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Salim Kumar Comedy Scenes | Kattappanayile Rithwik Roshan Comedy | Vishnu | Dharmajan |API Malayalam

You a Naxalite? – I mean You?
– Yeah! Shucks! When I’m attempting a re-entry,
why do you scorn at me? Not that Still how did you
become a Naxalite? A handicapped man walking
on the bridge? Oh No! Bro, please sit on my scooter.
I’ll drop you wherever you want to go. No brother, I’ll go myself. Don’t deny please! God gave me such comforts
for helping people like you. Please come. It was not necessary. Oh God! I am pleased. Where were you going in
this sunny afternoon? To the hospital. For doing this holy deed,
I will not go unrewarded by God. Am I right, brother? – Bro, please stop.
– Okay! Long live Nexalites! Boss move quickly
or else Police will catch us. Police! Like that I also became a Nexalite. Leave it! Doesn’t matter. No! Don’t touch me! My body has become septic of beatings. Is that all? Actor Jayan falls to
death from the helicopter, during the shooting of film Kollilakkam! Suren! Jayan is gone, Chandra! I don’t want to live in this world
where Jayan is not there. I’m also going to die. What are you talking Suren? Prove your love for Jayan
not my dying. Live like Jayan and show the world. You can do it! Hereafter you’re the actor
Jayan of Malayalam Cinema. Junior Jayan! Oh My God! Did I say anything wrong? Okay, then as said!
See you then. We’ll meet again in the Screen. Come back as actor Jayan – Zindabad!
– We’ll meet in screen. For filling the absence of Jayan
in Malayalam film industry, my father boarded the bus to Madras,
with everyone’s blessings. See this. Though there is ample space
to even sleep in the bus, see the way he hangs
behind like Jayan! ‘After a few months’ A junior Jayan has entered
Malayalam cinema. From tomorrow onwards
in Kattapana Santosh Talkies, BHEEMAN. 3 Shows!
Bheeman! Starring Junior Jayan, Raghu,
and your other favourite film actors! Come and see! As Bheeman arrived to
fill the absence of Jayan Henceforth, Arjunan, Nakulan, Sahadevan,
and Surendran will not be needed anymore. Guys, look, here comes
Kattapana Jayan! Went like Jayan and
came back like Jaggu. Are Prem Nazir and Sheela, doing well? You can never become Jayan. Don’t tarnish the image
of Kattapana people. Aspiring to become an actor! Stop it! It’s true that I couldn’t
become an Actor. I couldn’t become anything. But I’m saying this for all to hear. I will definitely make my son an actor. An actor who will be
coveted by everyone. An excellent artist and
a hero who has lots of fans! Watch! This is my words. Even though he challenged people,
my father wasn’t even married that time. Hence my father was determined
to marry a beautiful girl… for giving birth to a
handsome actor. Government Hospital, Kattappana. Keep this blade, son! What for? You are not supposed
to bite nails. In front of the Kattapana Govt.
hospital labour room, My father was not
waiting for his son. But a complete hero
for Malayala Cinema! Oh no! Power cut. Good omen. Surendran. It’s me only. A baby boy! Let me also have a glimpse of the
future super star of Malayalam Cinema. Hey you, little darkie! This has become like
the film of Jayan. Kari Puranda Jeevithangal
(Darker side of life). He makes me say all this… This will never happen. Heard what I said! Oh, started? Don’t turn me into a Naxalite again. If you try to lock horn with me,
then I will become a bad person. What did you say? Tell me. I will settle her right, today. Tell me what did you say? Father, its 20 yrs since
you married my mother. – Oh! Still not able to
understand what mother says. As if she is able to understand
what I’m saying in 20 years? You married her knowing
that she is dumb, right? Hoping there shouldn’t be any problem
or commotion in marriage life, I looked out for a dumb,
and finally got married. But I wasn’t aware she will abuse me
with her sign language. What does she say now? She says, you didn’t marry her
for that reason. Who will marry a person
beat to a pulp by policemen? Mother was telling you about
uncle coming home on Sunday. Let him come, father! No! You are not
aware of your uncle! During the time to
disperse Kattapana market, he bought rotten
Sardines for Rs.10. When a Cat took one of the sardines, he ran 5 kms chasing the cat, caught hold of it, laid it down,
tickled on its stomach, and forced the cat
to vomit the Sardine. And then took away that Sardine home
and cooked Curry My filthy Co- brother! What was she telling me now? Says, Uncle will surely
be coming home. You can get away if
you can’t tolerate him. What did you say? I’ll punch your face… Oh no! Let my co-brother come home.
Let your brother also come. Let his father-in-law also come. While playing Chess, is so much
seriousness needed in the face? In this game alone, all others
are Kshatriyas and King alone a Christian! Look, there is a Cross on head. Get off! Don’t create a communal friction.
Get off from here. Rascal! What is it, Sasi? Can you get your name
changed this year at least? I’m fed up. Oh I’m tired of walking up and down
the Government offices. Are you mad, Sasi? What is wrong with the name SASI? Only a name apt for
your face can be christened! No, I must change my name. The Mimicry artists and Film people
ridicules the name Sasi. So I’m not able to face the people. My son only acts as a thief but not
fleeces like you do to your boss. You thief! Any need of getting
heated up with the driver? Not only my son, here Sathyan,
Nasser, Mammooty, Mohanlal and also Jayan has
acted as a thief. But they acted in other roles also.
