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Ridiculous Gift Wrapping Challenge

( fire roars ) Now, I’m a very big believer in the gift bag because, A) I’m not very good
at wrapping gifts, and B) when you give somebody
a gift in a gift bag, they get two gifts–
the gift and the bag. Well, that is going to set
you up for failure, sir, because this is
a gift-wrapping challenge. Oh, as if you’re
a great gift wrapper? When was the last time you
wrapped a gift that wasn’t on this show? Well, I’m not a believer
in bags. – I’m just saying.
– Okay. So we’re going to see who can wrap presents
the best. We’re going to be given
random items, and then Stevie
is going to come in and judge
who did the better job. The loser
at the end of this thing has to be turned
into a human present. – Oh, come on.
– Hello, gentlemen. Hello, Stevie, judge. You see before you two items that may be hard
for you to wrap. or will they be hard
for you to wrap? – About to find out.
– That is the question. Okay. Now, that cacti
are different, I will say. Yeah, mine’s–
it looks more difficult, but– Mine looks very pettable, – but then when I touch it…
– Mm-mm. …it’s, like, dangerous.
– Don’t touch it. – That’s ill advised.
– Don’t touch it. I’m going to leave you guys. You’re going to access
these items behind you, wrap these to the best
of your ability. Then I’m gonna pop over
on the other side of you, surprise you,
and judge the heck out of you. – Are you ready?
– Yep. Okay, on your mark,
get set, go. Ow! I’m trying to get
the top on this– – Stevie: All right.
– That looks really,
really good. I’m back.
I have emerged. – Hello–
– Stop! Stop, Link! All right, mine… ( sighs ) Mine’s ready. I feel like I need
a little, um… Oh, I didn’t even notice that. I need a little explanation, maybe a one-liner
from you both about what
your inspiration was Rhett, if you’d like
to go first… What I thought
was a really good idea was to go with the green– I see that Link followed suit– because I wanted people to know what their– I like to give
people a little clue. with what they’re gonna–
what they’re gonna get. So I went with green,
but I was like but hey,
it’s still Christmas. This could clearly be
a birthday present. This is obviously
a Christmas present. – And then–
– Wrap it up. I left this little flap just so you can know
where to pull from. I think he’s trying
to account for the fact that he exposed the underside
of wrapping paper, which is a big no-no. I don’t need to tell
you that. It’s a pull-tab, Link. Now, mine– It’s interesting. You said you wanna give people
a hint ’cause that was exactly
my thought, was I wanted mine
to look like a cactus… – Yeah.
– …on the outside… – Mm-hm.
– …and then when
you unwrapped it, and you’re like,
“Ooh, I hope it’s a cactus ’cause it did look like one,
then it is one. I don’t think there’s
any guesses. You know you’re getting
a plant here. There’s dirt exposed. I was– the key to mine
being great is the ease with
which you can unwrap it. – All you gotta do is that.
– Ooh. And then it’s–
And then it’s done. Oh, you wanna see how easy
it is to pull my tab. Look, you can even re-wrap it
and re-gift it. Yes, we will make unwrapping
also a part of this. Watch this. Look. Look how easy
you can re-wrap it.
and re-gift it. Well, watch this, Link. You just tell a small child,
“Pull that tab.” And they–
And then they get to come back. Okay, no holds barred, Stevie.
Let us know. – And for– It’s that easy.
– I… I know every decision
I make is going to be
highly controversial, but, Link, I’m going to have
to give this round to you. – Oh, come on.
– I felt like your artistic interpretation really– really nailed it. Oh! Okay, guys, I’m sure
you really don’t know what is underneath
Chase and I right now, but it’s your next item
you have to wrap. – I can see it.
– Okay, fine. It’s a fully
put-together puzzle. Oh, I got a sea turtle. I got puppies. Puppies. This is–
This is challenging.
I can see. Yes, the challenge
is to not un-piece the puzzle. I don’t know how well you’re
going to do with that part, but you know what? I believe in you, and we’re going to start
the time right now. Where’s my tape? Somebody tell me wh– Where’s my tape? Did you take my tape? No. All right, guys. Link? He took my tape, Stevie. Say “Time,” Stevie! I think it’s time, Link.
Link– Link. – No. No.
– Yeah. Judge him first.
Judge the cheater first. But you’re still wrapping
your gift. Oh, come on.
This is taking extra time. – Okay, so this is–
– Done! Okay. So there’s a test
that we need to do here. So we’re going to go
with the unwrapping again. – Oh.
– But in this unwrapping, I want to see how intact
your puzzles are… – Okay.
– …after you unwrap. – So, Rhett.
– All right. The first thing
that you have to do is you have to remove
all the ribbons, which is just easy as… ( laughter ) – Now that’s–
– How do you transport… You gotta admit
that’s pretty slick. And then the next thing
you know is that mine is taped–
( laughing )
to the table because that’s the
key to keeping it stable. That’s a little rhyme
that my mama taught me. “The key to keeping it stable”– Oh, gosh. – Oh.
– Um… What happened? Rhett: Ignore it. As you can see– Really the reason is that
you do this is because you wanna tell the kid, “Hey, I got you a puppy puzzle.” And then they’re like,
“But what do I do with that?” I’m like,
“You add the second puppy.” Stevie: Got it. – Okay, Link?
– ‘Cause what– Really, what is the point in giving somebody
a completed puzzle, right? You’re siding with Rhett
in this one. Yeah, don’t be– You better be careful ’cause I think yours
