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[RUNNINGMAN BEGINS] [EP 8-3] | Members’ SUPER FUNNY Old Moments ヽ(*´▽`*)ノ (ENG SUB)

(Answer the questions of history of members by VTR) Can we see the history of Jongkook too? (Expecting) (The lost team drinks black herbal tea with egg) You mean the yolk? Here’s the one who will live over 200 years What’ so hard to drink yolk Can we obtain the ball too? (The team who drinks the tea first will get 2 balls) Please show us the first question (Who will be the one in the video?) (First history, Yoo Jaesuk) (1992) I will give up comedy if I give up here (Jesus) How did they find that (What will be his challenge?) (Sliding) I knew you will slide (He’s the same) (1992) Look at his hair, so old fashioned At then that was so fashionable (He was eating chicken alone) (And brushes his teeth with chicken leg?) (Lol) (Hilarious) (He’s keep brushing his teeth) It’s funny (Who’s the next?) (2000) (Self camera of Yoo Jaesuk) (This program was popular because it showed) (Life of celebrities) (How did he look 10 years ago?) Why you don’t come to TV even you are the celebrity Of course I know they’re kidding But that really hurts my heart (Sorrow he got from his career) This is the award I got in my career Trophy of talking show This was just commemoration (He had just 2 trophies 10 years ago) Always be modest and stay still Honest, sincerely I will try my best to be so (He did his best to keep his words) (His coworkers feel sad too) (As they know how he tried hard) (But) What’s that It’s me Why did you take off? (Took off?) (Exposure) What’s wrong with you (Ashamed) He must be crazy why did he do that (Embarrassed) (Shocking past of national MC) Why did you take off? I wanted to show my honesty What does that do with honesty Why do you show this I am ashamed of you Jaesuk What’s wrong with you (What again this time?) What are you doing (Push ups in underwear) (Oh My God) (Jesus) (Can’t control) That was in TV at then right? I must have been crazy That’s too much (From now, question video) (Questioning and answering in only 5 words) What’s your blood type? O type Have you ever been rejected? Of course I do Me too, a lot What was the reason? (Question : What was the answer of Jaesuk?) Can I go? Because I was ugly Me Because my mouth is protruding (Rule, you can’t answer your own question) At then I was funny I don’t know what’s the answer but I bet it was funny Answer Isn’t it obvious? (This expression wasn’t used in that time) What are you talking about I told you we didn’t say in that way at then It’s something about his outlook? Answer (Seokjin first) Because of my face (Succeed) By the way that self camera why did you do that You weren’t honest but just strange Why did you get so closer to the camera Could you please cut this part? We don’t need to cut this part It’s my first time to feel that I am embarrassed To know you His underwear is even stripe I would understand if that were pants That was my mistake (Red team has to do its penalty (Put eggs as much as the number you get from dice) (What will be their number?) (What five) (Five yolks…) (I can’t blame Junkyu) (Sorry) Just yolks right? no white parts Do you know how to separate? (Sloppy) (Worried) (Adding 5 yolks) Please remove that white part well (Nutritious yolk) Why do you pop the egg It’s my first time to feel happy while braking an egg (Adding in cup of Junkyu too) (Adds in cup of Victoria) (Even the eggshell) (When he can’t cover it) (Changes with Gary’s) (Gary is always the easy one for Jaesuk) It’s ready now Please start now Blue team will eat too when they lost, right? Next question (Who will be in the video this time?) (Haha) What’s this (Music video of Jikiri, 2001) (Young Haha) (Haha just stares at the camera) When is it? 2001? This old fashioned one in 2001? Why are you so old fashioned? We filmed that 4 years ago This time, Gary (2000) (Sensational hair style at then) (Cry) That’s not bad Gil is there too (He seems angry) You look better in 2000 (Peaceful / Charismatic) (Kim Jongkook) (1995, introducing new singers) (Jongkook, 20 years old) (Everyone laughs) (Can’t stop clapping) (Turbo) Hello I am Kim Jongkook He wore that kind of clothes (His stage ‘Dream of my young days’) (Acrobatic dance) (Muscle Jongkook, when he was young) (‘Introduction of love’, 1995) (Nervous) I am Kim Joonsung (Awkward acting) (He stood up after seeing his acting) Oh gosh