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Roasting A Convicted Murderer | Andrew Schulz | Stand Up Comedy

how you guys doing how long you guys been together two years is it going well you still rubbing your back that means he likes you or you guys are in a fight the home ec home two years what you pissed off at him about what he did what do you do brought you to this comedy show with 14 people yeah yeah oh we got a real one oh it's going down okay go what happened okay good go and you better tell your story like a man don't do it like a woman I like this okay okay you did that on purpose you all right I need to understand your life no more guys I'm sorry I asked this question but we gotta go you just got done renovating your place renovating a truck you can you can do that I need I thought trucks just come how they come I thought that's how you renovate the truck what do you do to it well you didn't have to get all dangerous about a shithouse that's first of all second of all you probably did jail but renovated motherfucker sucks our connection listen breaking the stealing is our enemy I thought you wanted one less window in your truck okay so you renovate the truck you put what okay that's different remodel is different this may put eight years in prison and you gonna throw his fucking screen and he's still rubbing your back like that this means a scene you know how hard you had to fight to have dudes not rub his back all eight years just like when I get out I'm gonna renovate the fuck out of this top number one we're back you already found this green I don't even know what a screen is what is this green in a car I thought that's for your home you guys know the screen is what is it guys I have 30 mate of yours first of all you have way too many valuables for a felony okay is this white privilege your fucking house I want to be a white felon bro what's up come out the brand new suburban some scoring hole full of screens your girl tears it up so you how long you been out two years [Applause] the black people so proud see all these white people like what the fuck you do to get in there wanna fuckin hole that's meant for there none of that launch it when he came over when the Nina the Pinta the Santa Maria he colonized this great country you think you are you're gonna Jack the screen alright what'd you do to get in there fucking crazy shit or what how crazy are we gonna get I'm tired of hiked about it so here's where we go with this question if it's fucked up but you don't tell us we're gonna assume the worst thank you lady right so we have to find a way to navigate detention I kind of love 2:10 shit okay what you guys shut up you do not build for this moment right now this is new to goofy but this moment right now you can see you soon your killer watch fucking everybody you need to take a deep breath bro we're having a headlock right now Sugar's ask them I don't want to do this all right back back rub his lower back how do we do it okay all right let's think about how we do this I know I know I know I know now you're making it seem crazy okay okay let's do it like this okay okay okay we're not gonna find out the exact thing I kind of like everybody thinking of crazy okay yeah okay for you why listen if you're not afraid of tearing up his house right you're not afraid of nothing this I know for a fact you're a brave woman but this is just this is just goofy I think I got it ready all right three guesses ready number one ready I got this shit I got this shit ready taking pictures of girls feet I'm just guessing the shit that would get me in jail all right number two number two collusion with Russia [Laughter] damn I thought I had that one oh I gotta go higher I'm ready for it I got this one you ready for it I got this one you ready for it you know you go ready for it all right ready here it is what okay definitely not okay okay I got this I got this I got this that one ain't ain't no do nothing for you okay okay okay I got this one all right ready you you tried to pay admission at the st. Louis Zoo no that type of guy you are probably trying to remodel that shit too I know who you are now do you want to tell us or not don't she don't want it but we all want to know fighting ok like a bad assault all right good I'll leave it at that well fine we all know what it is but don't you know God say now we all know what it is you know you should move over [Laughter]

41 thoughts on “Roasting A Convicted Murderer | Andrew Schulz | Stand Up Comedy

  1. He clearly wasn't comfortable saying it so Andrew did some dumb guessed to keep it relaxed alot of respect

  2. The only remodeling getting done in prison is some anal remodeling from your friendly neighborhood Tyrone

  3. I’m calling bullshit. Classic macho alpha male bullshit trying to scare the comedian who is making the whole room laugh at his expense.

  4. he brought the prison sentence to look tough, he didnt knwo he was about to make a fool of himself. go back to prison tough guy. here, u are the weaker man

  5. Well he said 8 years, the title said he’s a convicted murderer. A close friend of mine was shot in the back of his head and the killer only did 7 years…so sounds about right….only the killer was a black dude and killed my white friend….sssooo black privilege is real.

  6. If y'all ever see me in jail just know my phone is STACKED! STACKED! 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. Before the guy said what he "did" I genuinely thought this was going to be Andrew's last stand-up. If you kept roasting and drilling into him, I actually think he would have either killed or fucked you up.

    At least you moved the pressure away from him though. It woulda been a bad time if the whole thing was just focused on him.

  8. I've seen this guys comedy alot recently .I'm deffinately not hating on him,but I don't get his feels forced, I would have to be drunk to find him funny.that fake laugh though.yup gotta stop watching this.getting a massive headache

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