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Salad Fingers 1: Spoons

(music starts) Hello, (heavy breathing) I like rusty spoons, a-a-an-and I like to touch them (laughs) the feeling of rust Against my salad fingers is almost orgasmic (laughs) I must find the perfect spoon (sound of walking) (ding) (scratching) uh H-Hello there young child. I’m here to inquire about your spoooonz (shrieking) Uh-Huh. (sound of walking) (heavy breathing) Might I ask where you keep the spoons? (shrieking) I see Then I must leave. But first I’d like to caress this rusty, kettle. (sound of scratching) uuh

100 thoughts on “Salad Fingers 1: Spoons

  1. why can't I stop I've seen this so many times but like wHY CAN"T I STOP WATCHING THIS SERIES SEND HELP PLEASE

  2. F***ed-up sexually-sick and repulsive creepiness OR much ado about nothing (no creativity)?

  3. My brother told me this is scary.
    I don't know if I'm a crazy schizophrenic or what, but this ain't even close to unsettling.

  4. Don't be scared don't be scared don't be scared don't be scared don't be scared don't be scared don't be scared DON'T BE SCAREEEED

  5. Lol i watched this years ago and my step soater loved it she thought it was hilarius and i didnt really like it cause i thought it was scary and i heard somone in roblox the other day talking abot this and i got remindee of it so here i am watching this video thays older than me o the creativity back then😐

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