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RLcraft Setup Guide [Premium & Cracked] | Minecraft [German + English Subtitles]

hello and welcome to the full
set up guide by RLcraft. I’m trying to be brief so I possible
little of your time rob. have a few days ago seen this video “The hardest minecraft modpack you ever play” and yes 1.7 million calls within ten
days at a youtuber of only 170 has a thousand subscribers
I think that was fine with the community is on. is a little video
so if you look at that when you are 13 minutes of food watching you
the video on. really recommendable. there is also on
a little bit on a few things with it you are not completely lost in the beginning. Yes
how to install the whole one bit tricky. I have a little bit for
that’s why hey thought come on make a video maybe
not so stupid. yes, let’s start with the whole
nonsense we need to download so if you do not have minecraft because you
that … no idea because you do not have the 25 euro For example, you can do this here
download for free. you either give her one minecraft team extreme then comes
your first here on such a website where he is then the team extreme launcher
or I can download would recommend this directly
Count down the te underlined minecraft.jar or alternatively you can also titan
enter launcher minecraft. is in the the same principle I think so yes
also have their own website. is hopped like jumped
or you can upload it to a down and here it is similar.
download one of the two things here this one.
but everything is pretty similar, pretty much the same. does not play any
role. So, next you give in google forge and then RLcraft so
reallife craft translates. and that’s how the page looks now
from forge. they’re twitch with one cooperation
and up here you can then from the Description rider on the files
Change rider and yes here is only the install button.
that sucks. you need twitch for that. for this you need the real minecraft. in
In my case that is more of the download button. takes a bit
I believe, what do I know, 140 megabytes. yes, we’ll leave that here for now
open because here are a few below important things we need later.
so then we still need optifine. optifine simply serves for
improvement of minecraft or too that we’ll do a shader later
So that we can shadow so beautiful have and so. yes just type in optifine and go to the optifine website. here we go to downloads and
It is important here already we will pick the right version and that
RLcraft is currently at 1.12.2 that’s why we go here at optifine
down. 1.12.2 and here on download. so have I already forge now? no shit! Ehh forge, without RLcraft. forge minecraft. there, we need that too I forgot, sorry. minecraft forge on it here we could now the latest download version. that would not be smart.
that is 1.14.4 Here we give 1.12, 1.12.2 and there
can one then the latest version download
either installer or windows installer just do it fast
I forgot. so here on installer clicked. to keep. The jar is here. Okidoki. so next we need chroma hills. chroma hills is the texture pack, which is used in the video. is also really beautiful nice texture pack
just type in chromahills that have a separate website.
Zack and then you can here the whole Download. can one for 1.14
download we need the 1.12 variant. simply v2.0
so next we need SEUS. SEUS stands for sonic ethers unbelievable
shaders and they also have their own website.
just clicked on it. dingderingderingderingding downloads.
here are different things. we take just renewed. the first thing offered.
joar clicked on download here, then
he invites that down. that is not much 7 megabyte and lastly I mean it is
actually clear: who minecraft has the also needs java. if you do not have java yet
have, download the java JRE ever after the 64 bit or 32 bit what you for
have a computer. if you do not you want to look it up
control panel and then system and then underneath system and then here should be
stand system type 64 bit. so smaller rapidly scrolling.
Now we have all the stuff downloaded. I’ll do the browser.
just one more thing to get the I forgot here. exactly Forge.
sp, that’s all our files now up here, which we downloaded.
do not be deterred by mine weird clanlogo here. first
let’s start the minecraft.jar. so I Now suppose that you are not
minecraft on your pc and so we have can also make the case easy then
you enter either windows + r and here can you then explorer.exe is if you
Explorer has agreed and him again would like to do.
I do that sometimes if my games Somehow slow, I turn off the explorer. Here you can enter a% appdata% or if that is yours is stupid, so with me it is me
just have the in organize in folder and search options can be seen below
Show hidden folders below instead of not displaying press.
that will then become one also hidden folders like this one
programdata folder displayed in the main directory or just one of your users
the appdata folder. and in this appdata folder is the roaming folder and in there is
. minecraft hides in there but goes also enter with windows + r and then% appdata%. is the same. then we have our .minecraft here
folder. We’ll delete it now. do I do that? Will I do that with me? mhhh already done oa no matter come on shit on it I delete the now it will be deleted here
540 megabytes away. that’s how we start this minecraft.jar here
that is now the team extreme minecraft.jar that’s that. Ne titan minecraft sooorryyy
launcher. Here you can now simply yours Entering names is not really important
why the buttons are off so are not Hidden here is options and there
is play I’m doing options here
Here we will log in with it myself not just have to re-register and play
now it’s down here on the right ready and wants minecraft 1.14.4
start. that’s shit because we need it 1.12.2. 1.12.2 selected, once up
