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31 thoughts on “Rick and Morty "Pickle Rick" – Every Joke You Missed! 3×03 Breakdown

  1. STOP trying to analyse Rick.! Hé is beyond something ordenary as therapy.. He is what some of us want to be. As a functionnig alcoholic with a craving for lawlesness, I can relate… Without the cool inventions of course. btw, other people ARE useless and without purpus, so what's the big deal about wasting a planet, filled with them.?!

  2. In the first evil morty episode in the panels showing the murdered ricks, one had his head shoved in a toilet

  3. Hey just saw this video and im sorry if anyone already said it here, but i think that "jaguar is reason why morty doesnt go to the therapy" in post-credit scene is reference to rick/jaguar conversation in the helicopter so jaguar is the hero of the day! 😅

  4. I didn't "miss" any of these "jokes." In fact, I didn't see them as jokes, but as just another episode.

  5. They don't go to therapy because they rely on a dues ex machina (jaguar) because life is just easier that way. Less work, like dr.wong suggested.

  6. So rick can take over the agency in like Russia or whatever as a pickle without limbs yet he can’t make his own sezchwan sauce…

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