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Russell Peters Accuses Trevor Noah Of Stealing Jokes

not to Russell Peters slamming Trevor Noah for stealing his jokes now we gotta set this up right okay Russell first said that this a few years ago after Trevor got the Daily Show gig that was my I was like wait a minute yeah he called and they talked about and Russell decided he didn't want to take it further publicly so they decided to have this Twitter exchange and pass it off as a joke Russell tweeted at Trevor oh my god I can't believe how gullible the media are next time I'll choose a less awkward time to prank you people watch a Singaporean TV you haven't Trevor replied you just cost me the president's presidency of South Africa lol see you in Vegas revenge is sweet hashtag somebody gonna get hurt real bad he's gonna get hurt while now Russell is emitting he really is mad at Trevor let's first show you the joke that Russell says Trevor stole it here it is I like listening to people speak Russian you ever heard people speak Russian it's amazing they just sound like they're talking backwards the whole time Vladimir is Babu Steven Kotler Steve a drug that is to make a lot of pjs do not forget give it all backwards never get to be mugged up near black if anything Russian just sounds like a DJ is scratching on a turntable could have stole that joke so here's Russell and sways University other day when sway happens to be listing his favorite comedians and mentions Trevor so Russell brings up the joke stealing including the one you just saw I'm a fan of you I'm a Trevor Noah fan why if you're a fan of me oh no need to be a fan of Trevor no what do you mean why do I say they don't review the tapes Oh Trevor's original mane where what did you accuse it what he took your material well I called him out on it once before and then I thought he would stop and it continued Wow your material yeah so Trevor Noah I've never been watching Trevor okay then watch watch him do his Russian bit versus me doing my Russian bit pull up the Russian and I could tell you exactly when and why I wrote this dog I called him out before when he stole something else and then he tried to backpedal into him when I called him he said which joke did I steal how many jokes you stole you guys say which one it makes a really good point but even that part of Dan versus you know Trevor said which joke that steal well you'd be asking terminó officer tells a lot of jokes you'd have to ask which one this is not saying which one of all the jokes I stole from here you're asking me about the same but there's a lot of similarities depression jokes it obviously there's similarities yeah do you really think that Trevor Noah yes Russell Peters joke it's very simple the concept is very similar you know what I think Russell Peters is one of the best comedians out there that's tell you sir when we first medical you should be a comedian oh and he brings out this little pamphlet because yeah I'm trying I'm trying whatever least I got to see him and it was like 10 of us a big audience and he's so brilliant what he does he has the ability to create a new type of comedy yeah and you know yeah the some of the International comedy he does for a lot of different ethnic groups but I watching that I agree he did his job a blessing says he's reaching he's being petty and annoying he's she's Team Trevor actually says they're reaching yeah something else is no Chantal says he definitely Jack that joke Valeska says Russell thinks she's the only one who thinks Russian sounds weird let's think people do a lot of what it takes the record it goes backwards backwards but I mean so watching late night yeah I think was trying to remember what it was but it was milania's coat I really don't care do you cope if you watch i watch the field late night to pull some clips for the show thank and I came over who was but like three of them basically told the same joke okay yeah on the same they're all doing on the same day so you know that instill for each other but seeing like certain topics there's only so many jokes why can't you do a Russian joke but happen it sounded like that Russell was saying it was pretty much a similar time that it was happening but if you're gonna do like a joke about someone's accent sure that's probably the way you're gonna go I just seems like Trevor Noah was a very smart man if you watch his his act he's a very smart guy I don't think he's sitting around double Jane said you do not steal each other's comedy jokes you don't it's this city see it's a sin so if Russell feels that way and there you see that similarity then he's probably copying it but maybe I don't know I just don't feel like Trevor Noah like he's such an intelligent community yeah like I understand Russell Peter says that interview I'm gonna come off as bitter yeah I think he kind of does a little bit like he's so hung up on shows how would you feel about that and and Trevor got the Daily Show I don't know if Russell went know that's he said Joe who's never interested in The Daily Show I don't know it just seems like they're both very successful like let it go you're saying he's done it multiple times I don't really don't know I don't know I would let it go someone's stealing something behind blessing just says publicity stunts everyone else says it's just the point

21 thoughts on “Russell Peters Accuses Trevor Noah Of Stealing Jokes

  1. Even though i like both comedians. Why does Russell Peters think he is the only one that can make a joke about Russian language. i thought about Noah's joke when i used to spin records in the 80's

  2. I’ve watched Russell long before i watch Trevor. Russell is kinda arrogant. I like Trevor now over Russell.😉 No hard feelings Rajesh.😜

  3. As if someone cares abt Russell stupid fucking jokes !! Thank god Trevor made a better version 😍🇮🇳

  4. Lady in red you’re so wrong. Trevor’s joke is different! Plus check the context. It was about different languages. Why you trying to bring Trevor down?!

  5. This is very biased and anti-Trevor.
    From that lady.
    There is no proof and it is a jealous man that is salty at the fact he was overlooked by the dailyshow

  6. Russell is being nasty here. Trevor didn't steal it; they both happen to be talking about the same language.

  7. Trever can imitate characters and accents the guy has a real talent besides he’s so fucking funny! Russel is a crying jealous kid

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