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[RUNNINGMAN BEGINS] [EP 23-2] | (Part.2) 😂 Success the SLAP STICK COMEDY 😂 (ENG SUB)

(Finally level 2) (Yeong Gu hits on his drum) (while on his way to play it) Gwang Soo will try doing level 2 Ready, action! Since the enemies are nearing, I should hurry up and
play the drum! (He’s not Yeong Gu but just an idiot) (He heads straight to the drum) I’m sorry, I’ll do better next time! (He should’ve hit the drum
while backing away) Gwang Soo, try again (Gwang Soo tries 1 more time) (He went to the drum
without saying the lines) I’m sorry, I’ll do better next time! (Hyeong Rae’s way of teaching) (students with the bamboo stick) I’m so sorry, I’ll do better You start walking from here and measure the distance between
you and the drum Then turn around and like this, see? You need to turn around You can’t start turning around
so early Gosh, this is tiring Never look behind you Do you not say your lines? (He didn’t say his lines because
he was so) (into hitting himself on the drum) You need to say the lines! I was about to say the lines
but I’m sorry (no one’s sure if they can
do the 1:9 battle) Father, please take care of yourself and be well wherever you are. (Yeong Gu’s special way of bowing) Ready, action! Father
(Joong Gi, father and Jong Gook, the son) I’ll say goodbye to you now You also need to say something too! (He’s taught with the bamboo) (while his mind was off to somewhere else) C’mon, hustle now Father
/ Yes? I’ll be saying goodbye to you now Please
I wish you land of beautiful scenery Please.. Can’t you say the lines quickly? (Jong Gook is no exception
of the bamboo stick) Shim Hyeong Rae
Shim Hyeong Rae Though, it’s a slapstick you need to say the lines faster! (Never slow down though
it’s a slapstick comedy) You also have to reply nicely like, yes Yeong Gu? His dad isn’t very in his right mind either~ (Okay!) It’s just that
sound of the bamboo stick is loud You hardly feel anything really
It’s nothing (Tomorrow, I’m the champion) (A punch practice between) (the coach and Shim Hyeong Rae) (Level 5, Yeong Gu and Ddaengchil 2) (Yeong Gu gets rid of the bad guy) (with his rubber shoe) (and the last level?) Turn left! (1. They turn left and stick
bamboo stick in the air) (and head backwards) (and stick the hit the stick
to someone’s head) do you all get me?
/ Yes we do How can you not do such
a simple job? Be gentle with me, be gentle Hold out your bamboo sticks Remember that you have to
see me in the future Turn left
Ready, action! Stick the stick!
Stick the stick! (He had sudden downfall of water) You, leave! (He was scolded) (when he wanted to go by the easy way) I’ll try this time Okay, show us something Sir, I’ll try this time You pronounced it wrong
/ Sir Sir, I’ll stand before Jae Seok Sure
/ I’ll stand before Jae Seok Hold out your bamboo sticks! and turn right! (of course…) (Whichever way
he’s bound to be hit with bamboo) Sir, I’ll go to the other side! Sir, I’d like to go to the other side too! Turn around! I get it now completely! Men should use their heads We need to go through level 1 to 6
in 3 minutes and we have 5 chances to do it If we win, we get to have running balls but if we don’t manage to do it you’ll get the running ball Alright, hwaiting!! (Catching up Shim Hyeong Rae
1st trial) Mic test, 1, 2, 3 Ready, action! Not a single person woke up I’ll have to play the drum
to wake them up It’s still too fast (Did he do it too fast
out of nervousness?) It’s like he’s back being a rookie Again!
Harder! Who is it? You’re doing great! Great!
More harder! (He’s forgotten the lines again) Why aren’t you doing it? There are 9 cameras rolling Why do you keep
glaring at me?! (He’s playing jokes on
camera PD again) Jae Seok, just do it! Start from the beginning! (He’s become a master in blocking) (twice is definitely too much) (1st trial went to a failure) (2nd trial) (They must go through all 6 levels within) (5 chances) I’ll play the drum and wake them up (did he get better!?) Who is it? (He managed to do
‘turning around.’) Someone is hitting me when I play the drum while standing I’ll sit down and play the drum again You’re doing great! (Level 1, OK) Enemies are nearing me
I need to warn the others (He couldn’t find his drum) (and lost his direction) I’m sorry but I can’t see the drums
when I have eyes at front! Do it well! I’ll make it happen next time! (3rd trial) (1st up, Jae Seok succeeds) (2nd up, Gwang Soo) Enemies are nearing me
I should warn the others (Where is the drum?) (He managed to hit himself on the drum) Woah, that was good (level 2, pass!) (level 3, Joong Gi and Jong Gook) Please
