Laughter is the Best Medicine

Rock Refund, Officer Antonio Maldonado, COPS TV SHOW

What’s the deal? What’s going on? WOMAN: Well, the
lady owes me $20. I gave her a 20, and she
didn’t give me nothing. OFFICER MALDONADO: Why
does she owe you $20? WOMAN: I gave her a $20 bill. I gave her a $20 bill. OFFICER MALDONADO: For what? WOMAN: For anything. I don’t care whatever it’s for. But she can give me my
money back if she ain’t going to do nothing with it. OFFICER MALDONADO:
OK, were you planning to buy some drugs or something? WOMAN: Yes, I was. OFFICER MALDONADO: What kind of
drugs were you wanting to buy? WOMAN: Rock. OFFICER MALDONADO: Rock. WOMAN: Yes, I was. OFFICER MALDONADO: You
gave her $20 to buy– WOMAN: I gave her $20. She gave me some plaster. OFFICER MALDONADO: And now
you want your $20 back– WOMAN: Yes, I do. OFFICER MALDONADO: –because
she didn’t supply you with crack cocaine. WOMAN: Well, she
shouldn’t have give me nothing, no plaster or nothing. She should have said no. OFFICER MALDONADO:
What’s going on? WOMAN: She come around
her a while ago. Used to be some people
lived right over there that used to sell. OFFICER MALDONADO: Yeah. WOMAN: We were sitting out here
on the porch in some chairs. So she said, y’all
have having to buy? I said, no, baby, we don’t
have nothing to sell. So she left, went
around the corner. Then she come back 10
minutes later hollering, give me my money back. I’m, no, you ain’t
bought nothing from here. Don’t disrespect my child. This is my child. I don’t sell crack. I’m a prostitute.

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