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Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Hotdog Planes & “Pranks”

Jack: I remember seeing a video where someone attached an iPhone to like, a remote control plane and– –they needed a way to touch the little button. So they like, attached a hot dog to it that would like, make it take photos. I swear to god. Joel: I think I read a story about one of those falling in Iran. Jack: Yeah! [Laughing] Joel: They were pissed off about it. Found a probe and a hot dog… [Laughter] Joel: Alright– Alright– An American Flag. Burnie: I just imagine the guys in the room saying, “So we are going to get it in the air– –how are we gonna –take the phone to take pictures?” Gus: And the one guy’s like, eating a hotdog and he is like– he went and purchased– –and they were like, “Yes”. [Static Noise] Burnie: Gus, we tried to break your mind. We had a conspiracy of people trying to fuck with you and you didn’t even notice. Gavin: Yeah. Burnie: We spent an entire week sending you AIMs with everything in quotes. Gus: OKAY OKAY!
[Loud laughter] GODDAMN IT! [Laughter] GODDAMN IT! MY AIM WAS DRIVING ME CRAZY! [Laughter] I was going through all my settings! I was doing Google searches! [Laughter Continues] What the fuck was going on?! Was there an update to AIM, where is this setting?! Why is it all in quotes?! [Static Noise]

100 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Hotdog Planes & “Pranks”

  1. Its a real shame that this wasn't on video. Hearing Gus lose it like that is great but actually seeing him do it would be priceless.

  2. Burnie is so fucking creative with the way he fucks with people. Honestly, like I wouldn't even mind if he messed with me because he would do it in such a funny way.

  3. Lol you can literally hear his voice cracking from stress when they admit they pranked him
    Needless to say Burnie the prank worked

  4. What ever you do do not try and drink anything while watching the second half of the video!

  5. didn't realise this is technically the only footage of this prank since the podcasts at the time was audio only !
    watching #303 and Burnie brought the prank up again (1:06:00) and i just had to listen in again 😂

  6. "The greatest moment of the Rooster Teeth podcast in history, and it's only available as audio. XD"

  7. Yup! That's the Director doing what he does best!!! Torturing people's minds until it breaks!!! 😂😂😂

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