Laughter is the Best Medicine

Scorpions & Laughing Gas in Khaosan (I missed my flight)【字幕/Sub】

She keeps trying to make me buy one! Are you a sales staff? Welcome to my storeee OMG WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!? Does it taste good? Does it have taste? Not really I’ve tasted this taste in Japanese food before No way! It tastes like the dried Japanese stuff you know? Oh like niboshi (dried fish) ? Yeah! Like niboshi! Oh really? Wait so you’re not gonna finish it? I know you’re gonna put it in my face! I won’t! I won’t! I can’t! Oh my god We found balloons filled with Laughing gas lol Apparently Jin is gonna take another one for the team and try it for us lol Apparently it’s funny…lol Jin laughing at nothing all by himself…lol Are you serious!? Now everything is funny!? Apparently it is lol Yep. It was. lol

10 thoughts on “Scorpions & Laughing Gas in Khaosan (I missed my flight)【字幕/Sub】

  1. あゆみちゃんと怜子ちゃんとジンくんだー‼️楽しそう💖
    ジンくんサソリ食べたの凄い✨皆んなのネックレス素敵よー💖 It's tasty✨✨

  2. インスタ見ました!

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