Laughter is the Best Medicine


– Yes, yes, bye-bye! – You know, we could be a team. You could be my sidekick. – Sidekick? – Yeah, it’ll be like Batman and Ronon. Has a nice ring to it.
– Yeah, you keep eating like that and it’s going to be more like “Fatman”. – I did this… …I’m responsible for the destruction of my own planet. – If anyone was going to do it, it’d be you. – Oh, thank you. Thank you SO MUCH FOR THAT. – What, you don’t know what that is… …that could be their laundry! – Pretty good. – Oh yes, good idea, and when you’re finished with their porridge, why don’t we try their
beds, hmm? – Want some? – How good is it? – No, I can’t think on an empty stomach. – Oh, you care to put that to a test? – Do you? – Well… no, not really. – And you’re just taking his word for it. – Got a problem with that? – Me? – Uh, no… …he might. – I want you to check it out. – What?! – OOF! – AWW. ::wincing:: Whispered: Eyes. – Eyes, yes. – Obviously, that’s going to take a few
hours. – If we don’t find it soon, this is going
to be your last known location. – Oh… …ZING! – So, now what? – What?! – How do we get out of here? – Well, I don’t – – What? – You said no more death talk. – Okay?? – What was the man thinking? Do you have any idea how long I had nightmares
about – about being eaten by a whale? – They haven’t stopped, have they? – No. – It’s quite common to present such gifts as expressions of admiration and respect. – Hey, maybe I’ll pick you up something while we’re there. – Really? – No. – Oh, this is cool. – No, it isn’t. – How do you feel? – Like hitting someone. – Anyone in particular? – You if you don’t loosen these straps
and get me something to eat. – That is a good sign. It’s a good sign. – I wonder which would be worse – being life
sucked by the Wraith or-or burned alive? I honestly couldn’t consider two worse
options. – STOP TALKING. – Okay, you know what? MAKE ME.

10 thoughts on “RODNEY & RONON – Humor – SGA

  1. Loved it! Let's see, Rodney & John, Rodney & Ronon…i'd love to see more funny Rodney moments with other sga characters. 😀

  2. I really forgot how awesome SGA is. I mean, I have this massive love-affair with SG1, nothing tops how everything just worked for SG1 for so long. But the chemistry in SGA is just something else. It's not often a sequel to another show is this good in its own right, especially when the original show leaves such big shoes to fill. Probably the only thing that surpasses the SG1+SGA cinematic universe is something like Doctor Who

  3. Jokes about over eating always seemed a bit disingenuous coming from ronon who was on the run for 7 years and probably had a bunch of near misses with starvation tbh

    I'm pretty sure though the writers probably had a list of funny banter that they tried to sprinkle in at at
    My opportunity though and as a maker of bad dad jokes I can't really fault that

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