my acting (His face got so red) (Here goes the question) (1996) Is my pants traditional clothes? (That clothes must have been weird at then too) Please make some comment for them You are a fashion model (Second question : what did Jongkook said?) About my clothes? At then I wasn’t funny at all You don’t remember that, do you? Not at all Answer To wear it next year Answer I prepared for my marriage I would be MC if I answered that well Answer It’s Arabian style It’s style of my town (It’s close to the answer) Jongkook wasn’t that glib at then Answer It’s concept of brother that I know Answer It’s style for my village Answer It’s style of brother in town (Correct) (Fortunate) (Blue team throws the dice) (How many yolks do they have to eat?) (Four yolks) (Big smile) You seem so happy I am happy because you got the answer (This team red team extracts yolks) Why the white part of egg is so huge? Here you are (4 yolks per person) (Mix those well) We’re in so much trouble (They seem so worried of eating this) But this seems good for our health Sure it is Please next question (Junkyu) (Charismatic actor, Kim Bosung) (And Junkyu, 27 years old) (Movie of 1991) (Awkward line cause it’s been 20 years old) Is that you? Oh gosh (He looks unfamiliar) You look so young At then we had to wear heavy make ups I can’t stand this (And video of Jihyo) (Surprised) (She was model of commercial of hamburger 5 years ago) Is that you? Look at her eyes You’re pretty (First commercial of Gwangsoo) (He impressed by just one commercial) (Gwangsoo feels shy) (They got to know each other through their past) (How about the past of Sukjin?) (Audition video of Sukjin) (From now on we reveal this for the first time) (1993, audition of MC of SBS) (He is nervous for audition) MC, reporter, well Well? (Jongkook copies him) (He was butter man at then too) My favourite song is all for one, you know (He talks about the pop song that he likes) Let me show you shortly of(Oh My God) (I swear echos Gyeonghuigung Palace) (Hilarious) (He reads the script of reporter that he prepared) (Suddenly turns in happy mood) Why do you make that mouth What’s wrong with my lips That’s hilarious I will touch this fish to see How fresh it is Gosh see (Gosh) (He laughs, surprises all by himself) (What do people say about
your running style?) (Jiseokjin qustion-
what would’ve he answered?) I’m embarassed/
I’ll tap this fish,look at this! I want to hear ‘I swear’ ‘I swear’ in the news (Teasing) Why don’t you open your mouth?/
(Lips are the point) It’s because he is trying to keep smiling/
Yes because his nervous and trying to smile I was blue in the face And my lips rolled inside Noryangjin Fish Market is so funny When was it taken? It was 1993/Yes it was 1993/
(1993 SBS MC contest audition) I’ve never seen that video neither It’s first revealed, isn’t it? It has never been revealed (Revealed at last for a big laughter) It was not public It makes me happy What would’ve he said at that time..? Do you remember?/I don’t Answer/ Well(oily) Answer! they say I’m like a pro They say it’s fresh American style? They told me to be an an anchor What would’ve he said? He would’ve said in a shameless way/I think so too (Hint- they generally say I’m XX) Generally say I’m not that bad Generally say I’m wasting my time I couldn’t have said such a brilliant answer I would’ve said an answer that would satisfy them
to get picked I think so too Answer! say nothing and stay this way He would’ve said at least something They generally say I’m funny They generally say it’s neat (Answer) (Festival mood)

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  1. I watch this episode so many times that I end up laughing before Seokjin sing “I swear~” seriously his video was the most embarrassing 😅

  2. Just notice the set-up of this
    It would be funny if people from the past suddenly appear including the king and his officers during the film of this episode…
    It would be epic like rooftop prince drama😂😂😂😂😂

  3. But jae suk is not ugly. I thought he was ugly in his younger days (because others keep saying he is ugly) But seeing these clips he looks fine 😊

  4. One of the funniest scene in the history of rm… ive watched this years ago and can’t still forget it. Ji sukjin 🤣

  5. So the rumour about Yoo Jaesuk's JoJo Arae is true then, based on this video 😂😂😂😂 Hyungnim, Saranghaeyo 🥰🥰😍😍

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