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RWBY Humor Tangent 18

♪ Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk, ♪ ♪ I’m a woman’s man. No time to talk. ♪ N: Y-y-y-you BLoCKeD Me oN FaCeBooK. N: a-a-a-aND NoW you’Re GoiNG To Die. N: My favorite things are: N: music N: and sunshine N: and love! N: …and pain! Q: Hello, ladies~ N: Spaaaaaace! N: SPACE! N: YEEEEE HAAAAAA P: I liked that last number. O: What did you like about it? P: It was the LAST number! [laughing] B: Back then, things were different. B: In the ashes of war, B: the White Fang was meant to be a B: symbol of peace and unity B: between humans and the faunus. B: But then B: everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Robot: Intruder: identify yourself. JOHN CENA!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!! S: Rebecca, you are the prettiest girl in Brooklyn. B: Thank you, Sir Jeffers! S: Will you accompany me S: to the mysterious wedding today? B: No. S: But, but Rebecca, I love you! B: you too. S: Marry me, Rebecca! B: No. S: Why?! B: I, I don’t love you! S: Rebeccaaaaa! B: I am in love with another. S: Who is this man?! B: He B: is B: you. S: [le gasp!] B: I love you! S: Marry me, Rebecca! B: No. S: Rebecaaaaaaa! B: I am in love with your brother. S: Chad?! S: I’ll kill him when I find him! N: OR he will find YOU! S: Chad! N: The mysterious wedding N: has been our wedding all along. N: Rebecca and I are getting wed N: at the wedding today. N: YOU are not invited. N: Will you be my best man? S: Of course, brother. S [whispered]: I hate you so much. N: Goodbye, brother. I’ll see you at the bachelor party! B: Goodbye, Sir Jeffers. B: I will always love you. S: Rebecca…. P: Just when you think this show is terrible, P: something wonderful happens. O: What? P: It ends. [ironic laughter]

100 thoughts on “RWBY Humor Tangent 18

  1. Because of your tangents, im thinking about doing similar videos, not omly rwby but srparated by series
    What program should i use, a free one?
    Also have many ideas if you want i can insted send them to you

  2. 10 ideas for future tangents:
    1. Nora as Pinky Pie
    2. Intruder! Identify yourself.
    I need to speak to Caesar!
    3. Weiss and Winter, do you want to build a snowman?
    4. Ruby:Oh that's my uncle! from RTAA
    5. The song Black and Yellow for Blake and Yang.
    6. Intruder! Identify yourself.
    My name is Victor Reznov! And I will have my revenge!
    7. dude look like a lady for Jaune in the dress.
    8. Lightsaber battle sound effects.
    9. Pyrrha says something to Qrow, use whatever you want.
    10. Intruder! Identify yourself.
    I'm here to fulfill Ras AL Gul's Destiny.

  3. I'll be honest, I sort of forgot I made that request. When this video came out I just thought "damn I wish I thought of that joke".

    Great video as always dude. I love a good cross over, and when it involves some of my favorite shows (RWBY, Avatar, And Bravest Warriors) it makes it all the better.

  4. Here's an idea. After Yang gets surrounded by the guards in V3 E6, one of the guards says "Halt! You have committed crimes against Skyrim and her people. What say you in your defense?"

  5. Intruder: Identify yourself

    I'm Bart Simpson who the hell are you?


    Intruder: Identify yourself:

    My name is oliver queen…

  6. Here's a really good idea for you, and you should use the port and oobleck announcer sceans.Oobleck: alright the combatants, it's time to end the debate once and for all.Port: ITS TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLE!!!!

  7. 1:05 haha that was so smart, put it at like 50% volume so people turn the sound up and then I just hear JOHN CENA at like 500% volume

  8. You need to do when Ruby is running from the Death Stalker and the Nevermore throws his feathers and gets Rubys cape caught and Whice goes up to her and says No capes!

  9. Could you please do the "NO accounting for Dumbass….ness" line with the scene of Jaune, Pyrrha , and Weiss from season one?

  10. Suggestion "intruder, identify yourself." "I go by many names, mountain slayer, thunder lion, the chocolate axe, but you? You many call me… Tiffany."

  11. May I make a suggestion? In the last episode of Volume 3, Qrow calls Ruby a pipsqueak, as a reference to FullMetal Alchemist. Could you have Qrow say his line, and then either show one of the many "short" clips from FMA, or just have Ruby quote Edward?

  12. Dude, that John Cena bit was fucking evil. I get what you were trying to do – you had the first part nearly silent so you could trick people into turning the volume up and then you'd have THAT pile of shit playing on full blast! Do you even realize how many eardrums you've potentially exploded?!

    Diabolical, +CixaleaJwan4. Dia-fuckin-bolical.

  13. My suggestions: Boil em mash em stick em in a stew remix, the Andy Griffith theme while they are walking or running around school, "you're dead to me" and "Die potato! Not TODAY"! From ASDF. And that's all I got for the moment.


  15. In the "intruder identify yourself" bit you should have Adam say "my name Jeff" from 22 Jump Street 🙂

  16. It's been 6 months, but I'll keep holding out. One day, you will return to us. I still have faith! Um… I really do hope it happens sooner rather than later, though.

  17. I have an idea! When Zwei runs up to Yang after Ruby falls into the tunnel, it should say:"What is it? Timmy fell down the well!?!?!"

  18. I know you been gone awhile…please continue with these…they are remarkably funny, and usually turn to before or after my mood for RWBY sparks. ^_^ Thank you.

  19. It has been 20 months. I shall remain subscribed. I hope you return one day. I hope you still like RWBY. Until you return, thanks for all the laughs.

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