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Sayat.Me Expectation Vs Reality – Funny Vines

Hey Bro, Do you know about the recent trend on instagram? That Sairat? Not Sairat, It’s Yes, Sayat! I don’t do all those things Why bro? No bro, My fan following is completely unique. This Sairat, Sayat is nothing in front of me. No, I don’t trust you. Trust me, I am not Lying. You wanna see? In 1 hour, I’ll show you my fan following on sayat too! 1 hour!! Neeren Ya say. Your 2 hours completed So? Show Your Sairat (sayat) 😛 Ya come, I’ll show you Start reading Aww, You are so handsome :* You look like handpump! What did you say? Nothing, read. Single or taken? Single? He’s Double the size of an average double person. You are speaking a lot. You only read the third one. I am your biggest fan girl. Can you meet me? Love is really blind and also big like him! Show Bro. What will you do watching? Show your fan following. You are the biggest Asshole I’ve ever seen in my life. I strongly agree bro. Why do you even exist bro? Earth’s burden Is that written too? There’s no need to write that. Read the third one I wish god gifted you some brain. Neeren listen, there’s one more Leave, I don’t wanna hear Bro, It’s a request. Okay, say than. Kindly deactivate your account bro.

17 thoughts on “Sayat.Me Expectation Vs Reality – Funny Vines

  1. Hahaha !! Nice one 😂😂
    plz adding more like that..really like your comic act ..will keep following!

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