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SAVAGE KITTY!! (SF9 crack pt. 10)

Hello Is the opening me? Yes.. don’t know yet Of course not I will do the opening of this making Hello, I am SF9’s leader, Youngbin Today, we… One second It won’t focus, so you’ll have to do it again Hello, our 2nd mini album breaking sensa… If you come too close, it can’t focus. Do it again IS:I don’t think this person can film
YB:I don’t think I really have a face Start I don’t think this person can film IS:Are you blaming the model?
ZH:What did you just say? Do it again. Start *look at that sexy tongue* 93line cross! We dominate the world The 93line cross shot the opening already, but I will ignore it I shot it out of focus on purpose, so that it can’t be used
*savageeeeee kittyyy* I will start the opening now *sexy woowoo time* It’s awesome Q. Resolution for this showcase?
We will work hard to perform well on this stage *Chani making fun of hwihwi* We have ended our Showcase for our second mini album Breaking Sensation successfully I was really nervous
*I think you should be more nervous about what’s happening behind you tbh* Everyone did really well Up until now, this has been SF9. Thank you! Hwiyoung’s voice came out really loud *woowoo why you hitting hwihwi’s butt butt* *High-fives my laptop and throws it on the floor* *RuDE* *he looks like a squid*

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