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Scarlett Johansson’s Agent

(chuckles) – John Mayer, you’re no Jerry Garcia. (phone rings) – [Scarlett] Hey. – Hey Scarlett, sorry that
latest project didn’t work out. But, you know what? Let’s just put those days of picking controversial
roles behind us, huh? – [Scarlett] What do you mean? (inhales) – We talked about this Scar-Jo, okay? Like when you tried to play
a trans man in a movie. Or when you actually
did play an Asian woman in “Ghost in the Shell” And I know you said that an
actor can play any person, tree, or animal, but
let’s stick with person. And let’s stick with roles that are suitable for Scarlett, huh? Like I got a lot of great
scripts over here like, Oprah is starring and
producing a historical drama about a black mother who befriends a white teacher in the Segregation Era. – [Scarlett] Oh, wow, I’d love to do that. – Yeah. – [Scarlett] Yeah, except I’m Oprah’s part and Oprah’s my part. As actors we cannot do what is expected. We must be the dark mirrors of society. Acting is reacting. – Hey Scarlett, got some
pre-mo Oscar fodder here. You’d play a German
spy who aids the allies during World War II. – [Scarlett] Okay, quick pitch. Can they make my character
a disabled Latina German? – What, why? I’m not even sure that that
makes historical sense. – [Scarlett] It’s
important we tell stories about under represented groups. And that those groups be played by me. (chokes) – I’m gonna call you back. (phone rings) – [Scarlett] Oh hey. – Scarlett, I got this incredible young Marilyn Monroe biopic on my desk. – [Scarlett] I’m interested. – You’d play Marilyn as she was, no other characters. – [Scarlett] I know, I’ve got
the perfect director for this. My dear friend, Woody Allen. – I don’t think that’s a great idea. – [Scarlett] I’ll make it with Woody, and nobody else. He understands young women. I wanna do the new Benjamin Button movie. – Okay, nothing problematic with that. You age backwards into a baby, you show your range as an actor. – [Scarlett] Right, but
I want to age backwards into a black baby. – So, you age backwards. – Uh-huh.
– And your race slowly turns black. I don’t know if– – [Scarlett] Yeah no, that’s stupid. (both laughing) – Right? That’s stupid, good call Scar-Jo. – [Scarlett] I’m black the whole time and I age backwards. – No. – [Scarlett] I am an ac-tor
and acting is reacting. – Yeah you’re an actor. (phone ringing) – [Scarlett] Scarlett speaking. – All right, I got a lot of options here in case one of these doesn’t work out. Musical where you play a wash-up pop-star trying to revive her career. – [Scarlett] As long as
she’s in a K-pop band. – Moving on. A, they want you to narrate a documentary about endangered wolves. – [Scarlett] Only if I can speak in a Native American accent. I’m really good at it. Do you wanna hear it? – Absolutely not. Okay, Marvel called. They saw your interview, they want you to be the voice of the new Groot. – [Scarlett] Like the tree? – Yes! – [Scarlett] Okay, but I
have to be a black elm. – What does that even mean? – [Scarlett] Also, I want to play Malala. – I’m in a tunnel. ____. Okay, I’m out of the tunnel. (phone rings) – [Scarlett] Hey. – Scarlett, I’ve got nothing left for you. We’ve been through every script. – [Scarlett] I’m actually thinking of writing my own screenplay. – About what? – [Scarlett] About my
own life, my life story. – And you’d be you? Playing yourself? – [Scarlett] Yeah. – Well this is amazing. I can’t wait to read it. – [Scarlett] I’d mostly
be revisiting my time playing Motoko Kusanagi
in “Ghost in the Shell.” – Well Scarlett Ingrid Johansson, this is a whole Pandora’s
Box full of ____.

100 thoughts on “Scarlett Johansson’s Agent

  1. Are you guys seriously taking the side of the mob? 90 percent of the country agreed with her that she should be able to play a trans character. The small group of super far left people had a problem with it. You guys are seriously taking that side? My sister is trans and was absolutely baffled by the backlash from all that. And literally every one of her trans friends said the same. AND you even agreed with the ghost in the shell controversy? The character she played was a robot! And was never depicted as specifically Asian in any of the source material. Apparently if you make any manga or anime in Japan every character has to be asian. Because other races aren't allowed in Japan apparently.

  2. Hey college humor. Did you know that a native american accent is just a normal american accent? See because we are from here. We sound like everyone else that's from here mostly. When you see native people in media with thick native accents its usually fake. Because most tribes are very assimilated. I fucking hate progressives when they try to act like they are on our side. Because your not. You don't care. You do t know us, or our culture. Most of us live in red states so most of you have never known or even met inner of us. Because you refuse to live in the states that our families were forced to live. I'll let you guys act like our ally when you start moving into the flyover states you detest so much. You know the states that none of you ever go to or visit. The ones that you blame for ruining the country. Even though it's your fault for giving up all of the states that make the Electoral College almost always vote Republican in the middle of the country. Because you all live in just a few states on the coasts. Privileged hypocrits.

