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SARDI re SARDI #Funny Types of kids during Winter Season | Aayu and Pihu Show

What is winter? What is winter? You think winter is more powerful then you…. that is winter getting scared of it after washing off only hand and feet without bathing when you come out from shower running that is winter I am going to hit that winter I am not going to get scared of winter I am going to take a bath now Let us conquer Aayu take your soap This is my weapon oh no, that’s soap Pihu wake up kid it’s 7’o clock already Mom let me sleep, I’m feeling very cold let me sleep Pihu, kid wake up it’s very late get up kid okay mom, tell me In summers when does sun rises? 6’o clock and in winters? 7’o clock when in winters even sun rises late so how do you expect me to wake up on time? let me sleep Mom, good night kids, and their excuses huh? she’s gone It feels so nice to sleep in winter If you too like to sleep in winter, then like this video and if you haven’t subscribed yet, please subsscribe I’m sleeping now but you should definitely watch the video it’s going to get fun Good night Do you know people in winter’s become just like a mobile phone they are on silent mode before bathing and while bathing, on loud speaker mode and after bathing on vibration mode Ruchi listen Yes, I am going out with my friends I’ll be back in 15 minutes Where are you going? you have to get grocery Grocery? yes I did buy groceries last month only that got finished I’ll be back in 15 minutes, then I’ll go and get it promise No you first go get groceries then go and rome around wherever you want First you make your list that will take you 15 minutes List is ready I’ll get it at end moment she always bugs me everytime here is your list I had already prepared this for you Okay I’ll get them and get all the groceries not like the last time when you brought back only half the stuff that I didn’t found this and that Okay I’m leaving now Should I take the shopping bag? Yes He can’t even do one household chore You have written soap in this so? we do already have soap at home where is it show me? See here it is, madame Yes, here is the soap We have it already How long will this last? Why do you need it It’s winters Who is going to bathe for 2 months Just 1 soap is enough I’ll bathe after 2 months, bye you keep this He just needs excuses to not bathe in winters He won’t even buy soap now Mom, I do want to study But it’s so cold, how can I study? Sit in the sun, study there okay, mom Mom I’m very hungry and it’s so cold, what should I do? Sit in the sun and eat okay Mom I want to go poop but it’s very cold, what should I do? Go and sit in the sun huh? what? what? Mom I want to poop, poop so go and sit on toilet seat (laughing) Should I put a heater there? you woke up yes Mom Are you feeling cold? Yes Mom, it is so cold Are you enjoying these winters okay do one thing go and take a bath, brush your teeth I’ll make some hot milk for you Bathing in winters? Yes you should take a bath daily no I won’t Mom Mom remember my 2 things always What? First- You should never get scared of problems okay and second? Never ever bathe in winters Run!!! you come here you two just need excuses for not bathing Even you find some excuse Mom this bathing word is totaly wrong Oh So this word is only wrong? Yes, so here is our new legend He thinks Hindi language is wrong Tell us oh great priest Oh Mom this word only has no in front and no in back so how should I say yes to it (Na-ha-na) So I say no to bathing, bye-bye all of you have, great excuses with you but it is really too cold today I don’t know why people really get scared of their wife I am not at all scared What did you just said? huh? No, no, no I didn’t said anything I was just telling everybody What? That winters are here, it’s very cold so can I wash the dishes in afternoon? What are you trying to tell your friends that I make you work all day yes, you do make me work all day I am a very loving and obedient wife there is no need to laugh Even I know it’s winters so I’ve kept some warm water to wash dishes with Woww…party will be fun God should give such loving wives to everyone All hail to the wife I am very fortunate I have a towel, a bucket, a mug, some water even soap But I don’t have courage to bathe I’ll bathe next month Mom yes I have to go Yes so go, I am not stopping you But Mom what sweater should I wear? I can’t make my mind What wrong with this Black on black dosen’t looks nice give it wear this this looks grandma like wear this one It’s very old, Mom don’t like it This covers my whole neck wear this one this one is very itchy, Wait I will give you your new sweater really ? take this wrap this up, and go This? Yes You are bugging me with your tantrums go and wear this Should I go wearing a blanket? So when I gave you so many options Go in this blanket only now Okay I’m going Am I looking good? Hmm.. It’s so cold What should I eat something sweet? I should just eat one ice cream Yeaahh.. I’ll get to eat ice-cream It is so cold Haww…you are eating ice cream in winters Are you alright? Mom I wasn’t eating this so? There was only 1 left in the fridge I thought it would go bad So I thought I should just eat it No, no you will not eat it See, Mom I won’t eat anything other than is not even food See Aayu you are threatning me, this is wrong I want to eat ice-cream, I don’t know anything Okay you want to have ice cream right? I’ll get this on a plate, okay? Oh woww.. Mom agreed See my friends, My mom is so nice My ice cream is coming huh? Mom what’s this This is ice cream Just like milk, you melted it all You should not eat cold things in winter that’s why I warmed it up aainnn.. my ice cream If you want to eat, eat it this was the last ice cream, you won’t get any ice cream in winters Did you saw? I had such a nice cream meaning Mom she made a milkshake of this Mom I am going to play cricket, bye where are you going? come here I’m going to play, no It is so cold outside and you want to go play like a hero sit here, I’ll be back Mom let me go, It’s getting late It will get dark outside yes, yes come here get up Oh mom, so many clothes Yes, because it is so cold Mom now can I go to play Yes, now you are ready to play Go Mom, I can’t bend, please give me the bat The bat? Yes Mom I feel like I am not going to play I am going to climb the himalyas and this is my stick Have you gone mad? You turned on fan in such a cold weather? I will keep it on why? Switch it off right now Mosquitoes are biting me I’m feeling cold Mosquitoes are biting me What should I do about that? what should I do you are feeling cold Do one thing switch off the fan you do one thing, quietly go to sleep Ohh.. I am feeling cold you switch off the fan right now I won’t do it What if I get ill? What if I get pneumonia? So, sister Mosquitoes are biting me What if I get dengue? What if I get malaria? All these mosquitoes are playing cricket near my ear See – 1 mosquito even scored a sixer here Cricket? I am going to convert into a ball, I’m feeling so cold here Okay become one If there are mosquitoes you switch on the mosquito repellent If you are feeling cold, wear a blanket I have a blanket on, but in vain even the repellent is on, but in vain You will never listen to me I’m the one who has to sacrifice It’s nice, you will just wear your blanket and sleep but what should I do? Leave me alone Even I’ll have to cover my face with blanket Mom, mom, mom yes, yes, yes Come on mom, come fast where are you taking me? In the garden, come What’s the rush? Come outside why do you want a blanket? I don’t understand come outside Give this to him he is feeling cold Oh so he’s feeling cold that’s why you brought out an old blanket Very good boy Take this, you must be feeling cold you wear this Mom now the old man, won’t feel cold yes kid, it’s very cold right You did a very good job today And yes, even if you have old clothes and blankets with you surely give them to the people in need everyone feels cold and yes, like this video bye, bye

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