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Roblox: BROKEN BONES 3 – Cracking up! [Annoying Orange Plays]

(electronic dance music) (laughs) Hey yo, it’s back again
with another game video. Hey there, midget guy. Okay. You’re just protecting- Okay, whatever. We’re playing Roblox, once again. Broken Bones 3. Look at that, I’m level one. Let’s see what’s okay,
go in the Forest Flight. Thank goodness in real life,
I don’t have any bones, so I can’t break them. It’s all right. I’m doing all right. I’m full of puppy goodness. Okay. Whoah, this looks like
it’s gonna be a blast. (laughs) Get it? Cause it’s a cannon. Okay, use W and S keys
to adjust the cannons. Hold left-click to build pressure. Something like this? Wha-What? Oh. (laughs) I didn’t do it very well. Three ligaments sprain,
three joints disclocated. Oh, that doesn’t sound very good. Okay, let’s time it a
little bit better this time. Overload, oh yeah, that’s how you do it. Oh yeah, oogie. Oh, two bones broken. (laughing) Wow, Orange, you really
can’t catch a break. What are you doing? Looks like he’s throwing a temper tantrum! (laughs) Alright, let’s do it again! You got this! Oh, yeah, that’s much
better! Way up in the air! I can – (screams) Okay, five bones broken. Make like a tree and break your back. (laughs) Wait, what? Okay, $152, that sounds pretty good! I like the fact that you’re paying me for breaking my own bones. What does that guy have in the corner. Ooh! You look weird. Let’s do it again! (explosion) Woohoo! Yeah, soaring through the air – (grunts) Orange can’t have kids anymore. (laughs) Five bones broken! Ooh I have a thousand dollars. That means I can buy the Rocky Road. ♫ I love Rocky Road ♫ ♫ So have another trip of scoop with me ♫ Yeah! Okay, let’s do this. (explosion) Woah! Look out, Orange! (laughs) Oh, that didn’t rock. Actually, it did! Yeah! Five bones broken again. I gotta do better. Okay, let’s lower it down
a little bit then – brah! Wow! Yes! Full force! (laughs) I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. (laughs) You’re dancing buddy? (laughs hard) Yeah! I love it! I love it when he lands on the ground and just keeps dancin’. Okay let’s see how high I can go! Woohoo! 90 meters high! That’s pretty good. Oh oh, coming down fast. (screams, laughs) I only broke one bone? (laughs) Pretty sure it was my funny bone! (laughs) Spin it to win it, Orange! Yeah, lookin’ good. Six bones broken. $172, I’ll take it. Give me that money, honey! Alright, just keep
giving me those upgrades. $2000 for the Ice Paradise. Sure is nice. Don’t give
me the cold shoulder! Here we go, you ready? (screams) Oh oh! (crack noise) (laughs) Yeah! Oh, yeah! Oh, come on! Give me some mo’. Wow. He’s just dancing on that. (laughs) It looks like he’s
throwing a temper tantrum. (laughs) “But I don’t want to get
shot outta the cannon!” Too bad! You’re gonna get shot out of this cannon and like it, buddy! Oh oh. Don’t land on the spikey. (laughs) Now what are you – oh! (laughs) Yeah! Level up! Oh look at me making all that cash money. $331, I’ll take it. Let’s do it again. This is too much fun. Here we go – geronimo! Yes, full speed. Oh, yeah! Oh, keep it
going, keep going, oh yeah! (shouts) Oh man, 16 bones broken. Somebody call the doctor. Oh, $284. Although I’m pretty sure
to fix all the bones in my body, it’s probably
going to take like, $200,000. (laughs) Something’s not quite adding up here. Okay, you can do it, Orange! (laughs) Right into the spiky!. Oh, spiky ice. (laughs) Aw man, I sure hope
there’s a Hot Lava level. There better be. It always disappoints me when they don’t have hot lava in video games. You ready? Here we go! Oh boy. Come on, break some bones, Orange. I regret everything! (laughs) You broke your booty. You okay, Orange? (laughs) I love it! Okay, that wasn’t that
good, but, you know what, we’ll just keep on trying. Throw the dice, ’cause
the ice is twice as nice, in your rice, why you
puttin’ ice in your rice? Must be pretty hot, huh? Oh! (laughs) Giving yourself a haircut! Oh! Aw, I thought I was gonna
break some more bones. (shouts, laughs) Sounds like you’re going
to the chiropractor. I’m gonna have to say
your bones are a little out of alignment, so, probably a good – oh wow! $400, I’ll take it. So with all that money
honey I can get a new place and go to Paradise Beach. ♫ Take me down to the Paradise Beach where ♫ It’s sunny all day and
