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Rustom Kaka – Mandar Bhide | BhaDiPa che Namune | Marathi Stand-Up Comedy #bhadipa #sms

I have been doing stand up since the last 3 years And the problem is that our shows start late & they end late & we reach home late. And there is a biometric attendance system installed in our building. Its called – Rustom Kaka(uncle) Rustom Kaka is convinced I am an alcoholic. He has told everyone in the building about it. It was ok till that point These days, he has been sliding – “De-addiction centre” pamphlets through the door, every morning at 11:15 AM. every morning And I have a lot of free time. The other day, I was ready at 11. I opened the door, put soap solution outside & waited. Rustom Kaka came at his usual time, tried to be sneaky, slipped & fell. Now mind you, Rustom Kaka is 110 KGs. The boom was heard till 10 kilometres away. And I was ready. I opened the door. Asked him – “What just happened uncle?” He said – “Son. Water”. I gave him a glass, he gulped it down. IT WASN’T WATER(wink) By now, the other neighbours came out – “Asked me what was that noise?” I said – “Look at this. Rustom Kaka got drunk & fell, this early in the morning” But don’t judge him. He is trying to quit. I can see a “de-addiction centre” pamphlet in his hands. Have you read the book – “Vyakti aani Valli” by Pu.La. Deshpande? any one? The charcters that he brought to life through his writing, like Babdu ,Gampu. Haritatya, Pestan Kaka. Now, even if Pestan Kaka & Rustom Kaka both belong to the Parsi Community, there is not even an iota of similarity between them Rustom Kaka was a unique character. He hated it when kids played. Everytime he saw kids playing, he would yell at them. “Go study. Your dad is not an industrialist. If you don’t study, you will not get a job” The kid said – “It was written in my book – ALL DAY WORK & NO PLAY MAKES JACK A DULL BOY” To which Rustom Kaka said – “Jack becomes a dull boy. You are Janardan. Go study” Rustom Kaka was extremely quick witted. And playing cricket was just not acceptable to Rustom Kaka. If someone hit a ball & it went inside his house, he would cut the ball on a ‘Vili'(a traditional Maharashtrian chopping board with an attached blade used for cutting food & scraping coconut), and 2 pieces of the ball would come out He was very committed to this. . if someone threw 2 semicircles into the house, he would throw out 2 quarters. And his wife, Shireen Aunty, could not bend & sit on the floor, due to arthritis. So I think, they had the vili only to chop cricket balls. Now if you guys are wondering, what is a vili doing at a Parsi couple’s house Rustom Kaka’s grandfather was a money lender when the British ruled India He had a lot of flats in Mumbai Once, a tenant had failed to pay his rent So along with his Pomeranian dog, Lily, Rustom Kaka also confiscated the rusted Vili. A few years later, Lily met with the Vili & now, only the Vili was left. Another of his peculiarities what that everytime he called us lovingly, it meant he had some work. Otherwise he had the reputation of being a grumpy old man. Son, go & get 6 eggs & a bread for me. But uncle, what about the money? Tell the shopkeeper, I will give money. Rustom Kaka is not dead yet. Shopkeeper has put up a board – No credit will be given to those whose life is running on credit Everyone had stopped lending money to Rustom Kaka. Hard times had fallen upon him. But one day, Rustom Kaka struck Gold Me & my friends, had pooled in money & were drinking Old Monk Rum on the terrace Rustom Kaka, for no apparent reason, walked into the terrace And it was a full moon night, so it was difficult to hide Shantanu Kulkarni blended nicely with the Sintex Water Tank For perhaps the only time in my life, I felt that I should have inherited my skin color from my father. Now, out of fear that Rustom Kaka should not tell our parents about this, me & my friends, took turns to buy provisions for Rustom Kaka for the next many years. A lot of years passed. Some went away for studies, some for work. Maharashtrians left their houses & settled elsewhere. Shireen Aunty passed away. I got married. My wife was expecting. But Rustom Kaka did not go from my life. And Rustom Kaka loved the society elevator more than he loved Shireen Aunty Everytime someone new came to live in the building – He would warn them – “Heavy stuff will not be allowed to be taken up in the lift” He once yelled at my wife – “Please don’t take the fridge in the elevator” My wife said – “Kaka, he is my husband” Vision was failing him Now I have a son. On a Sunday, he was playing cricket in the building, I was reading the newspaper in my balcony. And suddenly, I heard a windowpane break. Now, most people in the building, had earned enough money to replace window panes with sliding shutters. Only Rustom Kaka had a window pane still left. And me & my friends, came out on the balcony, for nostalgia But there was no response Minutes kept passing by. Now excitement had turned to worry. In the next 1 minute, all of us gathered outside Rustom Kaka’s house. We rang the bell, there was still no response. So our friend, Narya Pawar, who was the unanimous choice to play both Ganesha & Santa Claus broke open the door that had thinned with age quite easily. Rustom Kaka wasn’t there in the living room. He wasn’t there in the kitchen The bedroom door was slightly ajar Fearing the worst, I pushed the door open. There was Rustom Kaka, tying the lace of his pyjama. “I go to the toilet for 5 minutes & you break open my door?Idiots! Non-sense”

