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Rosebud Baker’s Family Ruined the Middle East – The Ringers

but I feel like I belong in LA, because I’m a very
spiritual person. Because I come from money. (audience laughs) So, I can afford
to be delusional. No, I don’t have
it anymore, I don’t I made a lot of mistakes
to get into comedy. Truly, I did. Growing up, my grandfather
was Secretary of State under George Bush Senior. Yeah, so (audience laughs) I could’ve been in
the Illuminati, and instead I became a jester
for Bachelorette parties. I fucked up. I really did. I’m a liberal, just
so you guys feel safe, I am, but like I
feel like a hypocrite with that background,
being a liberal, you know? Because my sisters will be
online, and they’re like “If you don’t vote,
you’re being complicit.” And I’m like “Yeah,
that’s true, but Saudi Oil money put
us through college. Like bitch you are complicit.” My sister goes on Instagram, she’s like, “Obama’s my dad.” I’m like “Our family
ruined the Middle East.” It’s true. But I do, I just feel like
the more political you get, the more extreme you
get in your politics, the more hypocritical
you become now. Like look at David Duke. I’m just saying, he’s
the most extreme example, but he’s the Grand
Wizard of the KKK. I just feel like for somebody
who hates homosexuals, Grand Wizard is like
the gayest job title I’ve ever heard. He’s on TV like “I
don’t like homosexuals.” It’s like, well, you’re
wearing a cape, Liberace. You want the gays to go away, you’re not gonna
do it in a costume. (audience laughs) It’s not gonna work. I’m just glad we’re having
these conversations, in this country, you know? And they’re not easy
conversations to have, like I was talking to my friend, she’s Puerto Rican,
she was like, “Rosie, white women
have got to stop wearing hoop earrings. You guys are appropriating
Latin culture.” And I was like, “all
right, cool, I get it, you know, like your people
came up with this shit. But if you want me to
get my own identity, my people came up with
appropriation.” (laughs) (audience laughs) I’m like “technically,
I’m very in touch with my background.” It’s like I will see
your hoop earrings, and I will take them. It’s what we do. It’s just hard to
tell a white person to get their own identity, it’s like telling a homeless
person to get a job, it’s like where? Should I just look
at this trail of shit I’ve left behind
me, see if I can make some connections
back there? I am really glad, though,
like I’m glad we’re still talking about
gender equality, you know? Because I know that women
aren’t equal to men yet, because they still
give us rape whistles. As if to be like “Let
the games begin!” (audience laughs) Seems like a weird weapon. I mean if you see
somebody drowning and you throw that
person a whistle you want that person to die. That is clearly something
that a dude came up with. Because the whole reason
rape whistles were invented is because yelling
rape wasn’t working. So some guy was like “I don’t know, trick
people into thinking there’s a football
game going on. Stop bumming us out.” Which is ironic, because the last people you
want showing up to help at a rape is a team full
of college athletes. (audience laughs) I’m just saying,
you’re getting attacked in a parking lot, you don’t
wanna hear “hike hike” You’re like “Shit
this just got worse!” Anyway, you guys, well here’s my real point is just like the only thing more
demeaning than getting raped is getting raped while
you’re blowing a whistle. (audience laughs) Now I’m just the world’s
saddest tea kettle.

40 thoughts on “Rosebud Baker’s Family Ruined the Middle East – The Ringers

  1. This girl proves that people do, in fact, evolve. She avoided a right wing destiny and seems happier for it. AND is funnier than 50 other comics I see on YT.

  2. This is only 1 of the reasons I prefer to let a girl approach me instead of the other way around. I'm patient and can't tell if they're interested so I'll wait and maybe drop a hint like 'I have no idea if a girl likes me as a friend or something more' and see what happens lol or not bother if I'm the one who's not interested. Relationships are very time-consuming and take a lot of energy 😂

  3. it's fun to see as us people thing that white people don't have an identity, like there are no England, Germany, France, Russia, Poland, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Sweden, Norway, Finland. my geography knowledge is not that good i can't list them all, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece, Switzerland, Holland, Denmark, what else, Moldavia, Belorussia, Estonia, Lithuania, Litva, Hungary, Slovenia.

  4. Ironically her jokes seemed very political here. I've seen other stand ups from her. She's hilarious, but I don't think this one was very good

  5. It is like she tried to look uglier lol. There is a hot girl in there if ya get rid of the rat nest hair and the super high jeans

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