I wish you lands of scenery Cut cut cut Was Joong Gi’s act an MG? You need to twist around
your pronunciation! and are you Jang Dong Gwon or what? You acted too cool That’s why no one is laughing You can’t try to be too cool! But I didn’t! Try it again, do it again Fighting! (They only have 2 chances left) (4th trial) Father
/ Yes, Yeong Gu? (His pronunciation is more
twisted than ever) I’m here to say goodbye to you father Twist the pronunciation more! I wish you lands of scenery Lands of scenery, alright feather of a Japanese crane (Perfect?) (They passed level 3) (Participants: Haha, Ji Hyo) I’ll teach you how to fight (Way to go!) (They’re the best out of
all of them) I wasn’t hit! (Ji Hyo and Haha don’t play safely) (She hits him all that she can) (and does the slapstick like she was taught) (They’re through until level 4) (Sorry~) Next! (They’re doing level 5) I’m off to somewhere else now (key is to catch the rubber shoe at once) (He caught it!) (They’re now at level 6!) Raise your bamboo sticks! turn left! Stick it out, stick it out! I want to be on that side Your pronunciation is weird! But I twisted it around
like you said! You need to pronounce it correctly! But you twisted your pronunciation too! I can promise you that you did! Alright, try again Try again, I’ll be watching Raise the bamboo sticks! Turn left! turn left! You pronounced it too correctly this time Do it again! (He’s niggling now that
they’re about to win) You can’t pronounce it like that A bit twisted like this! (so it’s back to the twisted version?) But what’s the difference between those two? (Running men don’t feel very good) There’s a slight difference What’s the Di..?
/ Don’t talk back to me! Do it properly again this time! But I think we got it right this time! (therefore, there’s only 1 more chance) Now that’s it’s the last chance with my conscience, do it well! (He encourages Jae Seok with
his rubber shoe) 1, 2 and 3, hwaiting! I have a good feeling this time (they get running balls if they win this time) (If they don’t, Hyeong Rae gets the ball) (last trial of catching up with Hyeong Rae) Twist your pronunciation a bit! (Jae Seok will be friends with
that drum stick) I’ll wake them up by playing the drum (It’s an automatic now) He’s better than me now Who is it?
These guys (His facial expressions are intact) Wait, they keep hitting me
when I’m standing I’ll change my position a bit It’s a total mess
but I’m letting it go (He passes level 1) It’s a mess, really I was hit 6 times, sir, 6 times! I was hit all my life! Enemies are nearing
I should warn the others (He can find the drum right away) He was good, right there (He passes level 2, also) Twist your pronunciation a bit Father
/ Yes, Yeong Gu (They are both perfect Yeong Gu now) (He’s absorbed in his character) (Perfect teamwork) (Level 3 is also a success!) I’ll teach you how to fight (Ji Hyo and Haha are great teammates) I didn’t get hit! (Wow, he’s good) good, good
/ (They’re through with level 4) I’ll be off, bad person (Isn’t he perfect for Yeong Gu?) Hold it in, hold it in (They’re through with level 5) (Last trial, level 6) (Their pronunciation is the key) Turn left! (They’re halfway through…) I’d like to be on that side
/ Sure (will they be able to success?) Turn around! Wait, wait do you not know where you got it wrong?
/ No Right here
Don’t say you don’t know Look how Jae Seok does it Look how Jae Seok does it Excuse me, sir! Hyeong Rae, sir! What was so wrong with our comedy? (They’re rebellious) Mr. Shim! (He does a slapstick at a time like this too) Producer Shim! Why do you keep glaring at me? What was so different with my act and yours? (He’s being stubborn) So is that a failure? Try that one again If their act isn’t awkward,
all of you clap if it is, then don’t clap I won’t be the judge But you must be the judge… You talk too much, be quiet (Main PD can’t get away from
his teaching) He’s always complaining (He’s not happy
now that they’re about to win) (slapstick is made into his way of life) Let’s just give him the running ball It’s just too hard
Let’s give him the ball Just give it to him I won’t take it! Please, just take it We beg you, just take it! (Shim Hyeong Rae won the battle) (I have the running ball~)

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  1. I love the old episodes although I’m a new fan😂
    The recent ones are funny but the old ones bring my ugly laugh out BAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA😂

  2. I dont think they like being hit by the stick on their head base on what i see the oldman hits them really hard. I hate watching it its not funny

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