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Sabka Katega Traffic Challan | Life After New Traffic Challan | Latest Funny Videos

Sabka Katega Traffic Challan | Life After New Traffic Challan | Latest Funny Videos Is your girlfriend asking for third birthday present? Are your friends asking you to lend money? So tell them you have already spent everything on traffic challan Welcome to our segment ‘Sabka Katega’ Today, we have with us, two of the many people whose life after new traffic challan has been affected Just like you and me, have spent everything and have spent everythiing paying traffic challan The first to join us is 30 years old Bunty from Rampur who was a victim of Child labour, child marriage and hair loss. and now, traffic challan too. Bunty can you hear us? Sir, after 36 rejections.. finally one girl agreed on meeting me. Roshni Roshni? In one had she had tea and samosa in the other. Chai and samose Meeting her mother went so far that.. How much does your son earn? He earns so much that he can pay traffic challan for the entire locality. This is what we needed. My mother-in-law was serious and I was a son of a …. Bunty! I fell into the trap. As the new penalty laws were implemented ever since I have started paying everyone’s challan I lost my house my car My clothes my underpants even my left kidney But the traffic challan is still pending. I took a loan of 30 lacs from the bank. I thinking to do something about it. I’m thinking to have the traffic police involved too. or maybe mur.. So this was Bunty who might be put behind the bar in a few months. Let’s move forward. We have with us, Champa from Barailey Who was betrayed in love who has a really bad luck who likes anup jalota Champa, what is your issue Sir My boyfriend He has a huge heart and pocket. He used to bring really nice presents earlier. Gucci’s bag, Prada’s clothes Diamond ring House documents house keys entire house Champa? But this time.. RC Challan slip on my birthday License challan slip on anniversary Insurance challan slip on Valentine’s See.. I’m not behind his 320 crore worth property 320 crore? Actually 327 crore, 50 lacs, 3 thousand, two hundred and three rupees but if this continues… My father will get me married somewhere else. and I don’t want this because I love my boyfriend As you can see, Indians are severely affected by the newly implemented penalty laws Now the question is… Will Champa dump her boyfriend and find a new prey? Will Bunty find a solution of his own? Will these innocents get justice? Will Laade Maa get ticket to Bigg Boss? Will Vipin have a safe landing by giving 100-200 buck extra? Find out the answers in our next segment ‘Meri Bhains Ko Danda Kyun Maara?’ I am Anup And I am Jalota And you are watching Sabka Katega Subscribe to the channel for more!

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  1. Sabka Katega Traffic Challan | Life After New Traffic Challan | Latest Funny Videos

    Traffic challan is what every Indian has been talking about ever since the new penalty rules on breaking traffic rules have been implemented. Life after new traffic challan has not been easy for all of us. In the latest funny video by the sloshed engineers, we present to you a funny news reporting displaying true emotions of every Indian after new penalty laws implementation

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