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“Same Old Love” by Selena Gomez PARODY (Same Old MESS!) | Laughing Moms

(lips smack) (upbeat music) ♫ Pick up your things before you go ♫ This is so lame, you said ♫ I know ♫ I’ve asked you all before
at least a million times ♫ But you always forget ♫ You know ♫ Can’t you hear me ♫ Is anyone listening ♫ You left your toys ♫ Left all the pieces ♫ Oh my poor feet, and now my knees ♫ Holy cow ♫ Ow ♫ I’m so sick of that same old mess ♫ It makes me so upset ♫ I’m so sick of steppin’ on stuff ♫ I’ve really had enough ♫ Oh ♫ That same old mess ♫ Oh ♫ That same old mess ♫ Why must you fight all the time ♫ Of course it’s not your fault ♫ I know ♫ I’ve heard it all ♫ Don’t care who started the war crimes ♫ It takes two to tango ♫ You know ♫ Can’t you hear me ♫ Is anyone listening ♫ Just want some peace ♫ Please no more screaming ♫ I can’t believe that I conceived ♫ Such noisy kids ♫ I’m so sick of that same old noise ♫ Of fighting girls and boys ♫ I’m so sick of that same old noise ♫ It gets me so annoyed ♫ Oh ♫ That same old noise ♫ Oh ♫ That same old noise ♫ I’m not touchin’ that ♫ Not touchin’ that mess ♫ Don’t want none of that ♫ None of that stress ♫ Give me some of that ♫ Oh ♫ Some of that love ♫ Need some more of that ♫ Yeah ♫ More kisses and hugs ♫ I’m just gonna ignore this mess ♫ Go grab a fancy dress ♫ We can have a dance contest ♫ Whose moves are the best ♫ Oh ♫ Ignore the mess ♫ Oh ♫ Ignore the mess ♫ I’m just gonna ignore the noise ♫ Let’s play with all your toys ♫ Be princesses and cowboys ♫ Something we’ll all enjoy ♫ Oh ♫ Ignore the noise ♫ Oh ♫ Ignore the noise – Hey ya’ll. This is Eden and Alisha here. We are so excited to give you this new video for Millennial Moms. – We have had a rainy
spring break here in Texas and this video kind of reflects the stress of being in the house
too long with yo kids. – That’s right. So comment below on things that you do to eliminate the stress and
cabin fever in your house. – And remember to subscribe
below to Millennial Moms and give us a big thumbs
up if you can relate. – And if you missed Alison yesterday, the little button up there will
take you right to her video and then coming up on Monday is Jaimie. – If you’d like to see
some more of our parodies, there’s a link in the description below for our Laughing Moms channel and we’d love if you could
subscribe there also. – That’s right. ‘Kay, we’ll see ya. – [Alisha and Eden] Bye.

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