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Sass Masters – Rodney & John – Humor

Rodney: Ah, the bitter taste of ultimate failure, hmm? John: Well, if you had just figured out how to fix the damn shield in the FIRST place… …none of use would have died. Rodney: I did everything I could, including… …VALIANTLY attempting to saving your sorry- Elizabeth: Gentlemen… …FOCUS. Elizabeth (on radio): Major?? I agree with McKay. Of course you do. How could either of you resist exploring a crashed alien spaceship? Exactly! Rodney: We should really, really be dead right now. John: I don’t FEEL dead. Rodney: That one? Tracked the location of Ancient ships during the war. John: A WAR SHIP? Rodney: Ah, see, look at his eyes all lighting up again it’s Pavlovian. Rodney: Actually, yes, it’s like a dam. If you overload the dam, it breaks. Which is why the Ancients put in place failsafes to prevent such a thing from happening. John: Like a spillway. Rodney: Can we just stick with failsafes? Rodney: It’s complicated but, um… …imagine them as, ah, leaky pipes, ok? John: Alright. Rodney: So, you pump water through them – they leak, right? John: You dumb this down any more, you’re gonna get hit. Rodney: Sorry. John: Replicators don’t exist anymore. You out of your dry spell. Rodney: Hey!! John: All is right with the world. John: You know? This really isn’t as strange as you lead me to believe. Rodney: Oh yeah? What about that? John: I hate clowns. Rodney: How long you’ve been standing there? John: Hour or so. Rodney: What? Why didn’t you just say anything? I feel like a – – Oh, it’s the kidding! John: SHAME! Ronon: What is? John: Cliff Robertson – the villain he played – Shame! Rodney: Very good. Shelly Winters. Ronon: What the hell are you talking about? John: Define “strange”. Rodney: You don’t know what “strange” means? John: I know what “strange” means, Rodney- Rodney: Weird. Freakish. Odd. John: I’m just trying to determine whether it’s worth getting off the route back to the village! Rodney: ::whispered:: One tango! Middle of the room! ::record scratch:: ::crickets:: Rodney: ::whispered:: What, isn’t that right? Rodney: And with all those hits we took, it’s going to be impossible for me to convert the shield to a cloak. John: And by impossible, you mean…? Rodney: I mean, “not possible”, what do you think I mean?? John: Don’t let go of the controls! Rodney: Snapping doesn’t help! John: This is why parents get someone else to teach their kids how to drive. Rodney: I am both insulted and touched by that. Rodney: Yeah, pretty much how I remember it. Rodney: You sure about this? John: Not really. Rodney: I’m pretty screwed up. John: You’re telling me. John: Anyway to figure out what they’re saying? Rodney: Yes of course, it says right here – – “Why is the SMART one having to stop and answer so many questions?” John: Well, we’re are not calling it THAT. Rodney: Oh good, then what about, um…? John: And we’re not calling it “The Enterprise”, either. Rodney: I wasn’t going to say that. But for my second choice, I’d go with, um… John: How ’bout we name it later? John: RODNEY! Canadian Football League’s a joke. Celine Dion is overrated. Zelenka is smart than you are! Rodney: Hey! Found mention of a bio lab in the database. Ancient scientists used it to study animal life, we should check it out. John: Ok… …Meredith. John: First thing Rodney did (besides renaming his country) was put his face all over the flag. Rodney: I really thought there’d be more…hot girls. John: YEAH. John (on the radio): Why would he do that? Rodney: You know, I never really got to know him, so, ah… John: Okay, okay. John: You ok? Rodney: I’m fine. This is…this is fun for me.

60 thoughts on “Sass Masters – Rodney & John – Humor

  1. Omg this is perfect😍😍 Could you pls make a Rodney/Carson video like this one😍😍 I'd die for that❤

  2. Wow, this video just reminded me of how much I miss this show! My all time favorite TV show! Thank you for making this. 🙂

  3. Wonderful! The clip selection, the editing, the choice of music – the whole thing is great! I especially liked how the first couple of things were pretty much Doctor Elizabeth Weir: Space Mom.

  4. Thank you so much for doing this! I forgot how much fun this show was! I miss it so much, like everyone else! God damn you MGM!

  5. You know, I got the impression they were hinting at Shepard being a little more… bendy in his sexuality. 🙂 At least after re-watching the series.

  6. Ahahahaha, adorkable boys! Hewlett & Flanigan had such wonderful chemistry—it's no wonder McShep became so popular. 😉 The music you chose is wonderful & really sets the mood, tho' I had a hard time hearing some dialog over it.

    {BTW it's politer to acknowledge the composer/lyricist/performer(s) of the soundtrack in the written info section, as well as a link to a video or site where the work can be purchased. I know the music info was flashed at the end of the vid but it went by too fast for me. 🙁 }

  7. Imagine how much better the world would be right now if only Joe Flanigan had managed to buy the SG franchise.

  8. Well i guess i will have to binge watch this show for the 5th or so time. Sweet video!! And thanks for the memories.

  9. hi :3 I just wanna say I really really love your videos! They're so amazing especially the Mcshep edits*-*


  11. This is great I watched this show when I was 10 and I'm now 18 and I have the box sets because they're just great still my grandparents got me into sg1 and Atlantis they're so funny and entertaining love it!

  12. Like an old married couple. They argue all the time, push each other's buttons, but you know they love each other.

  13. Watching it now. A bit delayed.. However, this is very well done! ^^ Nice to watch. But how could you expect it to be any different – SGA being one of the very best TV shows..? ^^

  14. I miss the show too. I yearn for a fun sci-fi show. Eureka, Sliders (pre cromags), and a dozen more that didnt make it past the first season or two.

  15. I love the chemistry and banter these guys deliver. They actually sound like 2 guys who are so firmly on the same side and friends, but shit-talk eachother constantly.

  16. This is one of many reasons why SG franchise was (for me "is") one of the best sci-fi shows.
    No need for 1000000 space battles every minute, no need for extremely fancy and complex plot, just action mixed with spot on humor and creative story absolutely different, but somewhat same as SG-1 and you get this show.
    This is glorious, your editing is glorious. 🙂

  17. When are you making more videos? Can only rewatch the old ones so many times… that’s a lie I could watch these 24/7 and they’d never get old.

  18. The show would have failed so hard if the SG-1-Colonel who replaced O'Neill had become the SG-A-Colonel.

  19. A fun trip down memory lane… even having all the seasons on DVD, sometimes the brief compilations of witty scenes are still so enjoyable!

  20. woah the quality. THE RESOLUTION IS SO HIGH, I just watched a whole bunch of SGA vids that looked like 280p I was totally unprepared for this level of quality.

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