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ROFL! GOLDEN BUZZER Comedian Makes Judges Can’t Stop LAUGHING & Gets Simon’s BUZZER!

Who makes you laugh Simon Cowell That’s funny, okay. Well look Oh Joe, you know the show three minutes please stop it. Thank you very much Very So ladies and gentlemen, I’m a new dad for the first time But all I want to do is be better than my dad, right? My dad had no patience, right? Me and my best friend Michael Murphy after school every day. We’d play football on the estate I had the parent who would ruin that game by calling me inside for something. I didn’t think was necessary All you would hear cuz I got African parents and I might have new shot like Cujo come here Now Mike who always had confrontation with my dad it was a coach coach college was going on might Close, you’re a big man. You’re 11 You go in there you enough shit off now ladies and gentlemen, there was a little part of me that believed in Michaels spirit But then I remembered he don’t live in my house So I turned to my dad I said dad. What’s up go to the store and get smear I be now Ladies and gentlemen, this is all I said dad Car you gave yourself It was 1:00 p.m. But you got dog Rupali the pigeons weren’t even flying anymore. They came down to warm me Ladies and gentleman, I don’t have any jokes I got problems. Have you ever been to a bank right? Cuz I’m not really happy with the customer services that we get our banks nowadays, right? Have you ever gone into a bank? You’ve seen four available windows four? But there’s only one person working Then they get the woman that works there who walks past the queue and says, don’t worry. She won’t be long don’t help You get to the cashier because it’s your turn right they’ve now given the cashiers microphones Yeah, so everybody can hear your financial situation I’m right here. I can hear you. Right and I’m already embarrassing about the amount that I need So I was discreet right? I was like Can I get one pound fifty please They weren’t enough for her she had to talk into the mic and get into my business sorry, sir You need a pound to keep the account open Why are you shouting I Told you I needed the rest of what was in my account. So I said to her please. Can I get that fifty pence? She said to me, how do you want man? I was like in silence Our song frustrated that I rushed out of the bank I rushed out to be greeted by the most creative homeless person I have ever met He rushed up to me said look mate. I know you’re in a rush But can I please get 20 pence to get something to eat? Ladies and gentleman? I looked at him and said, you know where to eat with 20 vents. I Said I’m coming with you For the both of us When you wind up bro train, you ain’t got no money there’s certain things that you can’t enjoy like a cab driver You can’t enjoy a black cab ride. You can’t enjoy it, right? I went into a black have recently me and my mate we jumped in he was getting comfortable clearly He’s got more money than me. He was looking outside the window Talking to the driver. He fell asleep Ladies and gentlemen when you ain’t got no money you only look at one thing as their meter The experience in the black cap is the most awful thing ever they charge you before you even speak to the driver You step in 250. Hold on a minute You sit down free pound. Hey Let’s discuss this ladies and gentlemen it’s got to a point where I don’t even have a Destination when I get into a black cab when a driver says wait you want to go I say take me to five pound My name’s Poggio. Thank you very much Kojo when you came on I loved hearing about how you’ve grafted how you’ve honed your act how you’ve now got your little family Yeah, and the actress got better and better and then by the end you were like, yeah, I’d pay money to see this man Congratulations so much I’ve always respected you my respect level fuse just gone way out there, my friend Thank you very much thank you Well, you know when someone’s really funny there is nothing much to say other than you are brilliantly funny. You made everyone laugh You’ve kind of got all bases covered as a comedian. You’re brilliantly likable. You’ve got fantastic observational routines. I think you did yourself really proud Oh Joe What was my amazing was I felt that you were nervous then I could see The audience wrapped in you and you reacting to them But I’m gonna be honest with you cuz you I don’t really like comedians on this show But I love you I really got You are so funny and so unpredictable you just have the most amazing energy It’s the Greg you’d be waiting for thank you, so I could not be happy if you enjoy this

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  1. من سهراب از ایرانم واقعا برنامه استعداد یاب درامریکا دوست دارم همه شمارا دوست دارم

  2. I don't know how I got connected to MusicTalentNow! I get a bunch of notifications that I don't remember asking for! But thank you so much for sending me this video! This video was so funny, it actually brought tears to my eyes!! Again, thank you so much!!

  3. The most important thing is, he did comedy in three segment and all are seems to happen in real life in everybody's life!!! ~♥~~♥~

  4. Here in the states we don't have microphones for the tellers, at least with my bank they don't but I can truly relate to walking in and seeing 4 tellers behind the counter and only one is working. Then another person walks up to you and tells everyone on line (in queue), "she will be with you soon."

  5. He was so funny 😂😅😂😂
    He was not expecting that Golden Buzzer. 🛎️🛎️🛎️🛎️🎉🎉🎉🎉
    Congrats. 👌👍👌👌😏💖

  6. Simon, you are a great guy. God bless you & the other judges for bringing so much joy & happiness into people’s lives. May your Mum rests in peace Simon. I am a fan of your shows.

  7. It takes a man to go up here on stage

    But it makes a real man to cry in front fo them, and to be so vulnerable <3

  8. What a talent. I love that he is wearing the adinkra symbol Gye Name on his shirt. It means "Except God, I fear none." Way to go!

  9. well the music to the golden buzzer was a good sync i actually love this mam and vid keep it Up😀👍

  10. Did I just step into a parallel universe full of morons because this was just not funny. Not even a little bit.

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