  3. Scarlett'sright tho.

    major is anime not real life.

    If you think only trans people can play trans people thats rediculous, lgbt actors were scared of coming out for fear of being typecast, its like you're trying to shove them back in the closet.

  4. She played a robot in ghost in the shell…..which can be any person the original person was asian

  5. Oh my god…. IT'S YOU!!
    I haven't seen you in a college humour video for years.
    You were commissioner Gordon back in the day…. good times.

  6. Fun fact: The Major in GitS is not supposed to be an 'Asian woman', she is a robot that happens to have a human mind implanted in it. she body swaps and the bodies that she uses have a range of appearances. The mind came from a premature baby taken from her dead mothers womb incapable of sustaining life on its own. As an experiment they uploaded the baby into a robot and raised it giving it progressively bigger bodies. It is fine that Scarlett played the Major if you are just talking about physical appearance. I really should get around to seeing the movie some time.

  7. major in ghost in the shell was biologically japanese when she died but now she’s a cyborg and the only thing that’s left of her is her brain so she can have any body she wants

  8. It’s funny, but I don’t like how people made a movie that would’ve been an amazing representation of trans people At All CANCEL because they harassed and bullied Scarlett into dropping the role. And their double standards…

  9. This is probably the first one in a while I didn't like on some level. The actors felt like they were kind bored the whole time.

  10. ghost in the shell? you mean when she was the robotic outer shell of an asian womans brain? i really dont get how thats off?

  11. MOTOKO KUSANAGI IS A CYBORG! It is NOT confirmed what RACE she is! So there is NOTHING WRONG with ScarJo playing that character.

  12. I had a feeling they were going to use the "Asian woman" thing from Ghost in a Shell when the creator of the damn Manga himself said that her character was spot on because here's a HUGE thing – she was the shell, not the Asian woman. Her soul is the Asian woman, the shell (which she plays) is her. It's almost as if the whole name GHOST in a SHELL kinda gives it away. I was really hoping you'd bring up something better but na you chose the Ghost in a Shell thing which makes 0 sense to hate on her for because the shell is Caucasian in everything, just as the guy who made it intended it to be. Come on CH, don't go backpedaling and start making shitty skits with prime people like him. You guys are lucky he even will work with your shitty company still, especially with all the shit y'all have tried lately.

  13. Look, it’s great that Mahershala Ali successfully campaigned to play Blade, but I don’t think Scarlett Johansson is the right choice for Kamala Khan.

  14. I like to imagine this character being played in every video is the same guy who keeps getting bounced around to different celebs and every time he thinks his job is going to get better…this shit happens

  15. The only reason Scarlett Johansson agreed to be Black Widow was because she thought she'd be playing the first African American role in the MCU.

  16. I feel like this one kinda missed the mark.

    It's not like Chris Brown or Kanye who CONSTANTLY do stupid ass things. She did one or two weird ass roles.

  17. Funniest thing about scarjo being so defensive about people asking her to stop taking roles she doesnt fit is that she can't act.
    "As an actor I should be able to play any person tree or animal" but we all know that scarjo as a tree would suck.
    It would be just as boring and hollow as her human performances

  18. Someone please explain to me why it was bad that she played a robot. Robots don't really have a race right. Can't they look like anything?

  19. Because if someone doesn't represent the person they are playing in a movie how on earth are they meant to act like them? It's not like their job is acting!

  20. This is so stupid actors are allowed to play any role they want you don't need a actual gay guy to play a gay guy it's called acting. What a crock of sjw BS.

  21. Okay but Major from Ghost in the Shell was actually a japanese woman's consciousness in the body of a robot modeled after a white woman so Scarlet Johansson was actually an appropriate casting choice.

  22. "I'll make it with Woody and nobody else, he understands young woman"

    Well with the logic Bret Ratner should be directing Charlie's Angels

  23. About ghost in the shell.
    Suprisingly the japanese didn't have that much problem and even said that Scarlet Johansson looked like the character she was playing.
    And she kind of does!

  24. Maybe unpopular opinion: Scarlett Johansson was actually a pretty good cast for Major/Mokoto. 1, there's the fact that her character is canonically in a robotic body that based on the source looked racially ambiguous if not somewhere between Asian and Caucasian, and 2, even if you want to argue that the character is Japanese, it doesn't change the fact that she played the role and represented the character well.

  25. I'm as okay with a white actor playing a traditionally poc character as I am a poc playing Ariel, MJ, Nick Fury etc.

    Black superman should be on the same level as white Blade.

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