the first time rock people came up this episode just our luck menagerie beneath the boulder people of granite or seven there was also the closing line of the episode no wonder you're constantly fighting with each other and behind schedule what nothing this is kind of a meta joke about that rumor that the reason rick and morty season three was delayed was that harmon in royland were fighting which wasn't true and then there was this interesting moment at the end of the squirrel story you fucked with squirrels Morty we got a good five minutes before they're backing up on our ass Morty we need to pack up and move to a new reality Morty you know we said we could only do that a couple of times pause so this is interesting up until now we assume that Rick and Morty only swapped into a new reality one time after Cronenberg in their homes c-137 dimension but now it appears to have happened at least one other time so this definitely supports the theory that i brought up in the last breakdown that the visiting rick and morty from the citadel just then realized where our rick and morty were after rick killed the council of ricks and even though in season one the council still knew where rick was after the swath in rick potion number nine when they showed up in clothes for counters with rick kind now that we know he swapped another time that may mean that he's gone back into hiding since that encounter which of Morty's my what was your favorite let me know in the comments below or by tweeting me at ei vas and subscribe to new rockstars and because we love you guys so much and because you were nice enough to stick around to the end of the video we're gonna do a giveaway Rick and Morty Funko pop vinyl figures follow us on Twitter and share this video on Twitter with the hashtag new wick stars and we'll pick a couple of you at random and send you guys a free Rick and Morty Funko pop vinyl figure so there you go tweet away thank you so much for watching bye

42 thoughts on “Rick and Morty 3×08 "Morty's Mind Blowers" – Every Joke You Missed! (Was the Moon Man Real?)

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  2. There is a reference to a acher when rick shots Jerry in the head that is the opening scene of acher season 10 episode 1

  3. What if every Time they showed an episode if interdimentional tv IT was the Aftermath of a scenario 4?

  4. What if the virginity memory was a callback to the episode with the sex robot and having an alien kid?

  5. Why do you always talk about the Illuminati like it doesn’t actually exists like their existence isn’t fact?

  6. My favorite was the "Take things for granite." Mind bender. I cant stand when i hear a song or person say "Take things for granite." It pisses me off to no end. Lol.

  7. Even the creater doesn't know why people look so deep into things 😂 it's just a cartoon. Yes entertaining. But not much to look into.

  8. "This was season 3's-" Pauses at 0:07 Morty: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! (I don't know how I did it, but I paused it when it was transitioning, & it was horrifying..)

  9. I thought this was supposed to be all the jokes we supposedly "missed" from that episode? All he's doing is going over the episode stating the obvious.

  10. Evil Morty teams with Bill to fight Stanford Stanley and Dipper and Mabel and waddles and Rick and Morty and snowballs would be a great crossover

  11. i remember being hype for interdimensional cable only for them to end up doing morty's mind blowers
    it made rick's statement "we're doing this instead" extra funny

  12. “ one of them just says virginity, and notice how it’s a red rick vial?” i’m- oh- i- ooooo weeee :/

  13. also, i'm gonna say the "house hunters" interdimensional cable episode is a 50/50 house hunters/duck hunters hybrid.

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