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Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Grapes, Calls & Storage

Gus: Grapes are in season and they are fucking awesome right now. Gavin: Do you know anyone who doesn’t like a nice grape? Like, people like grapes. Gus: People like grapes? I want to see that as a shirt! I want to see a picture of Gavin’s face, and just “People like grapes” Burnie: The best part is: he would put that shirt on he would walk down the street, and someone would walk up to him and go, “Yeah, everybody likes grapes, cunt!” Lindsay: Yeah, the internet… Gus: Phone’s ringing, phone. Burnie: Oh, I actually have to take this call. Uh, hello this is Burnie. Good. how are you doing? Gus: He’s uh, he’s like leaning away from us He’s taking the phone down. He’s unzipping his pants. Gavin: Why is he licking his nipples? Lindsay: Are those boxers or briefs? I can’t tell. Burnie: No get rid of that. We have way better Nazi flags than that one! Gavin: I’d be interested to know, like, which company has the most storage in the world. Like, it’s got to be Google, right? Gus: I don’t know about that… Burnie: Tupperware Gus: You’d be surprised. Like… Gavin: Tupperware? … Stupid.
(Burnie laughs) Gus: …the core location facility where we have our servers… (Gavin and Burnie laugh) Gus: Wasn’t that funny Burnie: It was funny to me, man.

100 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Grapes, Calls & Storage

  1. Amazon has the most data storage in the world. And for god's sake GUS WHAT FLIGHT SIMULATOR DO YOU USE?????

  2. Btw nsa has the most storage, because they have created devices with the largest current storage type and that is the yottabyte

  3. DYK?: Apple's cloud services like iCloud run on Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure. Plus, as of 2016, they also run on Google Cloud

  4. Saying "I want that on a shirt" really ruins the moment, like shooting "WORLDSTAR" while filming a fight.

  5. Gus is trying to answer Gavin's question in a smart way and Gavin and Burnie are just cracking up over Tupperware.

  6. So I'd been hearing about "People like grapes" for a while now, and now that I finally know the origin, I feel a bit disappointed. I expected something a little more in depth than this XD

  7. What "Gavin shirts" we have:
    "People like grapes 🍇"
    "Does rocks float on lava?"
    What "Gavin shirts" we need:
    "Gavin or Google: I'm feeling lucky"
    "Do babies float"
    One with him and Michael (the Play pals)
    "The strongest bulldozer will get the female"
    Anyone else got any other ones?

  8. Where can I find the original people like grapes part?!?! How can this be so hard to find? It's so iconic!

  9. “People pretend not to like grapes when the vines are too high for them to reach.”- Marguerite de Navarre

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