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Sandra Bullock Had No Problem Yelling at Her On-Screen Kids

That’s Sandra Bullock
in “The Bird Box”– With the incredible
Sarah Paulson. –with the incredible
Sarah Paulson, who doesn’t make it too long
in this movie, that was it. Nor should you ever
drive with Sarah Paulson is obviously
what this is– Yeah, she’s a bad driver. Terrible. It’s really good, it’s such a–
it’s an interesting concept. Explain what it is. Well, it’s sort of a
psychological thriller paired with a really deep,
emotional love story about what is family? You know, and what’s
happening in the world? What’s making people
harm themselves? It’s so hard to look at. When you see this thing,
you harm yourself, you– you see your worst fears and
you kill yourself so you cannot see, you’re blindfolded,
so we shot half the movie blindfolded, which was
funny, and it’s about– I mean, to me it’s
a story about what you would do for your family,
and your family isn’t always what you’re told your
family is, and it’s how people come together. Yeah. It’s really– and it’s
really good, and it’s– who’s the guy that plays– Trevonte Rhodes. He’s fantastic. He’s– I don’t know if you
saw “Moonlight,” he’s divine, not just as an actor,
but as a human being, he is the most wonderful human
being I think I’ve ever met. Oh, that’s great to–
yeah, he’s really great. And then the kids are adorable. Yeah, Julian and Vivian– And so, OK, so you’re
blindfolded for most of this, you’re actually having to row– Yeah. You don’t do it
like this, though. You don’t? No, that’s skiing, that’s a– Oh. Yeah. Or, or, or, like– I’m thinking of another movie. Yeah. Yeah, see? Yeah. Yeah, sorry. I was thinking about that. No, but you had to–
you had to row– There you go. –like that way. Yeah, that way. That way. Yeah, yeah. OK. So you had to row– I had to row. –blindfolded– [LAUGHING] Yeah. –and then you
fell in the water– Yes, yes. –and it
was freezing, I bet. Freezing cold, and then
you have to climb up hills and you have to navigate
trees blindfolded, and– And did you run into things? Yes, I did. I ran into the camera. I ran into the camera
a couple times. Did you? I did. Nobody stopped and said,
you’re close to the camera? Well, we had a
Steadicam operator, and it’s sort of like
on this hydraulic thing, and he would pull it out of
the way most of the time, but sometimes I would just turn
and run into another direction and just– I was just so fast. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] And I’d– See? –clip the camera. And then you were
holding these kids, so did you knock
them into things? No, that’s where– any time I
had the kids and I had to run, I had them eliminate one
layer of the blindfold so I could see outlines. I wouldn’t– I knew where
I was going but they– I always had them hooked
onto me a certain way and I never did anything
to harm the children. Yeah, good. Because– and I know how
much– you’re so sweet and where you were yelling
at them, I just thought, that must have been so
hard to yell at those kids. Actually, it was really easy. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] Oh. Why is that? Because you never let
yourself get to that place unless you’re really scared. If your child runs out into
the street you don’t go, you know, get back here. You go [BLEEP] are you doing? Get over here! [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] Yeah, yeah. But you don’t– you
don’t get to that place, because there’s usually people
watching so you’re like, get back here. So you’ve got to be
those things that you aren’t allowed to be when
you’re really, really scared. Yeah. So. All right. Yeah. We saw a different
side of Sandy. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] It’s– the movie is great
and I’m really happy for you, it’s really good, and– well, I don’t wanna– Do you– –give anything away. Do you want me to
help you finish? What– did you forget? No, I’m– Oh, I thought you forgot– I’m finished. –sorry. All right. Oh, you are? Yeah. Goodbye, thanks everybody! Thanks for having me. I’ll– I’ll decide– Oh! The– OK. I have to give a– It’s your show. You have a stage. I have a– Let’s play your game. Yeah. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] I have a railing. All right. Maybe everyone would
like to use my railing when you leave today. Oh. Yes, for sure. [AUDIENCE APPLAUDING] The movie is called “Bird Box,”
it’s in select theaters now, and it will be available
on Netflix tomorrow, and we’re gonna play a game
later on, so you’re not completely done. [BLEEP] [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] OK, I’ll stay, I’ll stay. What a potty mouth you are. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING]

100 thoughts on “Sandra Bullock Had No Problem Yelling at Her On-Screen Kids

  1. Quiet Place- Can't talk

    Birdbox- Can't see

    Nightmare on Elms St.- Can't sleep

    Truth or Dare- Can't turn down dare

    And now you know what happens in movies!

  2. Ellen you are my favorite celebrity you are the best I'm your number 1 fan I have the same birthday as you and I'm funny to I wish I could come to your show but I can't because I live in Russellville you are the best

  3. I love Sandra so much. I’ve always loved her. Such a classy woman and beautiful inside and out.

  4. I don't watch a lot of Ellen. But from what I have seen, this Sandra Bullock interview is the most entertaining.

  5. Here after the Keanu Reeves interview of the same title. Ellen is a sneaky matchmaker

  6. Ellen my mom is single and she work so hard and you make her happy and she likes to dance with you when you play your music so my mom need to meet you

  7. Lol the way Sandra just flopped Ellen to the side was gold, usually she’s the one that makes her guests uncomfortable but Sandra was not having it

  8. OMG Ellen I loved bird box I wached it with my cousins in the Philippines 🇵🇭
    Dude seeing her on the Ellen show makes me smile that’s the best horror
    Movie ever! Keep up the good work ellen!

  9. This movie was a 'good' watch.. A lot of covert hypnosis and entity attachment happened on a lot of you guys.

    The more sensitive you are to frequencies, the more you will be able to see them

  10. i don’t understand the people who are saying ellen made this uncomfortable, or that she was being rude? y’all realize these interviews are rehearsed right? if a guest gets off track, it’s the hosts’ job to get back on track. you only have so much time to complete the interview.

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