play, now he just loads the normal
minecraft down for 1.12.2 and start that. and that’s a good thing. because we have to do that first
in principle, we go forge and then later than optifine and the whole
Other things. Let’s go through it for a moment. so 2 minutes later. minecraft has
downloaded now. was now started. minecraft 1.12.2 all right
and here we can actually do not do anything yet. can we
actually to do again. so as next we have our normal
minecraft to a forge minecraft do.
for that we double click on the forge.jar and then this opens
small windows. just install here client is already selected this is
also the right path .minecraft im roaming folder on ok.
that should be relatively fixed. not. blah blah blah blah successfully installed.
it’s good. so now we have minecraft forge. if we are now
then double click on minecraft we should be purely theoretical in ours
launcher not only the profile default but also have the profile forge.
we can pick and jump now he automatically entered the version here altogether
at the bottom of the list. at the bottom of the list is not the normal 1.12.2 but the forge 1.12.2. so important now before we do that otherwise forget later scary
let’s go to the profile editor up here and then we click here forge.
double click. edited now in principle because of the attitudes that he has when he starts forge. and here it is important that we are at the bottom
at jvm argument. we do that. and here instead of 1g 4g. So you can then
make even more pure but 4g is perfectly adequate, too
Meanwhile, everyone is installed in his pc safe profile.
that’s it now we can do that start all over again.
he still downloads some languages all good lasts a bit longer now.
of course, forge has to be at the beginning of his load your own nonsense again.
is now started here we see below left for some reason he has now
already loaded four mods and it is me have no mods installed so synonymous
a display error completely obviously.
No. the phone … well so here the mod that you see yourself is only minecraft
in itself coderpack, modloader or something. away with it. so then we can do it all
close again. and continue with the next one
installation what are we going to do with it? here we go
continue with the RLcraft pack. if we open with winrar. then anyway dumdidum
so here are all these beautiful things and the whole folder here
We’ll tackle them all now into the app data folder purely so jonas
appdata her name is probably or what
always roaming and then in the minecraft folder and there you click
Just enter the minecraft folder and say OK
and then he comes to blabla wanted to override that yes everything
overwrite so finished.
we close that again. now we have In principle, RLcraft completely installed
So far we have everything in it then that will stretch out everything
works smoothly we take the opti fine and copy
they also throw them in the folder windows %appdata%
then this folder goes on again minecraft and here in mods we put the optifine.jar inside. he also is in there now
among these thousands of other mods as These are all things to do with the motto
so Far so good. now we can start MC again so we always start here with this minecraft.jar .the other things here will be all irrelevant later. thaaat
could take a while because he loads these 125 mods the first time.
everything has to load and so we look that works as well as an eternity
later as you can see, they do not see anything
now after a bit so at It took me a while to see him
now the thing has started so 20 seconds, I have to wait for her
the minecraft window opened now we see here now that he
loads the 125 mods into MC and hopefully also optifine.
so much later that it’s the old one storyteller became too stupid and you got one
had to hire a new one now Minecraft finished loading and we can
recognize running down here forge and optifine are loaded We also look it up in the list
Really a lot of mods when we do that start now then that would actually
everything already works problem is just we have now
still no shaders and no small ones no texturepack we have the whole
so a little bit more beautiful by us click options and resource pack
open source pack folder and now he has the ressourcepack folder here where i put chromahills into then made new again
then we have the pack once here on the case
then wait and then after ten seconds 15 seconds then that out
beautiful we need something like that now
we still need the shader shader stage
would because exactly for the shader we give on video
settings and then down here Shaders
Here we can go back to the shader open folder and here we throw
now simply the seus renewed 1.00 in tap directly again
click on it once and click only once and then just wait otherwise
it takes even longer once clicked on
then here too let’s see full screen Now lets go inside of Olga LOL. I’m curious that
of course works on the first start with a bit longer now
Clearly I mean with the whole resource packs and nonsense and mods
logical because it was still mega the LAGGY i hope u have a better pc than me oh yes mousesense for shooter players aswell shit
welcome a beautiful minecraft is not pretty right next to it
some water castle on. OH NO Monster forcing me to run to her this world is deadly AF he kills me is already experienced as
dangerous i do not know how to look can defend against it
who do not look or so fast still growing dead
yes yes, have fun playing a lot HAVE FUN YOUR PRESSSPANPLATTE^^ my wife
to mi

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  1. The mods folder from Rlcraft download didn't have anything other than memory_expo folder and # LibLoader.jar.

    EDIT: I downloaded the server version and copied the mods from that onto my game and it worked!

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