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Salad Fingers 3: Nettles

Hello Hello Today I’ve been enjoying the pleasures of nettles. Oh? What’s this rather queer looking contraption? You can be called a nettle carrier. There you go. *growling* *screaming and growling* *a questioning growl* Oh! Oh! It seems nettles have made the milk drop out from inside my teat. Ah. *angry growling* *screaming and growling* The nettles make me think happy times. *humming machine sound* Oh bubble trumps! *moaning in pain* Oh, hello! You’ve picked a rather late hour to be visiting me. Have you got a name? I think you’re called Milford Cubicle. Why don’t you come in? You can have a sit down and rest those weary legs. I’ll give you a little hand if you’re feeling rather fatigued, Milford Cubicle. Is that comfortable? *music played with a flute* I say, would you like a warm glass of milk? Milford Cubicle.

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  2. I was about seven or eight the first time I watches this becahse of my mom and brothers which explains why I'm weirder than most at fourteen

  3. So, queer is "the umbrella term for something that isn't heterosexual or cis-gender" when he says "what is this queer contraption" I swear I thought he called it gay and I got so confused, but then I remembered queer also means strange or odd. Boy am I queer as ever

  4. Salad fingers: this will be called the NETTLE THAT MAKES MILKS FROM TEATS carrier
    Me: what planenr are ya on?

    Me: this is porn right herer


  6. remember:
    happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts, only happy thoughts

  7. to be honest when i watched this… i was so terrified until i started to watch other parts and i was really enjoying it… what is wrong with my childhood XD

  8. ☠️I did know you can play with Instruments💀

  9. does anyone know any other weird youtube series i can binge? ive already watched dhmis and salad fingers twice, so i need another

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