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Who is this? Santhosh? Yes. They told me to give this to you. Who told? Yes. Is this Rahul? Yes its Rahul.How do you know? They told me to give this to you. Who? Who are you? Hey! Who the hell is that? Coming wait. Hey! Who the hell are you? What do you want? Sanjay? Yes its me. They told me to give this to you. Who gave? Brother. Are you Nishanth? Yes. They told me to present you this gift. Who gave this? Excuse me.Who is that? Why the hell did you kidnap me? Hey man! Who is this? Why the hell did you kidnap me? Sir? I think you have kidnaped a wrong person. Sir.Parents will be searching for me. Hey! Keep quite. What gifts did I give you? Geometry box.Lunch box.Calculator.Writing pad. Just remember.When did you use it? Sir I used it in school… School… In our school time… Guys.Do you remember me? How will you remember me? When you guys got settled up. You just forgot our school days. Even though time as passed away. Still if we see our old group photos. Shit! Do you guys think that we have missed those golden days? Do you feel for it? Homework. Record. Daily test. Weekly test. Monthly test. See how we used to hate those things. But now we are longing for it. We are crying for it. Still one more time… Only one more time… We want to sit in that last bench. Sitting together. We should chat. Make fun. Laugh. Tease our teachers. Grab others lunch. Ask permission for the P.T period. That school prayer. Lunch bag. That rusted school bell. Fights in the rest room. Singles.. We wont get back this memories for sure. Ok leave I cant get back those memories. But I sent you all an invitation for a get together. You showed me you head weight. So only… I just kidnapped. When I kidnapped you.I just thought of killing you all. I did not do so because you were my lovable school mates. Hey! How can you kill us? We will kill you wait. Hey! Haha! you can beat me only if I remove the ropes. Haha! Nice joke. See who has tied the rope. Haha! This idiot cant even tie his shoe lays. How come he tied us. Oh! Such a memorable day it was. I cant bring back this wonderful day in my life. That day. We all went to the past. It was a golden moment. It was the happiest moment. I was our “SCHOOL LIFE”

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    Santhosh :

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  2. Na nu thaa bro miss pannuren naga 17 perru orrea bench ukkathuruppom ella brake la um appu d thaa irruppom ella onna sappudu vom enga um mea onna povom ippo ella rum thaniyaa irrukkom na nu E thu msrri tri panna poren bro

  3. கண் கலங்கியது இந்த காணொளியைக் கண்டு….மறக்கவும் , வெறுக்கவும் முடியாத வசந்த காலம்.. அருமையாக கூறினீர்கள் நண்பா……..😙😙😙😫😫😫

  4. Yanakkum school life romba pudikkum bro…ana eppo atha romba miss pandra…marupadium kidaikkatha nu…..😞😖😢

  5. I think this is a good video which I ever saw in your channel I like it very much and when I am seeing the video in my eye drops came I was cried because of your video😭😭

  6. Na ya life LA evelo miss panniruke but na Athe pathyla kevalapatala Ana ye school & school friends a daily feel panra i love you friends & i miss you so much 😥😧😦😨😧😥😧😧😨

  7. I love❤ my school life brother's really i miss you my school life and my frnds 😙😙😙ninga sona mari en life layum semma happy ah irunthen scl la😭😭😭

  8. Anna nanum eppodhan school mudicha😥😥😥😥😩😥miss you guys my school frds …….I miss my school life

  9. aiyoo naaney skool last year ah romba miss pannaporen nu bayanthutu sogama irruntha ….ipo idha paathu vera aluthuta

  10. Laughing soda …it's really a super team…. amazing..all videoes la superb….keep rocking…😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍

  11. Naan ipa 10th padikiren. Monthly test naala romba tired aayiten. Neenga sollum pothu enake aluga varuthu. Unmailaye school life maathiri best ethuvume illa.Teachersa kindle pannikittu luncha maathi maathi ootivittukuttu semaya enjoy panren. Itha naan miss panniruvenonu nenaikum pothuthaan romba kastama iruku 😔😫😭

  12. I am still studying but my father had his school's 31st year reunion yesterday in darmapuri lakkiampatti govt. School. They were very happy to be reunited. I feel like I too want to be like super video bro👌👌👌

  13. App pariyavan Anona
    Yalathiyum mis panuvoma school his please do no mis this school life and I am also student

  14. Anna promis aa kadaval ennavanumnu katta school life vanumnu solluva na😩😩😩😩😩😩

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