you get bit by leech♫ Oh! Don’t get bit by leeches, gross. (laughs) What’s this? What does this do? (screams, laughs) Wow, that really sprang into action. (hard laughter) Orange, you’re a coconut. (laughs) Looks like he’s breakdancing now. Temper tantrum break dance. That’s my favorite. What is – you gonna go? (screams, laughs) I do have to say from
breaking all of his bones, ligaments, and joints, he
still looks pretty good at the end of the level, you know? Oh, I can buy this?
Okay, well gonna do it. It spares money anyway. (laughs) Alright let’s go! We’re going to the Alps. What the – you want me
to crawl in the box? What is even happening? Do you want me to go in there? Holy moly. (screams) What the – uh oh! (laughs) What is even happening? Oh no, this is probably
not going to end very well, pretty Orange. Wow, I really fall from a long ways up. Here it comes, this better be good. Uh oh, hit the rock! Oh, right on the head. (laughs) 10 bones broken, six ligaments sprained, two joints dislocated. Ow! Make that 13, 10 and three! Come on, give me some more! One more bounce. Ay! (laughs) Alright, 14 bones broken. I think that’s the most I’ve
broken so far, isn’t it? He’s still spinning. (laughs) Oh, that was a good one. Good job, Orange. Thank you, Orange. Uh oh! And another one, and another one. Oh, he’s still going. (laughs) He’s never gonna stop. ♫ I’ll be coming down
the mountain when I come, ♫ I’ll be breaking all
my bones when I come, ♫ I’ll be coming down the mountain, ♫ I’ll be breaking all my bones, ♫ Please call, 911 really fast.♫ (laughs) Sweet! Wow I got $1600 there. That’s a lot of money, honey! Okay, here we go, gonna jump from up here. Okay let’s get up here this one’s taller, here we go (screams) ♫ Spin wild like a pinwheel ♫ Spin wild like a pinwheel You know like Shine Bright Like a Diamond? My version is way better. (laughs) Okay, you guys, how many
bones am I gonna break? You gotta call it, you gotta call it. What’s it going to be? (screams) Holy moly! Oh, only 13, but I did sprain a lot of ligaments. (laughs) He’s spinning on his head. Spinning like a top.
Yo, you keep doing that. Kickin’ those legs! (shouts) How much did I make? $1600, making all that money, honey. What’s this? Catapult? Don’t mind if I do. $8,000? Perfect! I have enough money for that! Wow, I’m upside down. What’s happening? Help! I’m stuck! What are we doing here? Fireworks? Wonder why I get fireworks,
I want fireworks! Wonder why I get those, c’mon! Woah, here we go. Woah, I figured it out. (grunts, laughs) Oh, no! Okay, now that I figured it
out, let’s try that again. One more time. Okay, here we go. ♫ I believe I can fly, ♫ I believe I can touch the sky, ♫ I think about it every night and day, (screams) ♫ I break my bones and spin away, ♫ I believe I can soar, (screams) ♫ Break my bones on the floor ♫ (laughs) That was totally worth it! You gotta give me at
least a million dollars just for the song alone. Jeez, what are you doing? You think that’s free, that’s not free. It costs a lot of money. You can’t be giving away my
sweet, sweet songs for free (grunts, laughs) Only two bones broken, really? Wow, TootieFruity9000
you’re being durable. I’m impressed. Spin it to win it! (laughs) He’s throwing a temper tantrum again. Whatcha’ doin’ there, Tootie Fruits? Let’s do another one! (screams) I feel good about this one. C’mon hit the wall, hit
the wall you could do it! Hit one of the spiky walls. Darn it! I was hoping he
was going to bounce into it. Breakin’ all my bones up in yo business. (laughs) Looks like he’s throwing a
temper tantrum in midair. (laughs) Wacky wobbles. You’re sitting down on
the job, huh, Orange? Yeah I am, Orange. Fine, I suppose. You’re always sitting down on the job. That’s all you are, you’re an orange. You don’t have limbs so of course you’re gonna be sitting. Sit down on the job all the time – what’s happening! (screams) Here we go! Alright guys, well thank
you so much for watching. This is a really fun game. I’m definitely gonna
play some more of this. Let me know if you want
me to play some more too. (grunts, laughs) Only two bones broken,
what’s up with that? How many bones have you guys broken? In real life, and in this game? What’s your high score per level? Let me know, I gotta know. Alright guys, until next time. Play Broken Bones! (upbeat music)

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  2. Play more rollblox orange. My score was 11111111111112111111111++1++1+1++++++ร—++++1111111111111111111111111111111111121111111111111

  3. my high score is 22 million since i have the bone splitter gamepass and i have the 100 million dollar door (did not get with infinite cash gamepass)

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