Laughter is the Best Medicine

Scientist Turned Comedian

And on the radio oil companies are giving out gas saving advice they know you can’t use. Chevron has a commercial “did you know if you drove fifty five instead of sixty five on
the freeway you could get an extra thirty to sixty miles to the tank”. Which is true because you’d actually get pushed forward by the honking noise! Haha haha And the occasional bullet coming from the traffic behind you.. I’m gonna give you a brief seminar here tonight Nuclear fission, this is the energy source behind atomic weaponry and controlled nuclear power. To start the process you need a fissile material such as Uranium 235. Uranium is inherently unstable It has a certain probability of just breaking down and ejecting a neutron at its neighbor. Which destabilizes the neighbor causing it to eject multiple neutrons. And the process is propogated into a chain reaction. I’ve actually seen the same thing happen at a Raiders bar. Ha Ha! Just like the Uranium atom the Raiders fan is inherently unstable. Ha ha! Has a certain probability of just breaking down and striking
his neighbor. LOL! That neighbor was unable to identify the source of the punches. This process was repeated Haha! This was just the female fans. But just like the nuclear chain reaction
the Raiders chain reaction can be controlled by introducing a doping element. You throw a couple of Dolphin’s fans in the mix. And event though the process starts the same
when the Dolphin’s fans are struck, intstead of blindly propogating the fight, they go down like a couple of dandylions in front of a weedwhacker. Haha At which point the rest of the Raiders fans start kicking the crap out of them. Starting off with a review of Visual Ambiguity Certain pictures can actually have more than one valid interpretation. For example the Necker Cube pictured here Some of you will see the face labeled ABCD
as being in the front of the cube. Whereas others will see that as being in back Some will see a white square above four black
circles Whereas others will see four Pacmen about to collide Some will see a kitchen sink or a place to
wash your dishes. Whereas my roommate sees a place to urinate. Some will see a glass of beer. Whereas others will see a reason to live. Haha! Whereas my roommate see’s a place to urinate. Hahaha! Dissolution This dissolution of salt in water is the
process of breaking down sodium chloride into conjugate ions. Sodium and chlorine very tightly bonded. That’s an ionic bond
very difficult to break. but multiple water molecules acting in concert
will actually replace that single strong bond and with multiple weak bonds. Just like the sodium and chlorine molecule an athlete and his wife are very strongly bonded when that athlete
is in the minor leagues. When that athlete signs that major league contract. He’s
thrown into a sea of bimbos and money. The bimbos will actually work in concert
to seperate the athlete from his wife. At that point the wife becomes strongly
attracted to the money. At which point she can attract a bimbo of her own. And everyone lives unhappily ever after… Alright folks, that’s been it for me.

100 thoughts on “Scientist Turned Comedian

  1. $5 Off, wow! Seattle baby!

    Show up early and buy the tshirt and DVD!

    Drink extra beer, sober people are such poor hecklers!

    No more binary dependent variable metric population study matrices humor, that's so 2010!

    (Crap, I need another beer!)

  2. the bimbo and the money was a good one.
    However there is a law of nature here of some sort.
    I suspect that many chemical and physical properties may have equivalent in human society.
    I base such claim on the observation that we perceive humans as entities that interact with each other in a given environment but so are all atoms and molecules in the models we build to explain the chemistry and physics.
    It is the same approach – different entities.

  3. Very funny! I work with molecular biologists, and many of them develop a Ph.D. instead of a personality. If you look up "party animal" in Wikipedia, you won't usually see a picture of a scientist. So your videos are a breath of fresh air. Well done!

  4. Did anyone notice the funny faces inside the trees in the background? I though that was a cool design. Yes, I know he's funny.

  5. Your style of humor is unique, intelligent and really funny!!!
    May you always find the audience who can appreciate that!

  6. I love how he's not only a scientist, but a total jock. I really like the format. Infotainment at its finest!

  7. Tim, you were gorgeous at this one! I loved the chemistry, the atomic bonds, everything was so well explained! Still I'm thinking your roommate has to find only one place to urinate… 🙂

  8. I like your face and your voice and your intelligent comedy.
    Glad to know that their are actually smart -and- funny people who use their powers for good.

  9. That reminds a joke we had in university: why did the new hi-tech plane crashed between Warsaw and Cracow? Answer: they were too many poles in the complex plane.

    The only thing is that you have to be a scientist to laugh at that one!

  10. I enjoyed your show what I've seen so far. I listen to shostakovich 7 at the same time so it makes it even more dramatic, but still you made me laugh.

  11. I wish my that my high school science teachers had used your PowerPoint slides. Was that some Microsoft Visio in your PowerPoint as well?

  12. maybe this is how science should be taught in our schools. teaching you something about scientific processes and social interaction all at the same time while being utterly hysterical. great work

  13. what the hell are you even on about? i was commenting on his methods, which seem to work extremely well. combining both entertainment and education. you know, education, the think that has changed the entire human course for the better regardless of cultural differences which i never said anything about. just go light up a oney or grab a beer and chill out dude, quite freaking out

  14. There are more people on the planet due to medical advances. If everyone lived like cavemen your point would be valid. The increasing industry is changing the climate. We are creating toxins. Hey would you like to visit Mars? Go away.

  15. X from elementary school is times, TimesLee (Tim'sLee Channel). They didn't make us code talkers for nothing…hehe. 😉 Please tell me I am correct. O.o ;P

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