Not only a thief’s role. Check! Shucks! Task for horse. See! Even Horse has got a task!
Ask him to look out for some job. Everything will be fine.
He has just started. Yes, only 10 years is over, right? Shouldn’t he get a good role? He will get only a suitable
role for his appearance. All his earnings are spent by buying
Fair & Lovely. To make him fair. To make him fair you
need to peel off his skin. As you are fatherless,
I am not calling you by names. Hear this. The movie that he did with Mammooty, I liked that very much. But he did not act
in Mammooty films. – He did.
– He didn’t. I have watched.
– Which movie? – Bet?
– How much? – For one lakh rupees.
– Say something possible. For Rs.100.
– Okay. – Come on. Bet!
– Bet! I see! Father doesn’t know son’s film? How’s it possible?
They love each other that much. They never talk to each other. Have you seen us not
talking with each other? No. Then?
– How? I haven’t seen you both
talking with each other. This is not the way to play. Load has reached.
Come fast. Move quickly. Load has come to trouble
the people. I won’t go. Aren’t you coming? If I also come to unload,
who will take care of the Chess board? See how it is displaced. People like you bring
shame to the labour class. So you’ve realized, Comrade! If you flourish,
your family will flourish. If your family flourishes,
then this country will flourish. If the country flourishes,
then it means world has flourished. World means, it would include
Pakistan, right? Yes! Pakistan needn’t flourish in my hardwork. Long Live Mother India! Oh my God!
Who will assemble this coins? Sensibility! There is something called Sensibility! A person at least needs some sense. This is a family. When husband and wife were talking, was there any need for him to
intrude and ask for a chance? Would anyone with sense do like that? – Would you do that?
– Never. Will you ask? But he… Here he is! When did you reach? What happened?
Not coming inside. I’ll come now. I will bring the hatchet and come. May be he is joking. No… he doesn’t have
that much sense. How difficult it is? The problem
of not having common sense. Even otherwise, there should be
someone to guide him properly. The only friend is a crappy friend. Then, a failure neighbour. Aren’t you that Vijayan’s son, who applied for a disability
pension for an agnail disease? He is never going to reform
if hangs around with you. Not like that! Definitely
Kichuettan will get a good role. I don’t think so. Because he is photogenic! What is that? Born only for the
sake of photographs. Doesn’t know acting. Why are you talking ill
of that poor guy? I’ve told you many times not to remind me the hard time
in Jail by hitting the plate. Mother is calling you for dinner.
– Whatever! Why needlessly frighten me? Oh I’m sorry!
I totally forgot you. – Had your dinner?
– No, not yet. Boys of your age shouldn’t
starve like this. Is it so? Go home and have dinner. Without allowing others to
eat are you watching? Those dogs who didn’t
even call me for their wedding, are now calling me for
playing Candy Crush Saga? Go man! Have you acted in any
of Mammooty’s films? Hmm! I’m not allowed to sleep peacefully. Who is that at this wee hour? Who is that, father? Who knows? You are correct. It was him only in
Mammooty’s film. Take your bet amount Rs.100! That mental case in Madampalli. Is it still there inside him? Dear, Your birthday kheer is
palatable, tasty and yummy! Thank you! She’s a dab hand at cooking! Regarding dab hand…
her mother… is chanceless! O my friend!
She cooks everything in a jiffy! But you can hardly eat it! What did you say? Perform Kanni’s marriage before
her next birthday, right? How could you follow my
wife’s gestures and language? I’ve seen on T.V. You might have seen it there,
but don’t show it here. O my Sure!
You know what is in her mind? Wishes to get our daughter
married to her brother’s son. The one working in
the textile shop? Hmm! Wasn’t he in Jail for some days? So what?
Gandhiji also has gone to Jail. Gandhiji didn’t go to Jail for fixing
hidden camera in Britishers bathroom. Even you’d been to Jail. That’s why I say, two convicts
should not live in one place. Right? I happened to see one thing today. In Kichu’s room, he had
written his life ambitions. Is it? Anything related to cinema? Yes! First one was that. To act as a hero in any cinema. That is likely to happen soon. Shooting will start next month. When? Asking when? The drink you had yesterday was from
the advance amount he received. Creep! Yes. Second one? Love and marry a beautiful girl! If he becomes a hero,
he will find many beauties, right dear? When I read his next ambition,
my eyes welled up! Should make father sit at home
without sending him to work. He can make you sit at home
now itself after breaking your limbs. He is an affectionate boy. I shall take leave then. Okay. – Tomorrow is my treat.
– What for? I applied for change
of my name Sashi in gazette. I will get the papers next week! Superb! Amazed! Rocked! What is your new name, Sashi? Soman! What? S-O-MAN! Now you’ve become
the real SASHI! In short, Soman
became a fool! Do I need to change
this name also? – Take!
– What is this, towel? Oh God, father! Your shooting begins
today, isn’t it? – Yah!
– Congratulations! Dear, I’ve teased you a lot. I have told many hurting words. It was all for your good only. To induce an urge in life! That’s the reason
you reached up to here. When one knows that
a person is going to shine, this is the usual
dialogue said by people, who until then had
been criticizing him. – That is what you are telling me now.
– So my story is over, right? Okay, get going. Father, get inside. ls gruel ready?
– What more should happen now?

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