is probably intact. Oh, yeah, so okay, so… this is how you open it. – Okay.
– You just pull here. Did you tape to your puzzle?
Yep. – Okay.
– There’s a– Oh, see that comes off. But what’s the–
What’s the fun in that? Right there.
That’s it. – Wow.
– Boom. One piece missing.
I left one piece and a little bit
of stuff-stuff-stuff. – Yeah, me–
– For the something-something. All you gotta do is flip… Stevie, what’s the most
satisfying part of making
a puzzle? – Yeah, I–
– Putting on the last piece. Or when you can’t find
the last piece, – which I’m afraid that, um…
– ( gasps ) – Here it is.
– Okay. – And then that’s what–
– So you purposely did
that part. Yeah, I did that purposely
so that you, Judge Stevie, ’cause this gift is for you,
by the way. – Thank you.
– I wanted you to have
this puzzle – Okay…
– …and I wanted you to
experience the funnest part, – …This is really–
– …which is– – This is inappropriate.
– You completed this puzzle. You did it. I haven’t done anything
to appeal directly to you. I’m just appealing
to the general masses. and trying
to teach kids lessons. My puzzle is completely intact. I– I’m gonna have to give it
to Link again. – No-huh-huh!
– I’m sorry. You know what?
I’ll make the third round
worth two points. – Oh, so I can tie?
– Yeah. Guys, I have some bad news. It was the overwhelming opinion
of the crew that you both cheated
and are cheaters. Oh, I cheated
when he stole my tape? Well, you went past the time. You just kept going
even when she showed up, man. You’re both in the wrong. I’ll be in the wrong as well. Uh, so this round is,
it’s sudden death. Whoever gets this round,
gets the whole thing. That’s fair. And I personally think
it’s the best round yet because it’s
the most delicious round yet. It’s just chocolate pudding, catch being that
you can’t use this bowl. So please dump your pudding– I don’t think I’ve ever said
that before– and do with it
what you would like. It’s just loose pudding. It’s just loose pudding. Beginning… right now. – I love pudding.
– Most resilient… That is good. Think this is going to help
absorb some of the pudding. Stevie: Ooh… Five, four, three, two, one… – Time!
– Whoo! Boom! Having a little trouble
over there, Neal. Well, it’s all about the angle
that you look at it at. – ( chuckling )
– Now, that’s the angle. That looks like something
I would not want to touch on Christmas morning. All right, we’re going to do
a little roleplay here. Okay. So if you were– You’ve got it all over
your face as well. Okay. This is Christmas morning. Rhett, you will be playing
the child receiving this gift. – Yeah.
– Please begin. ( high voice )
Hey, Dad! Jiggly. ( deep voice )
That’s right, Son. – Can I play both characters?
– Yes, yes. ( deep voice )
That’s right, Son.
You just need a little knife. Or scissors. You know how
we let you play with those. ( high voice )
What do I do with it, Dad? ( deep voice )
You puncture it
in the side, Son. And then what do I do, Dad? You squeeze it
into your mouth, Son. Dad, it’s not coming. Well, you gotta
hit it again, guy. Uh-oh, uh-oh. Now you squeeze
it in your mouth, Son. There’s no pudding in there.
Is there? – ( grunting )
– There’s no frickin’ pudding. There it is. I love you, Dad! You’re the best dad. ( spits ) ( grunting ) Oh, gosh! I still love you, Dad. – Okay.
– Still love you, Dad. All right. Okay, Link. Your… turn. Hey, Dad. Hey, Dad,
can I open this present first? That’s right, Son.
You can open this one first. All you gotta do
is pick it up. Then you take your knife. – No, no, no, no.
– Then you just… go through there and then… ( Rhett laughing ) Then you pull bows out. ( as father )
Pull your bows out… Son. Then you just… There we go. Stevie:
Okay, okay… Kind of
a different experience. Thanks, Dad. You shouldn’t have. – Oh.
– Uh… All right. – It’s–
– I think– It’s what I always wanted. Well, Rhett, I think– I think you won. Hey! Whoo! – Congratulations.
– But I had a lot of fun. Yeah, you did. No, don’t do that. Oh. Oh! Oh, gosh, Link. Well, she is wearing
a leather jacket. It’s okay.
Okay. It’s pudding-proof. So I’m gonna wrap you up
in “Good Mythical More.” Thank you for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. You know what time it is. – I’m Jamie.
– And I’m J.B. And we’re in
New Bremen, Ohio, in front of the world’s
largest pumpkin pie pan. And I just dominated
the pie-eating contest. And it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. – Oh, yeah!
– That’s a big pie pan. Remember, click the bottom link
to watch this episode from the beginning. And click the top link to watch us turn me into a human Christmas present in “Good Mythical More.” And to find out
where the Wheel of Mythicality is going to land.

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  1. I would have put tape on the entire top part of the puzzle that is already put together. then once the top part is taped I would have flipped it over and put tape on the back side to keep it put while I wrap it up.

  2. Link- Oh thanks Dad! You shouldn't have! Dad- Yeah… Looking at the mess you made opening the gift filled with pudding, I really shouldn't have…

  3. Heres what ya gotta do with the cactus; wrap the pot with the paper all the way up and take the excess into a little twist with a bow 😛 like a wine bottle 😂

  4. On the last round when Stevie said “go right now” I got this ad that was like “LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!”

  5. I just want to say link def didn’t cheat Rhett stole his tape probs on purpose and link deserved the extra time because that isn’t fair

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