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SALES as a Profession | A Funny Look at Getting into Sales | funny sales video clips

hello Bernie how are you enjoying the
final days of school Yama start s I cannot wait to get out of this place you
finished at the bottom of your class so do you have any job offers it seems like
if I’m willing to cut my hair and put up with a lot of corporate horseshit I can
become a salesperson how cool is that why would anyone want to do that getting
rejected all day long and trying to get people to do what they do not want to do
do they not have any openings in shipping and receiving no my grades
we’re not high enough in sales all you have to do is take it to day training
class and you’re good to go sure but will you find it fulfilling and
challenging man I just want to pay my cable bill and move out of my parents
basement sounds like you are putting your special ed to good use it will be
cool I get a new PC and a free cell phone I get to call people up all day
and chat them up about my cool products then if they did what I am gabbing about
I head out to meet up and press the flesh I will fire up the presentation
and get jiggy with a PowerPoint when I’m finished I will do what they call in the
biz a double BAM close and lock in the cash ish well it sounds like you have
found a vocation for yourself so good luck and please do not tell anyone you
went to school here

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