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  1. farch uthal ani krutrim vinod. Bhadipa loosing standards.. Jara Apalya bapachi… kinva casting couch series madhal kahitari yeu dya.

  2. Sry to say, Shama asavi.
    It is made up even the audience.
    Lol 😂
    Edited — I mean the audience scene to joke is not real.

  3. छान! मला आशा आहे की हिंदी कार्यक्रम पु.लं. च्या अजरामर साहित्याची विल्हेवाट लावणार नाही. बाकी मंदार, उत्तम!

  4. Kahi dokyavar padlele lok Pulanche sahitya dusrya bhashet adopt kelyabaddal ithe shivya ghaltayat. Pulanch sahitya dusrya bhashikana pan anubhavayla milat asel tar tyat kay vait aahe?

  5. सादरीकरण बरोबर नाही एकदाही हसू आलं नाही sorry

  6. #Bhadipa Jara peshwai mdhun baher bgha.. Yachyapeksha sudha changle kalakar ahet. Pn tumhala fkt Bramhn shahi CH rababychi asel tr kon ky bolnar ata.. Tshi Marathi industry mdhe tech Ahe mhna

  7. this first joke is picked up from somewhere else, I can definitely say it's not his, bhau credit tari de

  8. एखादा शाळेतला मुलगा हि उत्तमप्रकारे गोष्ट सांगेल..
    Content अजूनही जमत नाही BDP la

  9. Marathi standup he ek abhimanaspad paul ahe pudhchya standup chya weli nakki pahayla yaycha praytna karen. Tumchya pudhil standup che aturtene waat pahtoy. Keep it up guys !!! Rustam kaknchya nimmitane punha ekda pestan kaka aikla ever green stuff.

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  11. @bhadipa – Just for fun, consider calling indurikar maharaj on stage. His content is raw, his connect is unbelievable. It will help you guys bring revolution in marathi stand ups.

  12. छान प्रयत्न…मात्र जमवून आणल्यासारखं वाटलं, शुभेच्छा!

  13. online shopping वर , रेल्वे च्या किचकट reservation पद्धती वर stand up comedy करा . .

  14. Actually it’s intelligent comedy. 👍🏻

    Kasa aahe Mandar…. Aatachya pidhicha awantar vachan kami aahe tewha tuze references tyanchya paryant pohochna awghad aahe aani hasna durchi goshta aahe.

  15. Lift madhun fridge nai neycha.. Kaka navra ahe maza 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  16. Arre kalach ek video Dave aunty cha baghitala..mhatala ha manus copy martoy…khup shodhala..tar tuch to!! Aso! chhaan kartoys mitra!! Pan marathi hindi english asa sagala baghnari pan public aahe…tujha Home minister wala awadala jam! Asach vegala content lihit raha amacha sarakhya audiance sathi…u r doing a good job!

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